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KHOPAT LIVE :twisted: - spectral/Noize conspiracy Rec. (portugal)
ShadowFx Live - Zenon Rec.
Autonomech Live - Zenon Rec.
Neuron Compost Live - Gi'iwa Productions
Daheen Live chill - regen Rec

Azza (renegade pound)
Alex (sundance/up recs)
Morbidelic (Booteshwara rec-- Israel)
Rythmic sun
Fractroll (green majik)
Vile delusions (Secret psyde)
Ahavamour (secret psyde)
Chickens lip

sound Kv2
Visuals by Vortex :twisted:
lighting by pete paranoid and liquid psyght
Decor by Lucid visions

KHOPAT- Spectral/Noize conspiracy Rec
Khopat is Vasco Pedrosa from portugal. Vasco discovered psytrance in 1999 during his quest through electronic music. Since then and based on a previous musical education background he decided to create his own psytrance project.
Khopat's music concepts relies on a very strong rhythm based mix with all kinds of psychedelic sounds.
His music tries to lead the listeners to diverse cosmic environments, always allied with strong dance concepts....
in other words, 'Music for the mind and body'.
With releases on Menog's label Spectral Records, Kagdila Records, Noize Conspiracy, Yabi Records, 24/7 Media, Acidance Records and Shiva Space Technology amongst others, Khopat is delivering some of the most energetic and exciting darker full on psytrance on the market today. Vasco is also involved in side projects such as Karma Crop (with Sidhartha) and Poison Engineers (with Sushupti), with further releases expected shortly.

please check his myspace...

Neuron Compost Gi'iwa records
After discovering the mysterious sounds of Goa Trance in 1996, it was only 2 years before re-psycle descended into the world of djing and began playing at small outdoor parties around Brisbane and Byron Bay. He was one of the founding members of the notorious Psy FM crew (along with fellow Australian artist Cyanescens - Alkaloid Productions), who were responsible for some of the most mind-bending events ever staged in that region. To date, re-psycle has shared flyer space with international artists such as Joujouka, CPU, Haltya, Texas Faggot, Sesto Sento, Ticon, The Nam-Shub of Enki and Mr. Peculiar.

Drawing on his passion for all things bizarre and beautiful, the Neuron Compost project was born to satisfy his craving for ecclectic driving beats mixed with complex melodies and bone-shaking basslines. The inclusion of the Neuron Compost live-act into Reece's performance repertoire has seen him smashing dancefloors across the east coast of Australia over the past few years. His musical ingenuity, combined with an explosive stage presence, has ensured Neuron Compost is in hot demand and an act not to be missed. (one prominent Australian Label Manager has described Neuron Compost as "the worlds leading alternative psytrance producer"!!!)

check out Neuron Compost's myspace....

ShadowFx - Zenon records
Shadow Fx was created in 2002 by 26 year old James Hayes from Melbourne, Australia. James started his musical career studying and playing drums and guitar in high school. Then at the age of seventeen he discovered psytrance in and around the famous trance hotspot of Byron Bay. After listening to and Djing the music for several years, he decided to move to Melbourne and make a serious effort to put his own mark on the scene. He set himself up with a small studio and started to produce full time, leading him to the smooth and refined sound for which he is known today. Which has been described as a blend of deep, funky, morning grooves that are distinctively shaped from the Zenon sound. Intricate percussion lines interplay with emotive synth lines, then pieced together in the most intelligent of progressive structures. In recent years he has played at many parties all over Australia and Europe including Rainbow Serpent, Maitreya, Akasha Earthdance and Audiogasm. He has also released compilation tracks on ZMA, Zenon, Bio-sine, plus on Cosmic Conspiracy records with his brother Tetrameth. His debut album ‘Direct Influence’ was released on Zenon Records in July of 2007.

check out shadowfx's myspace....

Daheen -Regen
Daheen is 28 year old Australian Dave Le Breton. After DJing around the world from the turn of the millennium, he dived into the world of producing electronic music in 2003. He released a limited release promo album 'Green Chillies' in 2005 that proved extremely popular and Daheen was soon found to be playing on both the main stage and chill out areas at many parties and festivals. His chill out music has a unique style and is a rich blend of live guitar, floating melodies, whacky samples, whales, dogs, monkeys, cows, lions, tigers, birds, opera singers, didgeridoo, bag pipes, Jews harp, laptop, and a partridge in a pear tree! He glides through genres ranging from ambient to dub to chilled breaks to psychedelic chill, always with plenty of funk. Daheen has performed his live chill set to much acclaim at a number of events up and down the east coast of Australia and overseas including sunset at Regrowth '06 and '07 festivals, This Is Not Art festival, and recent performances in London and India. He has 2 tracks to be released shortly through One World Music and Chill Om Records ...
check out daheen's myspace...

if you would like to have a stall at this event please contact me asap

keep posted for more detailed additions to the thread

boom :atom:
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Excellent :D


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Nice work Benny, Keen as :D


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last year was tops, looking forward to hearing the line up.


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Nice one!! Looks like this will be another killer party! Enjoyed last year!!


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Looking fully shweeett... The last two were tops! Third will be charming :D


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fukn woot


:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

you guys are in for a treat!!!


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for anyone who's thinking, "who's khopat...never heard of him"

just let me say, Last year was phatmatix, this year its khopat, bringing the absolute phatness

very nice tunes!!!! :twisted: :twisted: :shock: :shock: :shock:


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Sweeeeeeeet... I loved the last Bent Perception, and I'm sure this one will be just as good.. I'm loving the lineup so far :D


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yay!!!!!!!! huge line up boys.. thanks a million 4 lettin me finish of ur beautiful event!!!! :lol: 8)


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Woo! Neuron Compost :D

Definitely a live set not to miss...


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Nice work on getting Reece down here!

And ofcourse James!! Nice one Benny


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Love ya work ben!!!!
noice :twisted:


auntie c
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best of luck with the directions this year boys...

we dont want anyone loosing there way, only there mind!

auntie c


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Lookin foward to this one benny, seeing i missed the last one!


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nice as, has much fun last year.


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hey everybody!! :shock:

theres one more suprise in store:

Another ZENON Live act is yet to be confirmed :twisted: :twisted:

for sum afternoon goodness



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lets hope James brings his older brother.....Brothers Hayes =Awsome


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Abuse wrote :
hey everybody!! :shock:

theres one more suprise in store:

Another ZENON Live act is yet to be confirmed :twisted: :twisted:

for sum afternoon goodness


oh fuck yeah, i rekon i know who it is. Colossus effort if i am right :)

wanted: one baby sitter for the weekend of this party so this fat worm can catch the early bird... :D


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nice work with booking Neuron Compost. should be good


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Expected Eargasm assault.

So what is the price looking like or is that still TBA...


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Looking the goods!!!

I need some positive energy and i think bent perception is the perfect prescription!!!!

See Yas There.........


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please say that krumelur is coming :roll: :D


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Line up addition

Autonomech Live - (zenon recs) :atom:


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Autonomech and Neuron Compost on the same lineup :shock:

Fuck yeah, wish I could be there for it :D
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