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Fish 'n Trips productions brings you AA, Ableton anonymous.

A monthly Sydney institution that evolves around participants that contribute to the music on the night through our "ableton live stations" or their own computer and audio interface. Each nights schedule is done by BPM meaning that almost all styles can be covered, and while ableton afficiandos are encouraged to participate, anyone can register for a session during the "free for all" time slots. Registered members can also apply for a 1 hour headline set for the following months events. A.A represents YOU, we are here for your advantage, We encourage all ableton addicts to come down and enjoy the vibe of creating your own piece of the ableton pie. Our aim is to establish a local social framework around you and your productions every month. The first week in each month ableton fans, addicts and punters are all invited to participate in AA. Every participant must register on the night. Registration consists of Your Name, email address, preffered bpm slot and contact phone number. Each participant must contribute to the ableton session over the course of their stay. Punters are not required to participate. Set times are by BPM only... 830 -930pm 80 - 110 BPM 930 -1030pm 110 - 120 BPM 1030 -1130pm 120 - 130 BPM 1130 - 1230pm 130 - 140 BPM 1230 - 130am 140 - 200 BPM Price: - Punters $20 - Participants $15 - $5 off before 930pm

Email Luke at to submit your interest or ideas.

We are inviting ableton users who have a set together to link us to their music or just turn up on the night. people who might want to help with setup, door and technical issues are encouraged to contact me too.

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