Psy'd Tracked City 9th of April @ the STEP INN (updated)

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Psy'd Tracked Entertainment, Presents:
Psy'd Tracked City
Flyer by DJ Yuta, yeewwww!!!

$10 if you get in before 11pm, $15 after

With Tunes From....


9-10 = Solar plex (NNSW) Live
10-11 = Cenobite (NNSW) Live
11-12 = D.J.E.M (Psy'd Tracked, SEQLD)
12-1 = Dantera (Omega3 Productions, SEQLD)
1-2 = Doc Fil (SunDance, SEQLD)
2-3 = Hypalync (Psy'd Tracked, SEQLD)
3-4 = Namakron (SEQLD) Lively
4-5 = Yuta (Japan)

with possibly some final tweeks....


9-10 = Face Invada (DubStep, Twizted Lotus Recs)
10-11 = Miss iLee (Breaks, SEQLD)
11-12 = DJ WeRK-E (DubStep, SEQLD)
12-1 = Puff 'n' Stuff (Breaks/Dubstep, SEQLD)
1-2 = Subliminal Dubsterz (DubStep, SEQLD)
2-3 = Bioteq (DubStep, SEQLD)
3-4 = DJ Sub Bass (DubStep, NZ)

with possibly some final tuning....

and optical delights from......
VJ Wildcat
Cenobite lights

CD's for sale

Doc Fil will have Sundance CD's for sale at the party (except for Talpa's 1st album)

for a list see: ... bel_id=297

Feel free to ask myself (Josh) or Fil if your keen to get some AWESOME beats :awesome: 8)

Looking forward to seeing you all there, remember "the point of this gig is to help us help you party"
:bounce: :dj: :killah:
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Posts: 9
Joined: Fri Aug 31, 2007 3:33 pm

Posts: 9
Joined: Fri Aug 31, 2007 3:33 pm

only 2 more sleeps now kiddies, getting well X'Psy'Ted for this :D, can't wait to catchup with yas all... :happydance: :awesome:

Don't forget we have "Sundance records" CD's for sale at the gig ^_^

here's a track I've been working on/remaking that i hope to have finalized for yas on the weekend:

PS. if yas like it it is free to Download at the moment ;)
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