Re-mastered & extended version of "Double Dragon - Continuum

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Double Dragon
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Hello, this is Steve Good from Double Dragon.

I just wanted to let you all know that I am making a re-mastered & extended version of the 1st Double Dragon album, "continuum" available for FREE via bit torrent.

You can also get it at soundcloud > ... ended-2010

Why ? Well, because the album was originally released on Phantasm records in 2000, and all of the CD and vinyl copies have sold out, so it's a bit difficult to find. As it was never officially released in any kind of digital format in those pre-mp3 days, I've decided to re-master it myself and include a couple of extra tracks. The rights to all of the tracks have come back to me and, rather than deal with labels, distributors and all of that nonsense, I've decided to give it away ( but at a lower bit-rate ).

So, this FREE version is 160K mp3, and should be fine for home use, but I wouldn't recommend playing these out. If you REALLY like it you can buy a high-res mp3 or WAV version directly from me ( details are included with the files ).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it, that it brings back some nice memories for the oldies like me, and that the youngsters can hear what we were dancing to back in the olden days. Please distribute freely ...

Steve Good ( double dragon )
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Wow, great news, thanks Steve :D

Will we be hearing any other new music from you in the future?
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sweet, double dragon made some awesome tunes back in the day, still sound fantastic to my ears.

thanks for the release
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oh man, this album is a classic. "encrusted filth" = 10 shades of win!

thanks for this!!!!
secret weapon
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Yay! One of my favoritist albums of all time.
Got lost in a house fire.
Now I has again.

Thanks Heaps!
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nice album thanks :)
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