BENT PERCEPTION 1st-3rd of may, 2009 SET TIMES UP

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Is anyone still looking for a lift from sydney? My friend just piked on me due to the flu.
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shit, i forgorgot it was on this weekend
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Hope everyone's having fun there! :bounce:
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anyone back yet? how was it?
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bent perception alright!!!
great party..
now i need 2 lie down 4 a while..
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talk about bent i was bent literal ally thanks cookie.
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Pics? Want to see what I missed out on so that it doesnt happen again haha :mrgreen:
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Hi all just in need of a little info had a friend that went to this event and still hasn't returned home. Could anyone let me know if there was any problems or accidents that may of happened on the way there or actually at the event. Thanks for the help.
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No any problems. There was still heaps of people partying when I left last night. Don't worry :D
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