Earth Freq - Feb 12-14 2010

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(not the promoter, just a c&p from Paul Abad's Oztrance post)

Returning in 2010 for our 5th Birthday!

Earth Freq Festival - Feb 12-14 2010





photos by bon, ry, spygel - thanks guys!

Earth Freq is a music, lifestyle and environment festival, based in South-East Queensland, Australia.
The concept of Earth Freq is not just a festival or party, but a gathering of different tribes and a weekend of learning, connection, intention and transformation.

The focus is on creating a meaningful space to gather, where we can raise awareness and share useful information on environmental issues and sustainable lifestyle choices, consolidate community bonds with creative and fun activities, and provide a positive and transformative festival experience in the beautiful Australian outdoors, with a full range of music, performances, workshops and creative activities.
Earth Freq is an inclusive, community minded event. People from many different backgrounds, ages and walks of life come together with the shared interests of music, nature, culture, community and peace.

~ Tune in to the Earth Frequency ~

2010 marks the 5th birthday of Earth Freq. Much gratitude, respect and good vibes to everyone who's been part of the process so far!
Its been a privelige to be able to build such an event over the past years and with your ongoing support, we will continue to do so in coming years.

Tickets now on sale ... tival-2010

For in-store outlets - visit

Tipper (live) (Tipper Music - UK)
Zen Mechanics (live) (Iboga/Neurobiotic - Netherlands)
Seph (live) (Dumb Unit - Argentina)
Haltya (live) (Exogenic - Finland)
Grouch (live) (Up/Zenon - New Zealand)
Rubix Qube (live) (Disasterpeace - South Africa)
Hektagon (live) (AudioPhreaks/ZÂ Audio - UK)
Kojiro (Wakyo - Japan)

Tetrameth vs Shadow Fx (live) (Zenon - Melbourne)
Spoonbill (live) (Omelette - Melbourne)
Sun Control Species (live) (Iboga - Melbourne)
Oka (live) (Sunshine Coast)
Sensient (live)(Zenon - Melbourne)
Fyah Walk (live) (NNSW)
Opiuo (live) (Addictech/Colony/Muti - Melbourne)
Mystic Beats (live) (NNSW)
Hefty Output (live) (Melbourne)
Spankinhide (live) (Talkin' The Drum - Brisbane)
Kalya Scintilla (live) (Sydney)
Autonomech (live) (Zenon - Melbourne)
CC The Cat (live) (Byron)
Bumble (live) (Regen - Sydney)
Merkabah (live) (Zenon - Sydney)
Meat Axe (live) (Melbourne)
Bent Intent (live) (FreeForm - Cairns)
Daheen (live) (Regen - Sydney)
Seed (live) (NNSW)
Imandan (live - NNSW)
Rhythmik (live) (Morning Monsters - Melbourne)
Mattriks and the Kinship (live) (Melbourne)
Channel Free (live) (NNSW)
Murray Kyle (live) (NNSW)
Pagan Love Cult (live) (Nimbin)
Sun in Aquarius (live) (Byron)
Fingerprint (live) (Pitch Productions/Smash - S.E.QLD)
Stuart Wild (live) (Polysonic - Brisbane)
Lysdexic (live/dj) (CH-U.B - Melbourne)
Ian Woodsman (Open Records - Cairns)
T.D.Shagga (Somatica/CH-U.B - Melbourne)
Anna Ce (Somatica - Melbourne)
Selwa (Melbourne)
Solatek (Open Records/FreeForm - Cairns)
Stomp (Pitch Productions - TAS)
Billy Dread (Cairns)
Sam I Am (Dada Stream - Tokyo/Brisbane)
Ish (Melbourne)
Pedro (Melbourne)
Octon (Melbourne)

Franny (SunDance - NNSW)
RudeKat (Island Vibe - Brisbane)
Ghettafunkt (Omelette - byron)
Scott Walker (Drop - Brisbane)
Paul Abad (Open Records - Brisbane)
Keta-Step (Freakreation/Rubber - Byron)
Dakini (Omelette - Byron)
Robohan (Let's Get Minimal - Brisbane)
Fungalicious (Disconekta - Brisbane)
Tranceducer (Brisbane)
D.Appleseed (!113g@1 v@1u3 - Brisbane)
Ric_D (Morning Monsters - Brisbane)
Ruff Stuff (6bux/CrankTheSteza - Brisbane)
Erther (Rude Boyz - Brisbane)
Interval (Freq Consortium - Byron)
Andy Dub (Brisbane)
Flippo (Pressing Issues/Sub Continental Dub - Melbourne)
Sketi (Moistlab - Brisbane)
Ribery (Disconekta - Brisbane)
Mopoke (Ultimae - Brisbane)
DJ Juga Juga (CrankTheSteza - Brisbane)
Black Rose (CTDC - Brisbane)
J-Roc (CrankTheSteza - Brisbane)
Radio Dada (Dada Stream - Brisbane)
Ande da Ryddym Animal (live) (S.E.QLD)
DJ Elemental (33 Eexpressions - Gold Coast)
Reseteser (Brisbane)
Miss Moon (NNSW)
Cinii (S.E.QLD)
The Psilosimian (Retort Recs - NNSW)
Sally Allsorts (Brisbane)
3rd Gear Grindage (Brisbane)
Bubsy (Brisbane)
Wave (s.e.qld)
Timbo (Brisbane)
Nebulous (Brisbane)

thanks to everyone on the lineup thus far for being supportive of Earth Freq and making time to come create an awesome weekend for us all :respekt: :hug:

How to get involved?
The 2010 Earth Freq website is being launched early this year as we have adopted a new system for taking applications for volunteers, performers and market stalls. Please visit for all the information and deadlines. We are interested in your ideas and involvement, but get in early!

Event information will be posted on the website and in this thread in the coming months!

Thanks everyone for your support and good vibes!

Here's a bit of extra info on the online applications system for this year as there have been a few questions...

Everyone wishing to be a part of earth freq 2010 needs to submit an application.

the info you provide gets used for web promo (for performers and stalls), and the selection process and communicating leading up to the event.

The deadlines for application as listed here - are fixed and final.

No one should assume that because they have played at the event in the past, or that they have had a chat with someone involved in the event, that they don't need to apply online.

The reason we're using this system is to invite a wider range of people to be part of the event, to make the selection process more democratic, and take out a lot of the information management hassles that come with running an event of this scale (no one likes sitting in front of a computer more than they have to!)

By taking 5 minutes to submit your online application, you're helping to improve the lives of the IT slave monkeys that work tirelessly behind the scenes of this event.

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3 days to go! YEW!!! :mrgreen: :killah: :mrgreen:
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cant wait for this paul... whatever you have in stall its gunna be awesome

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ummm... thta is last years lineup...

there i was thinking, geeez paul likes to stick with his artists!!! hahaha..
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Oh I just got sucka punched as well :P

Am defo going to 2011 though, am up in byron for the summer :D
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