killa...26/27/28 Aug -MAHARAYA 5- NANDAN's 5th ANNIVERSARY

International & Overseas Events & Discussion
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DJ MaGmaDeli
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LiVe AcTs: InTerNaTioNaL & NaTioNaL PsY & PRoGrEssiV AcTs!

MFG (hom-mega) after a break of 4 years...welcome back with the 5th album
SHANTI MATKIN (spun rec.)
POP STREAM (spun rec.)
MICHELE ADAMSON (agitato rec.)
SHIVA CHANDRA (sin-tec spirit zone)
Goma (nandan prod.)
Yab-Yum (peak rec.)
Melodix (geodesik)
Celles (woodroom rec.)
First Season (bonzzaj)
and another special international guest

DJ's: InTerNaTioNaL & the best NaTioNaL DJs!

SHANE GOBI (alchemy rec. UK)
L'ELF (turbo trance rec. F)
Jackomo (nandan prod.)
q.e.d. (nandan prod.)
Müstik (sst/spliff)
Noa (nandan prod.)
Leom (planet fantasia)
Fidimohnius (kokopelli)
Lunea (nandan prod.)
Naikido (nandan prod.)
Micro & Minu (riddm circus)

ChiLL-OuT: NaTioNaL DJs & LiVe pErfOrMeR!
Gaspard & Chillsome (peaking goddess collective)
Fierce'n'hard (planet fantasia)
Wattäbäuscheli (planet fantasia)
Gramoflanz (planet fantasia)
Bonzzaj Crew

killer LoCaTioN:
photos auf

travel: Grimsel (BE/VS), Furka (UR/VS), Nufenen (TI/VS) or via Lausanne-Sion-Brig-Oberwald

big campingarea, food & chaishops, marktstände, big tent, 10-15min walk from Oberwald,

VisUaLs by Dragonguys & LiGhT ShOwS, special DeKo

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