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sensient tim
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Couldn’t make it to the festival or simply want to relive your weekend?

You’ll get your chance at the Fly By Night Musicians Club, Parry Street, Fremantle this Friday 21st September. Doors open 7.30pm, music starts 8.00pm.

The evening features top East Coast artists from the festival Sensient (Melbourne), Eegor (Sydney/Cairns) and Amanaska (Melbourne).

Sensient offers deep, intelligent music that steers clear of the generic cheese so prevalent in today’s trance scene while keeping the dance floor jumping. Eegor is recognised both nationally and internationally for his rich, diverse, well-orchestrated tribal, funky and deeply unique sound. Amanaska melds world and electronic influences producing a richly layered musical experience.

Tickets are available through Heatseeker (www.heatseeker.com.au) or Mills Records for $25. $30 on the door.

Give Peace Another Dance
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