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I come here once in a blue moon for amusement to see if anything interesting is worth looking @. IC the same dead corpse,usual zombies and sporadically the resident religious nutter. All this and I keep coming back. :killah: The hissy fit over a non payer made my day. It's these moments that bring a tear to my eye. Who needs substance abuse, when there is australiens - Alienation.
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Cool story bro!
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yep, certainly 'livened' things up ...
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lol. :atom:
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It became almost defunct because all the Newcastle Psytrance crew and their friends abroad bailed and use Myspace and probably Facebook instead of this place. It seemed like a mass exodus of many members that were enjoyable to converse with on this forum. Why don't the NPC return and then we can resurrect this joint.
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wow!you can re-live the memories over and over!
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