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The Antiworld & Brazilian Rave @ SEone :
ResistAnts and Never Enough,
In collaboration with Antiworld & Hommega Productions proudly present ?RAVE ? The International Indoor Festival?
Saturday 22nd July 2006
SEOne Club: Weston Street (Under the Arches)
London Bridge ? SE1 3QX

Rave: v. To speak wildly, irrationally; to roar; to attend a rave.

N. The act or an instance of raving; an extravagantly enthusiastic opinion or review; an all-night dance party.

Who better knows the meaning of RAVE than Never Enough Maria? She?s been working in the clubbing industry week in, week out for the last five years and now has teamed up with ResistAnts (the Brazilians Luis and Helio) for the first time, in partnership with Antiworld and Hommega Productions, to bring you RAVE ? The International Indoor Festival.

Featuring a truly international line-up of the finest live acts and DJs from France, Israel, Germany, Portugal, South Africa and of course, not forgetting Brazil and the UK, we will take over the magic arches underneath London Bridge for an unforgettable instance of RAVING, a truly experience of all-night long mayhem.

The Main Room hosts the best in full-on psychedelic trance, with live performances from French Talamasca and Brazilian The Full On Project. Making their exclusive UK album launches, Israeli Intelabeam (Hommega) presents Looking for a Cure, while countryman Idor Ophir aka Domestic (Hommega) showcases his debut artist work Art Making Machine. Also, DJ a set from Antiworld/Transient resident Kristian and Sutekh another antiworld resident, Hommega?s Pixel, Digital Hive?s DVI-X (Brazil) and Digoa Vs Kanan (Brazil).

Have you ever thought about a bigger hard dance act than Lab4? We neither, so our Hard Dance Room is dedicated for those who like it as harder and faster as usual. Joining Adam and Lez, Frank Ellrich aka A*S*Y*S ? Acid Save Your Soul ? spins his German hard trance sound for the second time in the SEOne Complex, alongside Hard Dance Awards 2005 Best DJ Proteus, from Finland. ResistAnts Portuguese DJs Vega and Rui M and Samba boy Marcelo Marques complete the bill.

Last, but not least, the Electro & Techno Room, hosted by Never Enough. This time, though, with as many skillful Brazilians as the international squad. Making his London debut, godfather DJ Murphy will play the latest in techno, having performed recently at the Skol Beats festival. Water Republic DJ agency bring again to the UK prodigy boy Vitor Lima and his elbow scratching skills, followed by rising star Phillip A. NRGFlow?s Mike Redina presents his techno set accompanied by JK Theory on percussion, while Kinky Mambo?s Eduardo Herrera will be canning his electro-flavored poison. If you fancy a funky Brazilian beats set, don?t miss Ponana?s very own Eddie Santos playing back to back Carnival expert Alec Fasani (Reaction DJs). To finish off in great style, Terry Brian featuring Saffa Cherry Crush.

So book a day-off on the following morning, as the 22nd July will be like celebrating the World Cup title.

(Words by Wagner Concha aka Kiko)

Psychedelic Trance Room

Talamasca (France) ? Live + DJ Set
Intelabeam (Israel) - Live
Domestic (Israel) - Live

Dj sets
Pixel (Israel)
Kristian (Uk)
Sutekh (Uk)
The Full On Project (Brazil)
Digoa Vs Kanan (Brasil)
DVI-X (Brazil)

Hard Dance Room
A*S*Y*S (Germany)
Proteus (Finland)
Ross Vs Moon
DJ Vega
Rui. M (Portugal)
Marcelo Marques (Brazil)

Electro & Techno Room-Hosted By Never Enough
DJ Murphy (Brazil) ? London debut
Vitor Lima (Brazil)
Phillip A (Brazil)
Eduardo Herrera (Brazil)
Mike Redina Vs JK Theory ? Live Percussion
Terry Brian Feat. Cherry Crush
Alec Fasani Vs Eddie Santos (Brazil)

British created football, but Brazilians have taken it to another level.
British created RAVE, but Brazilians have become a synonym of hardcore clubbers.
Mixmag recently rated Brazil as the ?new Ibiza?, so join us and judge yourself our party animal expertise!!!

Luis: +447834150425, +447840232408
ResistAnts Office: +442077248097
Antiworld Box Office: +442083658918
Enrico: +447940527867
Marina: +447793220710
Maria: 078 1368 4399
Never Enough Office: 020 7288 2275
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