Substance 2010 Live Project (unamed)

Dj's and Producers post links to your tracks, demos, Dj sets etc for feedback
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-Firestorm (160Bpm) Started last night and Inspired by the uptempo sounds from Rhythmic Earth

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:killah: :killah: :killah:
Galactic Monkey
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Nice work!!! RE bpms certainly were inspiring :) :) :)
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:killah: Cant wait to hear that live bro....
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Wicked Trav. I want to hear more. :killah:
alien trancesistor
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travis next time u have to pay me to fix my ur sets just make me feel as if i dont have legs...heard u two times both the time u took my legs away....all the best to u bro..:)
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Thanks for the feedback , i really appreciate it. Next set is Dark Psyde hopefully will have this one ready in time, but i definately have a couple more darkones to play ;)
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