Wonderland 9 / Germany / 12th-14th August

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sally doolally
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International 3 day festival with live acts and DJs from all over the planet!

On 3 areas in a fairytale forest!

See you in Wonderland!

@ Waldfrieden (near Diepholz / Osnabrück / Germany)

For more info: www.wald-frieden.de


Analog Pussy (AP rec. / Israel)
Antix (Iboga / New Zealand)
Lani (Kairoo / Belgium)
Necmi (Mental Arts / Germany)
Highko (Noise Poisen / Germany)
Audiomatrixx (Magnetrixx.net / Germany)
New Age Hippies (Conplicit / Germany)


Sally Doolally (Plastik Park / Waldfrieden / Synergy-Tribe / UK)
Stella Nutella (Sweden)
Narayan (AP Rec. / Belgium)
Vazik (Sounds of Earth / Mexico)
Jackomo (Sounds of Earth / Switzerland)
Raptor (Mechanik Records / Australiens.net / Australia)
P-mac (Ketu Rec. / Portugal)
Sekas (Ajuca, STP / Sweden)
Stefano (Synergy Tribe / Italy)
Hayden Strom (Iboga / New Zealand)
Anais (Cliche / Brazil)
Goetzlich (Synergy-Tribe / Waldfrieden)
Beauty & the Beat (Synergy-Tribe / Waldfrieden / Kamaflage)
F.L.U.X. (Synergy-Tribe / VP Rec.)
Buddhas Source (Jalanda)
Sangeet (Interzone PA)
Mikadho (Waldfrieden / Free Form)
Feuerhake (Freeform)
Le Loup (Waldfrieden)
D.Joanna (Waldfrieden)
Alice D. (Waldfrieden)
Tante Lotte (Waldfrieden)
Loalita (Waldfrieden)
Elektrigger (Waldfrieden)
Tulla (Midijum Rec.)
Ralle aus Halle (Millennium Rec.)
Pgm vs Ila (Savva rec.)
Necmi (Mental Arts)
Tamahuka (OV Silence)
Psytrogena (Waldfrieden)
Zottel (Germany)

+ many more ...


Jimmy Psybration (Belgium)
Mikahdo (Hamburg)

+ more...


Jimmy Psybration
Liquid Sky
Hallimasch & Judyi
C.N.P. Alegria
Lasershow by Sossy
Vj Lunalima

Entrance Friday: 18.00
Presale tickets: €26 ! ! (01.06. - 08.08.05)
On the gate: €30 + €5 rubbish deposit

Over 18 years only.
NO dogs!!
Please respect the nature!
Please dont bring children with you!



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AND HOW!!!!!!!



sum guy
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cut sick raptor

i think the germans will be blown to hell and back

:gun: :gun: :gun:
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