Rhaktidei vs femina mandragora festival Belgium 5-6-7th aug

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this year we are proud to present you the following activities on our festival.


Hoffman Dome

This year, we would like to welcome you to a festival that is more than just music. We think there is more to a gathering than just a list of popular deejays. As an event where people can meet, we have learned that we also have an important cultural and educational function. The Hoffman Dome is a decorated tribal theater where we will play movies and let artist performe with word arts. The structure will be an amfitheater made of wood, with place for about 100 people. There will also be lectures (workshops) on vegetarian cooking, meditation, natural healing, and other foreign or alternative cultures.
If you wish to performe with juggling, devilstick, poi or other wicked stuff, this is the spot where you can show or share your art and experience with other people.
The paintings decorating the dome will be provided by two sweet girls from Belgium, Leenamaste and Mystica. You will also find a nice selection of Indian and Maroccan chai here.

We will post a list of the lectures and workshops held in the Hoffman Dome online as soon as possible (check news).

Fahrenheit Chillville

In this village we want to give you the opportunity to relax and communicate with others that are exploring the world of visual and auditive perception. The psychedelic movement today is more than just some psytrance vibes, it is and remains a lifestyle. Here you will have the chance to explore others facets of psychedelic art and sound. The village will be fully decorated by Belgian artists: Mystica, Xibals. Nearby you will find the theater and meetingplace for workshops (see furtheron).

We have choosen the name Fahrenheit Chillville fot this area, because Fahrenheit Project is the title of the first compilations by Ultimae records ( http://www.ultimae.com ). After two years of succesfull colaboration with Mahiane, member of Aes Dana, we have grown to believe that the Ambient vibes the artists of this label can bring are an essential spirit of a blissfull psychedelic atmosphere. Ambient artists will be performing in the chill-out tent, which we will make you feel as if you were in a sofa dream.

live acts

Aes Dana (Ultimae Rec, Fr)
Solar Fields (Ultimae Rec, Swe)
Carbon Based Lifeforms (Ultimae Rec, Swe)
H.U.V.A. Network (Ultimae Rec, Fr vs Swe)
Hol Baumann (Ultimae Rec)
Siebzehn (@chilleben, germany)


Nova (Ultimae Rec, UK)
Mahiane (Ultimae Rec, Fr)
Kwark (Ultimae, Fr)
Aes Dana (Ultimae Rec, Fr)
Taom (Mental Spark, France)
Ryko (Mental Spark, France)
Serra (Be)
Fimoo (Be)
Baboun (Be)

Boom PsyTemple

he Boom! Psytemple is the main stage at Rhakti Deï this year. The dancefloor is a green grass plain, with a view on the old manor. On the dancefloor you can also see the forest and the water. A special feature this year will be the newly built windmills.
The Rhakti Deï gathering aims to provide a full experience through visual and auditive artforms. Visually, there will be paintings and threedimensional construction by artists from America, Chilli and Belgium. We have invited Severyn Barabakh from New York for his paintings. In the past he has allready done decorations for TIP World, Spirit Zone, Flying Rhino, Earthdance,...

We have also invited Dieter, known in the Belgian psytrance scene, but native from Chilli. He will provide the threedimensional structures togheter with the people of Kindred Spirits, a 3D deco team from Belgium that was also present last year. We will also make tribal constructions with wood to bring a more vivid atmosphere to the dancefloor.
The installation will be...
The sound of the Boom Psytemple will guide you on a journey through the old sound of Goatrance into the newer Psytrance productions. We strive to offer a varied line-up with influences from all of the facets of this musicstyle. You will meet new talented artists as well as experienced pioneers of our scene. There will be artists playing full-on, dark, melodic and progressive psytrance music from all over the world, of 15 different nationalities.

Live Acts

HALDOLIUM (Spirit Zone, Germany)
MINDFIELD (Phantasm Rec, Uk)
MENOG (Spectral Rec, Portugal)
TALPA (Sundance Rec, Serbie)
PSYFACTOR (Trishula Records, Russia)
PARAHALU (Parvati Rec, Hungary)
SENSIENT (Zenon Rec, Australia)
ETNOSCOPE (Digital Structures, Sweden)
Filteria (Suntrip rec, Sweden)


surprise live act (from a sunny country =) to close the festival


ZOLOD (aka freaking, Russia)
P-Mack (Ketuh Rec/Boom 2002/2004, Portugal)
Mindfield old school set (Phantasm Rec)
Jahbo (Parvati Rec, Boom 2004, Denmarken)
Matutero - Zik - Horror Place - Andrenal Glands (Greece)
Sungirl (Ketuh, Russia)
Psytour (Femina Mandragora Family, Greece)
Kairon Vs Phasid (Kairoo Rec)
Oonah vs Nemesis (Spectral Rec/Transient Rec)
Influenza (Femina Mandragora Family)
Funkkimunkki (Femina Mandragora Family)
R' Deem (Purple Snow Production)
Moushka (Amonhorus)

location and other info check the website

flyers will be flying over europe soon

from june 15th u can order presale tickets @

price: 36 n(euro)ns

greatzzz and respect
rhakti dei crew
femina mandragora family


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sounds like s good one for all those going to trancelvania to head to after


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update and news :

proud to add to our line-up

LIVE : Shiva aka Shiva Shidapu (shiva space technology - japan)

first time in belgium and presenting his new album release


djset by Shiva Joerg (SST - japan)


yesterday sadly got an email of jonas from Logic Bomb to cancel their gig..one of the guys seems pretty sick so they had to cancel all their gigs for the coming months.. all the best to you guys and an invitation waiting for next years edition

greetz n love

femina mandragora family and rhakti dei crew
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