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:( :( :( :x :( :( :( :( :(
We are extremely sorry to have to announce the cancellation of this year’s Regrowth Festival. Goulburn council has at the last minute changed their recommendation for approval of our event due to issues from the police and fire brigade. Both police and fire were contacted before the event by Regen and everything appeared to be all clear, but for some reason this has changed. This has led to council disallowing our DA and we have been left with the terrible decision of having to cancel the event.
There will be an alternative event happening this weekend in Sydney in order to have the chance to hear some of the artists that were playing, including Menog, Zen Mechanics, and Spoonbill, as well as experiencing some of the workshops that were programmed. Full details will be announced later today.
The face value o fall tickets bought through greentix will be automaticly refunded within 5 business days per terms and conditions of sale. For other ticket purchase refunds please contact us at

We are completely shattered by the news from Goulburn council. We had worked so hard to comply with all their wishes, had spent thousands of extra dollars to meet all their stringent needs and now at the very last minute we are dealt with this. It has become clear that they simply do not want this event to happen and it now appears that one of the most beautiful festival sites in Australia has been lost. All we were doing was trying to put on a positive event for the community, youth and the environment but we have been shot down. 1 year of planning, countless meetings, hours and hours and hours of work in our spare time, lots of money from our own pocket had all been invested in this event. The crew had been at site since Saturday and had put in four 16 hour days of hard work, driven by the passion of what we do, only to be told we have to pull it all down. The site that we had been building for 3 years, and planting trees on for 3 years that we were looking forward to coming back to year after year to keep planting and watching past years trees mature and to keep building our special event seems now to be lost.
The 5000 trees that were ordered specially for the event will still be planted, even if we have to plant every last one of them ourselves.
We ask that everyone come out and support us at the Sydney events this weekend so we can hopefully recover and come back next year bigger, stronger and wiser.
Deepest apologies for all the disappointment this news has caused. We really tried everything within our power to make this year’s event happen. Big thanks to the crews from the other stages, all the artists, healers, workshop presenters, volunteers and the whole community for all your support.
Lots of love,
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Excellent, last one was amazing!


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cant wait!!!
ive missed the last two....wont be missing this one!!! :twisted:


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Aweeeeeeesomeeeeee ill be in australia then! Mayyyyyybe just mayyyyybe ill see about getting my ass there ;) gonna be in touch about doing some kind of a stall too... w0o!

Martha :)


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traveller wrote :

Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.....................T YEAH im excited


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oh joy! :D


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Regen Crew Rock.
Best of luck for this one !


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oh shit yeah..regen07 was awesome..metal so good.cant wait for this one..
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cool missed the last one even though freinds are on care council couldnt get out of work its on my calendernext year, cheers from the solar springs crew at bundannon we love you


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So i've had my ear to the ground and been hearing rumblings.

....................Can ya hear it.

Sounds like theres a monster REGEN Stage line-up being concocted.

MMMmmmm.... Smells good too!

Maybe the ingredients might be released soon.

4 other stages yet to finalise there line-ups also.

I Can't wait!!!!


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Great Stuff!!!


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3 months and counting!
Line up anouncements comming shortly. Lots of live goodness in store.


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love ya work! :D


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Have never been to a REGEN party, but am looking forward to coming. Do you usually just have one mainstage, or do you have a chill-out or other dancefloor as well?


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Last year they had 5 stages plus a cinema I think.
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Nice work guys - very much looking forward to the next Regrowth Festival :) It's always a very special event - not to be missed!


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my favorite
very much looking forward to this.
hopefully I won't have to make a quick exit this year.
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come one come all I missed last year but I won't be missing next years even tho I have to drive 1200kms for it!! :shock:


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Lineup updated! :D


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^^ Whoah :shock:

Looking toight :D


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Been there before, be there again! :P

And what about that Pizzas on the back of the Ute guy?


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The woodfire pizza guy wont be there this time unfortunately as he came with the Jollywood crew who have commitments elsewhere that weekend.

But there'll be plenty of other yummy food stalls there :)


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Purr purr purrrrrrrr! Just saw the line up, oh looks to be another friggin fiiiiiiiiiiine party! Very much looking forward to it! REGEN I think you guys keep on growing stronger and better with each new adventure.... this one will pop!

;) Sara
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