Phish and Trips / 16th July / Christchurch, NZ

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Soo What do we have here then.

Muck'n Fashed present PHISH & TRIPS
a psychedelic and progressive trance party

July 16th

Central City Warehouse Location (Released next week)

Artists : Psyklops / Focus / Illusion / Dawnbeaver / Balistx / COSM (live) / Dr Chop / Pooface McGraw / Spoon Head / + one big mash up at the end

Starts 9pm and will go probably until we get shut down (last time was 4:20pm the next in sunday afternoon)

As we have probably made clear by now this is going to be a FUN party with no stupid poo bum stuff like overpriced drinks or alpha male bouncers or serious signs. Basically come and be safe and warm and dance ya tits off.

Theres lots of psychedelic suprises this time, including Guess the number of jelly bean competition, Special Celebrity appearance, and almost definantly a Jelly wrestling compeition.

Flyers are out around town but most are gone already so were getting some more printed up for this weekend.

So come on, I know theres a lot in town this weekend but Warehouse parties are a rare occurance (working on this) and EXPECIALLY a muck'n fashed psychedelic warehouse party.

Check out the website for up to date info and shizzle and directions to the party

Niiiiiiiice one see ya there and make sure you wear your psychedlic undies and guys, get those moustaches out because you will never be forgiven if they find out they mised it. Moustaches love the psygressive.
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