NOWHERE NEAR - Hydraglyph LIVE - 30th May SET TIMES UP!!!!!!

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Labyrinth Crew and The Newcastle Psytrance Collective present Nowhere Near featuring Hydraglyph LIVE (Nexus Media, South Africa) - Saturday, May 30th.

OUTDOORS :bonfire: :killah:

The Labyrinth Crew is proud to be working with the NPC (Newcastle Psytrance Collective) in bringing out one of the finest live acts in the cosmos. Hydraglyph will be playing in the bush for the first time ever in Australia. Coming all the way from the shores of South Africa, both Andrew and Mark will be performing together, with a live set that has pushed sonic boundaries throughout Europe, Asia, and South africa. Come experience what it feels like to be Nowhere Near with the boys from Nexus Media.

Hydraglyph will be splitting up at the end of this european summer season, so come see the boys in action before they turn off their switches. We look forward to having a stomp with everyone and hope you all make it out to see a truly world class act.

Hydraglyph are Andrew Morgan and Mark Ackermann. Formed in 2000 they quickly grabbed attention by simultaneously being released on Nano and Timecode Records and have since been thumpin’ dancefloors around the world. Having been friends and enthusiastic producers since there early teens (a rare breed in a small town such as Somerset West) it was only a matter of time before they integrated their styles. Currently they have over 30 releases with some of the world’s most respected psytrance labels, including their debut album, Kinetic, which was released to international acclaim in January 2006 and reached number 1 on the sales charts of all the major online cd stores. The album included the hit “Electric Feed” which was voted the most played track of the summer season in South Africa and has been played at almost every international festival since its release. Famous for their energetic live shows, in the past 2 years they have toured around the globe, winning friends and influencing people in Brazil, UK, Holland, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Russia and Japan and South Africa. Combining the best elements of full on psy and feel good progressive, the duo offer a more dynamic spectrum of music, pioneering a new sound that’s guaranteed to get them laid!


Sound: KV 2

Lighting: Pete Paranoid and his Luminous Lights

Lasers: Addictive Lasers

Date: 30th May

Tickets: $35 presale -

Stalls: Chai Tribe (Tasmania)

6-7:30 Thwasa
7:30-8:30 Alex (set 1 of 2 psyglitch)
8:30-9:30 Electrocado (LIVE)
9:30-10:30 Felipe
10:30-12 Dica vs Sutho
12-1:30 The Shaman
1:30-3 Pawana vs Atreyu
3-4:30 Megatron
4:30-6 Facial Tweak vs Acid Lips a.k.a Uber throb vs Uber Flop (T.U.G)
6-7:30 Serotone (LIVE)
9-10:30 Tantrum (LIVE)
10:30-11:30 Alex (set 2 of 2)
11:30-12:30 Dj Fista Iaier
12:30-1:30 Var!ent (LIVE)
1:30-2:30 Hallucidations
2:30-close Brothel Creeper (nostalgia mega set)

Some other basic info:
-site is open at 4pm
-The Chai Tribe and Soup dude will cater to your food and beverage needs.
-Please be respectful to the forest - pick up all rubbish, dont leave bottles and cigarette butts around etc..
-directions will be out friday night

Love and Light
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Good news.......

Outdoors or in?
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its gunna be outdoors :killah:
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Gonna be SICK :killah: :killah: :killah:

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Phase 2: ?
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COOL BANANA'S :mrgreen:
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sounds interestin.. i memba hearin sum real nice stuff from Hydra* :trip:
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HYDRAGLYPH!!!!!! :bounce: :killah:
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:killah: :killah: :killah: :killah: :killah:
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the Newcastle Psytrance Collective will be helping to get show happnin...
Cant wait for this one.. hydraglyph fukn rocks it :twisted: :twisted:

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:killah: woohoo! :killah:
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:killah: :D
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:mrgreen: :killah:
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A little bit of SOUTH AFRICAN MAGIC...

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yesssss man!!!! :twisted:
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Hydraglyph ROCKIT!!!
SouthAfrican MADDNESS!!!
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Status: Excited
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Going to be a tetris bender!!! bring it.....
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wish i could make it to that one, but i will be recovering from bennies (bent perps) and hibernating for the winter !

damn :cry:
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aaaaaa cummon bargirl....thats a poor excuse, hydraglyph is definitely worth delaying hibernation..... and its half bennys party too :) :wink: maybe ill find you at rhythmic earth and convince you otherwise :twisted:
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Looking forward to that as I have to give Bent Perception a miss unfortunately.
Ill definitely be there!
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Im more excited than I've been about a touring psy act for a long time. Hydraglyph... Good work whoever decided that.
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