Psytrance party in QLD

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That's sooo true!!
The doofs in QLD r soo secret that I've never seen one!!! :lol:
Please let me know about any psycodellic party close to Goldie!!!! I'm really sick to go to find some mud to step on it!!! :alien:

thanks :bonfire:
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Try, there were a couple in qld just last weekend.

Anyone know of any doofs going on this long weekend?
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Any outdoor parties or anything going on in November? Really need to dance! QLD section seems a bit thin on the ground :(

Sent an email to Oztrance admin to try to register for their forum, seems to be disabled on the site for the mo.

Thanks in advance to anyone kind enough to respond :lol:
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Hey man, im in the same boat. I love the music but don't know anyone in the scene. If there are any events ging on through december -> janurary get in contact with me, thanks guys.
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Good luck. If you can get to one you'll be 'right for the future; there you will meet those who know.
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