Cairns Winter Solstice -LINE UP ANNOUNCED !*

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Full line up announced :

Live Acts (and some lively)

Elon (Clink, Dumb Unit, Auralism, Made To Play, Infant, NY)
Hermitude (Elefant Traks - Syd)
Heyoka (Muti Music, California)
Deviant Species (Ambivalent Rec, Uk)
Box Opera (L.A)
Spoonbill (Omelette Rec - Melb)
Tetrameth (Zenon, Melb)
The Mollusk (Omelette Rec, Melb)
Imandan (Nnsw)
Channel Free (Nnsw)
Ten Zen Bulls (Earth)
Mystic Beats (Nnsw)
Continuum (Beef Rec, Melb)
Oblique Industries (Melb)
Tristan Boyle (UP Rec, Zenon Rec - Melb)
Reality Pixie (Vertigo Rec, Gi'iwa - Bris)
Neuron Compost (Gi'iwa - Bris)
Bumble (R.e.g.e.n - Syd)
Onda ( R.e.g.e.n - Syd)
Dropcode (Motion Control, Nnsw)
Grouch (NZ)
Merkaba (Zenon Rec, Syd)
The Box Opera (USA)
Tom Cosm (NZ)
Lubdub (Melb)
Yeti (Up Rec, Nnsw)
Sun:monx (Melb)
Opiuo (NZ)
Backwards Man (Little Rascal - Cairns)
Freud an Slip (Melb)
Widespread (Syd)
Rhythm Nectar (Open Rec, Cairns)
OneTastyMorsel (Zenon Rec, Cairns)
Fat Barndit (Cairns)
Duncan (Plusquarm rec, Cairns)
Bent Intent (Cairns)
Jarramundi (No Qualms Rec, Cairns)
Funkform (Open Rec, Cairns)
Scruffy Goat (Bushlips Rec, Cairns)
Bush Pilot (Cairns)


Ghettafunkt (Omelette Rec - Melb)
The Cook & The Chef (Melb)
Mustaphaa (Alice Springs)
U_One (Beef Rec, Melb)
Scott Dickson (LAB, Melb)
Senor Rudekat (Rudekat Rec, Bris)
Josh Niyama (Motion Control, Nnsw)
Dakini (Omelette Rec - Melb)
Paul Abad (Open Rec, Bris)
Gavin Martin (Open Rec, Melb)
Selwa (Melb)
Dj Evil (Bassweight rec - NZ)
Repete (Cosmic Conspiracy - NZ)
Filthy Tomo (Alien Nation - NZ)
Axiom (NZ)
Sketi (Nnsw)
Truth & Rights (Nnsw)
Seed (Nnsw)
Huckleberry (Nnsw)
Suspekt (Open Rec, Cairns)
Ruff Stuff (Nnsw)
Jonny_Mac (On The Sauce, Melb)
Atonix (Melb)
Deejital (Cairns)
Ketamind (Doof Rec, Nnsw)
Danni_B (Tickled Pink, Melb)
Ozzy (Tribeadelic, Nnsw)
Psymon (Up Rec, Freeform, Cairns)
Tilt Axis (Melb)
Ish (Melb)
Tao (Nnsw)
Luna (The Moon)
Woodsman (Open Rec, Cairns)
Eegor (Open Rec, Cairns)
Drewan (Open Rec, Cairns)
Ed Motive (Open Rec, Melb)
Billy Dread (Dreadagade Soundsystem)
Soljah (Massive Rhythms, Cairns)
The Barron (Cairns)
Sketi (Nnsw)
Slytrance (Melb, Cairns)
Stampetey (Freeform, Cairns)
Solatek (Open Rec, Freeform, Cairns)
Tompletoon (Cairns)
Wal_tek (Cairns)
Jarramundi (Cairns)
Debrey (Cairns)
Reseteser (Bribane)
Dr Zaius (Melb)
Seraphim (Zenon, Bris)
Low Sub Destroyer (Cairns)
Mony (Cairns)
DJ Slinky (Nnsw)
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Looking good.. :)

Looks like there's also been a venue change! :(


Sugarbag Qld is an owner operated company. It is also a family business. Sugarbag Yards are actually on the road frontage of Sugarbag Station, a freehold cattle station which has been in the family for 25 years.

The Freeform Collective is very proud to be working with Sugarbag Station.

by the looks of it, it's out near where it was last year.. alot furhter to drive, but hot springs on the way back!

There's also a shuttle bus from/to the airport.. more info:
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farkyea fracbum yr in !! gud werk xx
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Ju-Ju wrote :
farkyea fracbum yr in !! gud werk xx

:killah: :killah:
epic line up in takes you 10 minutes to read through :shock: ....
lots of diverse action, should be killaH :killah:
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for those who cant make it this looks like a pretty rad back up option
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mmmm i admit i am tempted, feel's like the winter pike monster is creeping in on me though. Lineup looks good, a few artists there i've been wanting to see too :~))
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YAy !! u should so come.. you know u would luv it .. raahh !! :bounce:

DO IT !!
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Not long to go now... bring on the tropics!!!! Woooooo
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Grouch - No1 Prog/Psy doof act in the country at the mo
Evil - No1 Dubstep act in the counrty at the mo
and last but not least and just been confirmed......

Filthy Tomo - No1 Minimal Tek/Prog/Trance Dj in the country at the mo

Unleash the Filth. You won't know what hit you mothers. This guy will fuckin mix and juggle the shit out of you. Has built up iconic status around NZ for the last few years wiping the dust clean at most of the outdoor doofs on both islands. Has an entourage that is to be reckoned with and is see as the leader of the pack in many scenes. Is also the music co-ordinator for Alien Nation and is making his Aussie Debut at CWS.

Anyone going should be checking all of these dudes out as they are the taste of Kiwiland at the moment and its rare to get all 3 at once.

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Filthy Tomo :love: :hug: :headphones:
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hmm i totally would, but i just spent all my money going to royal doof.
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spewing i can't go......but better to spend the money on my studio so that maybe i can PLAY there next year or the year after!
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