Cairns Winter Solstice -LINE UP ANNOUNCED !*

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Hey ! Anyone planning on going to winter solstice this year in Cairns?
Im keen as pie and I am gonna go spend a couple weeks in the area and meet up with people there but none of my ususal Sydney
peeps are keen this time. It would be cool to sychncronise a flight with sum crew and i'll also have a spare seat in a hippie camper i'll be hiring if anyone wants a lift to the party.
I'm planning on flying on the 12 June but havent booked flights yet.

line ups not completely released yet and they are taking time reopening the website but first edition looked good.
keep checking

ps . iF anyones contemplating for first time DOIT !! It was my fave party of the year last year
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am very seriously considering it...
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Afirmitive ... :killah: :killah:
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A few of us from wollongong where going to go. Drive 2 cars and fly the rest up. But i think psy*clone decide he didnt want to go and is making us go to royal doof instead.
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Royal doof? is that a melbourne thingy?

i saw a dvd of last years one. i think youl be sad if you give that up for CWS. *cough* dustbowl
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Ju-Ju wrote :
Royal doof? is that a melbourne thingy?

i saw a dvd of last years one. i think youl be sad if you give that up for CWS. *cough* dustbowl

dust? PHAHAHAHAHA welcome to da world of doof...
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Not going this year, although had a wicked time last year!

As for Royal Doof vs CWS, Where would you rather be in the middle of winter: inland Victoria or tropical north queensland? :)
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Some of us are glutens for punishment. A wise man once told me that feeling the cold is all in the mind, as he stood there in board shorts embracing the cold rain on his bear chest.
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hmmm i am thinking about it too.
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i just had a quick check for flights. i could get return on virginblue for $374 incl taxes
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yayay ! lets all go TROPPO*
:rasta: :trip: :bounce:
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Ju-Ju wrote :
yayay ! lets all go TROPPO*
:rasta: :trip: :bounce:

heck yes! :killah: :bounce: :atom: :dance: :smasha: :trip: :flash:
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winter solstice then week later bushweek
Experience Hamparty
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Im interested. Looks like an awesome party and I fuckin hate the cold perhaps it could be precentative action to stop me from rolling into the fire like at opposite day.
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Experience Hamparty wrote :
Im interested. Looks like an awesome party and I fuckin hate the cold perhaps it could be precentative action to stop me from rolling into the fire like at opposite day.

and miss Els bday ??

timbo82 wrote :
winter solstice then week later bushweek

yaaayyy sameo
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Experience Hamparty wrote:
Im interested. Looks like an awesome party and I fuckin hate the cold perhaps it could be precentative action to stop me from rolling into the fire like at opposite day.

and miss Els bday ??

Yeh thats the main thing that would stop me from going up there.On the other hand Ive never been to queensland and the only times ive been out of the state is the ACT and Victoria a couple of times which is lame lame lame lame lame
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The FreeformCollective is proud to present -


The Cairns Winter Solstice Celebration & Sustainable Lifestyle Gathering is a 4 day/3 night outback camping adventure, held from June 12-15, 2009 on the Tablelands, 2 hrs drive west of Cairns.

We have moved our celebration to the week before the actual Solstice, as the Laura Indigenous dance festival (a bi-annual event) runs from June 19-21 this yr.

The New Solar year begins with the turning point of the Winter Solstice, as it has down through eons-an unending cycle of dark and light, waning and waxing, ultimately representing nature's birth, death, and rebirth. The Winter Solstice is a time to affirm our spiritual ties to nature through celebrations and traditions that are thousands of years old.

With over 100 local, National & International Producers, Dj’s & bands, performing over our 3 stages, The Winter Solstice Festival musical line-up has something for everyone & is not just about the music, we offer a huge array of different forms of entertainment...


DEVIANT SPECIES - Ambivalent Records - UK

Deviant Species is Santos De Castro. DS started in 1997 with former member Paul Wright (N.R.S.). The first EP release ’Blind Summit’ attracted much attention and secured Deviant Species a place in the South Africa 2000 Millennium festival where it billed along the main names in the Psy Trance scene at the time.

After 4 successful EP releases the internationally acclaimed first album ’Hatch’ came out.
One year later Deviant Species founded Ambivalent Records with the release of its second album ’The Quest for Balojax’ (2001) which established the act as one of the luminaires of the genre.
In 2004 the much anticipated 3rd album ’In The Hands of the Randomiser’ came out which received rave reviews all over the world.
More Deviant Species tracks featured in the Ambivalent Rec compilation AMBCD7 Further Ambivalent Tendencies released in 2006. Santos is currently working in a new solo album and in the debut album of his project with Ady Connor (Scorb) called Squid Inc.
Santos was born in the Basque Country. Initially a drummer, he took permament residence in London in the 90’s where he joined industrial band Pig playing as the opening band for Nine Inch Nails in their Downward the Spiral tour.

TETRAMETH - Zenon rec's - Melbourne

TETRAMETH-is Peter Hayes,musician & producer based in Melbourne,Australia. Peter has been producing his own brand of slick psychedelic trance since around August 2003.Mastering the art of several instruments growing up,making the shift from playing in bands ,to writing and producing in a studio was an inevitable and easy transition. Tetrameth's sound has been described as an extremly original concoction. Cleverly constructed progressive psy-trance with an unmistakably organic undertone.Add a technical edge ,truly making the end result a beast of its own. Peter graduated with a diploma in contemporary music,majoring in guitar at the "Conservatorium of Music" on the North Coast of NSW. Playing in bands for several years, Peter is producing psy trance at a world-class level, truly pushing and surpassing boundaries previously set within the genre.A genre or style he likes to call "Experimental Progressive".

ONETASTYMORSEL - Zenon rec's - Cairns

OneTastyMorsel is the solo project of 22 year old Paul VanMorsel hailing from the hills of FNQ Australia. The project kicked off in early 2005 after a passion to express his musical views could not be found as an artist within the live band scene. Drawing influence from many forms of music and combining an eclectic taste in electronica with a passion for minimal psychadelic trance, the OneTastyMorsel sound lies somewhere in the middle grounds of Sensient,Autonomech and Krumelur. "OneTastyMorsel, Have you had yours yet"

SUNMONX - Melbourne

SUN:MONX is a Melbourne based collaborative project between producers OPIUO (oscar) and ALBINO (albino). originally from New Zealand and Mexico respectively. meeting early 2008, an instant bond to combine their unique ideas, influences and rhythmic vibrations to create live electronica was born.
Both being music lovers, and accomplished producers in their own right. with their more up-tempo creations being played and released throughout many corners of the globe.
Addicted to all shapes and forms of melody, beats, and harmony, together sun:monx take you on a live hybrid exploration into new realms of downbeat, dub, progressive beats, and all things electronica.
In only their first year on the australasian music scene, Sun:monx have been invited to play all the major australian outdoor summer festivals, and are about to embark on a full length studio album...
keep your ears warm. rigiti!

SELWA - Sanctuarythms (Melbourne)

Having played at many of Australia's largest outdoor festivals over the last 3 years, Selwa's sound has continued to grow and mature into an evolving well-constructed journey through Deep Tribal Dub Step, Depth Step, Digital Dub, Glitch Hop and IDM. Through combining organic tribal and dub based rhythms, futuristic electronics, ambient textures and deep bass-lines, his sets illuminate the true connection between the earthly organic world and the cosmic realms. Selwa is focused on the journey - enriching and ever-evolving sonics for the body and soul.

HEYOKA - Muti Music - California - US

Driven by huge, lumbering bass lines and gritty programmed drumtracks, Heyoka has a deeply psychedelic sound full of squelches, blips, sonic flickers and all manner of effected sine waves, corrosive synthetics and acidic programming. He draws on elements of IDM, glitch, downtempo and displaced hip hop binding them up into a consistent dub framework, with a very low centre of gravity.

DJ EVIL - Bassweight Rec (NZ) // Stupid Fly Records (USA) // Betamorph Recordings (USA) // Abducted Dub Recordings (USA)

Since the distinction was made in Zoroastrian times man has been aware of EVIL, and the dark fruit it bears, humanity has both consciously perpetuated and unknowingly channeled evil in myriad manifestations. As we reach the end of the age Pisces in the 2150 year cycle in the procession of the constellations, we leave an age more replete with EVIL than any other. These omenous times have bought us, be it blessing or curse, a humanoid incarnation of this EVIL. His days are filled arranging, refining, and readying tools and ever-more-so, weapons for the furtherment of his agenda. These tools have been honed over many years by an esoteric, vigilant and uncompromsing communityof warriors known most commonly as Bassweight Recordings.
Yes - it is music, the realm of the fallen angel, that the evil one enlists to infiltrate the malicious media zeitgeist and unfounded moral firewall of the mind that has been constructed by evil men (not true incarnations of EVIL) to advance their own vision for humanity and tohide the truth from those who seek it. The hours of darkness see EVIL enter the realm of mortals with their parties and clubs of the night, armed to the hilt with auditory projectiles. His sinister creations have been duely recognised, realised, and distributed by Stupid Fly Records, Bassweight Recordings and Betamorph Recordings.”

JONNY MAC - Bus rec's - Melbourne

Jonny Mac has been a fixture in Melbourne's outdoor and club scene for the last 6 years. Always having an obsession with music the transformation from punter to DJ was a natural one. Over the years Jonny has experimented with styles spanning the spectrum of dance music, from breakbeat to trance to electro to progressive to techno. After spending countless hours studying his craft Jonny has become one of Melbourne most versatile DJs, always executing a set that suits the surroundings. Jonny has played alongside the worlds top producers and DJs at many of Victoria's clubs, outdoor partys and festivals. Appearing on the main stage at Rainbow Serpent 2007 to 4000+ people was a massive highlight. 2008 was also a massively successful year for Jonny touring Japan and Europe. Aside from DJing Jonny also co-runs two successful club events - Fed Up Sundays & Pieces (On the Sauce productions) featuring Australia and the world's most forward thinking DJs and producers. Jonny represents France's BUS Records managed by Matthieu Delepeau (Lunaspice, D-sens), a label with a very similar musical outlook to Jonny's which has some very exciting releases in coming months.

ATONIX - Melbourne

Already an established DJ in the Melbourne dance scene, Atonix (Nicky), has frequented outdoor festivals and clubs for the last 6 or so years. With a long standing love of music it was a natural progression to begin DJing in 2005. Since then she has been recognised as one of Melbournes crowd favourites, playing at many of Australia's clubs, and has been a fixture in the outdoor party scene. Recently she has played in both Germany and France. In 2008 Nicky won the Australian Pioneer Pro Dj Competition. Her sets comprise mainly of phat funky progressive music, whether it be house, electro, minimal or techno. Always with an eye on the dancefloor, Nicky's tunes and positive infectious vibe will leave the dancefloor shakin'

Matty Moon - Sonic Escape - Fremantle - WA

Based in Fremantle, Western Australia, Matty Moon spent his high-school years studying various disciplines of music and instruments from jazz to metal and everything in between before stumbling into the underground psy-trance community. Becoming ever more enchanted by the uniqueness of what he had discovered, Mr Moon soon began volunteering, building installations, helping organise parties, DJ-ing and producing, and more recently founding the independent label Sonic Escape. After traveling to various festivals, Matty longed to create something that was more than just music, a journey, a performance combining live music and instrumentation with a visual experience. This Winter Solstice Matty Moon brings his dream-like visuals to play blending footage from adventures across the country and abroad with prefabricated loops, cult animation and film snips together in an emotional roller-coaster from hilarious to political, nostalgic and downright psychedelic.

PAUL ABAD - Open Rec's - Brisbane

Paul Abad is a dj, producer, promoter, visual artist and community activator based in south east queensland. He has been part of
the local music scene since 1998 and is now a regular on the east coast circuit. The width of his experience sees him play everything from outdoor festivals to experimental/sound art gigs to warehouse breaks/glitch nights.
After years of exploring a variety of electronic genres, Paul has now positioned himself as one of the leading exponents of minimal/progressive techno and hi-fi breaks in the outdoor festival scene in Australia. His obsession with futuristic sonics and dedicated outdoor sensibilities still shine through in how he works with these genres, in track selection and overall feel, and he has a unique ability to tailor sets to a specific time and place. Tool of choice these days is laptop with Ableton live and controller, ensuring a seamless and creative approach to mixing. Flow, groove, space and progression are key themes in paul's sets,
but of primary importance is the mix - recombining and layering, and responding to an audience.

DREWAN - Open Rec's - Cairns

Drewan is the newest addition to the Open Records crew.
Playing a chunky blend of minimal and techno gear, Drew has quickly gained a reputation as a smooth operator and a strikingly handsome gent.
His ninja mixing skills and O.C.B.D. (Obsessive Compulsive Beatport Disorder) ensure every set is of the highest standard and Open Records strongly believe that Drewan will be a name to watch in the years to come.
Also well respected for his fishing, origami and ice skulpting skills, Drew is a pillar of strength in the Cairns party community and an essential addition to the Open Records team.
But be warned!!! If he's been on the Bundies, he might burr up!
Check his rig out!

GAVIN MARTIN - Open Rec's - Melbourne

Gavin Martin is recognized as one of the most accomplished DJs in Australia.
He has been djing since 1996 and in that time he has managed to find his way onto the line-up at all the major events & festivals in the progressive and trance world in Melbourne, as well as extensively interstate & overseas.
His music style is diverse, blending elements of deep evolving progressive, techno & house sounds with intelligent atmospherics and an ear on forward-thinking sonics.
Diverse roots stemmed from a love of early 1990 rave sounds, into the early days of Melbourne's outdoor scene and finally a natural evolution into more progressive sounds, inspired by the likes of Sasha & Digweed.
In the late 90's Gavin began to gain mainroom spots at all of the big progressive events in Melbourne, such as Two Tribes, Gatecrasher, Welcome, Platipus Sound System, Renaissance & many more, playing alongside & warming up for many big names, like Digweed, Dave Seamen, Sander Kleinenberg & Anthony Pappa among others.

EEGOR - Open Rec's - Cairns

Richard Blacker, aka Eegor, is one of Australia's longest-standing and most respected progressive DJs.
Richie has been into music since he was 6 years old. As a classically trained musician playing the likes of the violin, viola, cello, guitar and bass guitar, he had a natural progression into DJing and electronic music production.
Heavily influenced by 6 years of living-experience in the rapidly evolving psychedelic trance scene of Tokyo, this passion has grown into a diverse, deep-funk-tribal sound that has been recognised nationally and internationally for the past 13 years.
He regularly finds his way onto the bill of Australia's biggest festivals and events, such as Rainbow Serpent Festival, Earthdance, Tribeadelic NYE gatherings, Erisian Fields and Akasha Festival, rocking the dancefloors and sinking copious amounts of beer in the process.
He has also taken his sound international, rocking places such as Kophangan in Thailand, Delhi and Dharamsala in India and Tokyo and Okinawa in Japan.

THE BOX OPERA - L.A - California - US

Patrick Becknell- Guitar, Voice, Programming
Tim Smith- Drums

“The Box Opera….a movement beginning with one powerful idea….An organism that forms from a single cell. A snapshot that communicates more than 1,000 words ever could.”
These words were printed on Subterranean Symphony…The Box Opera’s full length CD that was released 6 months before the band had a live line-up or even played a show.
Since the accidental formation of the band by Patrick Becknell and haphazard, independent release and of Subterranean Symphony in 2008, The Box Opera has relocated from San Diego to Los Angeles and finds themselves playing the premier venues and art shows in Southern California including five dates at The House of Blues in Hollywood. Most of their bookings are landed through sheer power of their musical output….Rare for a flooded American music scene so saturated with mediocrity.

The Box Opera is a living organism….Two people with a dream of transcending their own circumstances and gracefully destroying old conventions to reveal new create a “world that works” through musical and artistic expression. Hard house, classic rock, shoegaze, new wave, psychedelic trance….no musical themes are off limits…But The Box Opera’s power is that they’ve woven these disparate sounds together with such grace.
Even during their live set…You can tell that these two humans value art over everything else…The band will skip the cheap small talk usually found in between songs, instead choosing to memorize the audience with soundscapes and interludes…letting the art speak on their behalf.
The Box Opera is currently working on their second release, entitled
“The Movement to Disappear”, due out Fall of 2009


What is "Live" and how does it differ from DJing?
Presenter - Tom Cosm // Duration 90 minutes

In this workshop, Tom will take us through an in depth journey of his
current Ableton live setup, explaining the self-developed techniques
and tools that allow him to create and manipulate his music when
performing. Attendees will get a free DVD containing the actual
Ableton Live set that Tom currently uses, including 4 of his tunes
chopped up into loops and ready to jam live. The workshop is catered
for both audio geeks and people who are just interested in having a
look at what happens behind the scenes of a live laptop performance.
These workshops are famous for going on interesting tangents, and
questions are strongly encouraged! More info on Tom and what he does
can be found at

Hermitude (Elefant Traks - Syd)

Hermitude formed in 2001 with the musical partnering of Blue Mountains lads Luke Dubs (Luke Dubber) and Elgusto (Angus Stuart). They’d performed in jazz and funk bands together since 1994 (Dubs was 16 and Elgusto was just 11) as well as in the live hip hop of Explanetary (featuring a younger Urthboy).
The offspring of musical families, Dubs’ father Keith Dubber was a trumpeter plying his trade in major musicals for over 40 years, while Elgusto’s father John Stuart is a composer and musician/engineer. Elgusto’s Uncle Hamish Stuart is one of Australia’s most in-demand drummers.
Hermitude continued the connection with Elefant Traks and their first EP - the vinyl-only Imaginary Friends (5 stars - 3D World, 2002) quickly sold out and was never repressed.
They followed this up with their debut album - the critically adored Alleys to Valleys (2003) – the esteemed radio figure Tim Ritchie called it “One of the best hip hop/breaks releases I’ve ever heard” and Urban Hits commented on its “world class hip hop production”.
National tours and various international support slots (Dizzee Rascal, RJD2 and DJ Krush) later, the second album Tales of the Drift (2005) was released and Hermitude exhibited the maturity and development of their musical vision. Their Cuban-influenced rhythms (Elgusto undertook percussion studies in Cuba as a teen) had blended elegantly with their formal jazz and classical background breathing new life into their instrumental hip hop sound. The first single Fallen Giants took triple j by storm and sat on high rotation for months. “This album leaves the listener satisfied, reinvigorated and refreshed.” Canberra Times

By now Hermitude had established their reputation for brilliant studio productions with an engaging and innovative live show - incorporating a confident, almost effortless musicianship with a deft grasp of technology.
In 2006 Hermitude embarked overseas; performing in Malaysia, Norway and Spain as well as DJ Kentaro’s Japanese launch; before landing the main support for Aceyalone and Abstract Rude’s West Coast USA tour.
During these tours, Hermitude wrote the tunes that would make up their 2007 Rare Sightings EP release – culminating in a soldout national tour.

Spoonbill (Omellete Rec - Melb)

After nearly two years of questing through the audio underworld, wrestling crocodile-headed samplers and taming fire-breathing speaker stacks, Spoonbill has returned to the earth's surface.
... an elegant and quirky symphony of honey-scented grooves, jovial humour and joyous beat trickery, melding an ever-evolving array of styles into a distinctive ozzie blend. Call it quirk-funk or downbeat with bite, Spoonbill takes the listener firmly by the scruff of the ear and leads them into a shady forest of rhodes, horns, and deep double bass, then back out into an eccentric wonderland of glitched-out grooves infused with talkback radio and rowdy bush cobbers.

Ghettafunkt (Omellete - Melb)

From the Epicentre & outdoor parties in the Byron region, Ghettafunkt was born. Kicking up dust along the way, Peta manoeuvres herself through a collection of phatt moments in time, with her sound evolving into a multi layered exploration of glitchstepdubhopbreakfunk and newavegrindcrunk. Peta stands proud as an active festival promoter around the Byron region, creating the Superfreak, Freakreation and Free Creation festivals with Dj Ketamind, as well as a hearty discog of her own events over the past 10 years. Record label Gi’iwa Productions is another merit to Peta’s name, as a co-owner, Gi’iwa has been catering to people with diverse musical fetishism’s by releasing dis-co-ordinated psycho-funkadelic sounds for the past 7 years.

Mystic Beats (Nnsw)

Mystic Beats has been generating a following as a down tempo dance electronic outfit, fusing eastern influenced instrumentation with contemporary styles. Mystic Beats brings a live infusion with organic sounds into the electronic world. Originally composed electronic grooves merges with a smooth blend of sitar, guitar, Violin, vocals and percussion. Deep dub, psy soundscapes and conscious beats combined with soaring melodies and percussive grooves, create a unique inspired live performance. They’ve existed as a music collective since 2002. Playing extensively on the North Coast, Mystic Beats has also played at Exodus 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007. Symbiosis, CA, 2006/7, Burningman 2007, Peats Ridge Festival 2006/7, Super Freak 2007, Rainbow Serpent 2007/8, Freakreation 2008, Bali Spirit Festival 2008, Winter Solstice Cairns 2007/8. Mystic Beats are a collective of diverse musicians who bring together a wide variety of sounds. They all lead diverse, creatively focused lifestyles and play music to unify and inspire ourselves and others.

Tristan Boyle (UP Rec, Zenon Rec - Melb)

Tristan has played at many festivals and events as either Phat Kontrollerz or Tristan Boyle. These include Rainbow Serpent (2005, 2003), Earth Dance (2004), Nimbin MardiGrass (2006), Winter Solstice (2004-2007), earl of fnord (2003, 2006), Tribeadellic new years eve (2004, 2007), and many more.
Tristan looks forward to performing in other places around the globe, where he wants to captivate his audience and make the dance floor an truly amazing experience.

Reality Pixie (Vertigo Rec, Gi'iwa - Bris)

The Reality Pixie project has been cultured and cured in the laboratory since 2003 resulting in a manic yet melodic blend of seriously psillycybin sounds that draws inspiration from a diverse decoction of magick,music and mythology.
The conduit for this musical experiment is "Mesq" from Brisbane, Australia. A musician for most of his life, Mesq has played drums in punk bands, performed solo acoustic works and studied classical voice over the years. With a keen interest in ecstatic trance and shamanism, Mesq found the Psychedelic Trance party a perfect medium to exorcise his creative aspect.
As a composer and DJ for Gi'iwa Productions and Vertigo Records Reality Pixie has performed at festivals and forest parties all around Australia, earning a solid reputation for his energy behind the decks and his tendency for emotional psychedelic journeys.
With releases on Gi'iwa Productions, Vertigo Records, Morning Monster Records and more on their way; Reality Pixie brings to you melodies and motifs inspired by the magickal creatures from the jungles of the mind.

Neuron Compost (Gi'iwa - Bris)

The Neuron Compost liveset is a real-time interactive experiment in group shamanic trance-dance ecstasis. Utilizing his training and experience in meditation and energy dynamics, a space is facilitated whereby the participant is invited to move beyond genetic and social programming and actively engage the holistic Self. Through overloading the reasoning functions of the mind, this is music geared towards deep, esoteric exploration.

A passion for innovative sonic aesthetics, coupled with an intuitive insight into dancefloor dynamics, has recently seen Neuron Compost dj sets diversifying into down-tempo/ambient, IDM, dubstep, glitch breaks and minimal techno. The intention is to promote cutting-egde electronica whilst maintaining a coherent and emotionally engaging journey.

Bumble (R.e.g.e.n Recs - Sydney)

Bumble has been creating vibrations in the air for some time now (15 years).
His other current projects have displaced dust particles in the lower ranges of the spectrum and at greater speeds through AKIN and the duo ONDA with my good mate and mouseman Cam (Thermohaline).

This project develops down-beat diversity and brings a big smile to my dial.
Hope it does yours too.

Applications are now being taken for the following:

Market stalls - Applications taken until May 15.

Food stalls - All food stalls will need to apply by the end of March, to be confirmed by the end of April.

Performance artists - Closed thank you.

Volunteers - Applications taken until May 20.

Workshops - If you have some knowledge that you would like to share, please let us know! :boffin:

Music Demos - :dj: - CLOSED THANKYOU.

Please send all general enquiries to our email add:
i n f o (at) w i n t e r s o l s t i c e . c o m . a u

Updates about our gathering can also be found on our website:



Tickets are available from:



TASTEY - GRAFTON ST - CAIRNS - 07 40514119

TANTRIKA - KURANDA - 07 40939225



ETNIX - 2/87 JONSON ST - BYRON BAY - NSW - 02 66856687

Greentix Online Ticketing

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wow. deviant species!!!
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cant go - uni :(
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Ill also announce Grouch.....NZ and our very own Merkaba !!!


more tba
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I was in tears half way through the line up, bumbed that I can't make this one :cry:
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Alrighty troops, I have a moody looking friend, I'd go myself but my life sux, I'm a miserable bastard so I've probably told you before. Here are your hugging orders, "take no prisoners"!
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Dj Evil - Booyah!!!

CAn i get a yeeeeehaaaaa bom selecta!!!
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...and the non featural aurii ? Cause that covers approx 5-6 hrs, or are we expecting 4+ hr sets? Sorry but... ?
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