What is the best hunter pet in WOW TBC Classic Arena?

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Scorpid is a defensive pet, it must be the top pet in the arena. You can Buy TBC Classic Gold For Sale to get them. Scorpid can train the "Scorpion Venom" skill to apply a debuff to the enemy, stacking up to 5 times.

If this method is applied after the hunter has applied the snake sting, the enemy team will not be able to dispel the snake sting from themselves or their team. If the player wants to maximize its damage, then the player must feed his Scorpid pet with meat.

If players want to keep these powerful hunter pets in their inventory, then you need enough Classic TBC Gold to buy them. You can visit MMOSO immediately to TBC Classic Buy Gold which is much lower than the market price, and they will provide you with the best quality service!
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