Coming Soon Chillom Launches Azaad-E

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Chill Om Records presents The much awaited Release of AZAAD-E featuring global chill music architects mentioned below:


Qi mono - Germany
Vinyaka - India
Ambrish - Masala Movement - ambrish (masala movement, Germany) feat. pawas
Electronic Fakir - India
TaTvA-Kundalini - India
Gappeq - chech republic
A.i.a- Greece
Fusing Naked Beats - Uk
Latrama- Spain
vivi pedraglio - Argentina
om/off - Spain

you can download the album from our website.
for further details kindly log on to

AZAAD-E launch is scheduled for the 12th august 2007. lets all come together to celeberate the 60 th year of indian independence at the Lodi garden Restaurant

for further details kindly log on to :
for the best in ethno-electro progressive trance and psy tunes please log on to

greetings from india


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