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Jeannie wrote :
Well... I'm planning to play at one and go to the other, so.... why not come support us locals indoors ey??? I hear its a wicked sound system...

not to mention that little electro room went off when infected mushroom played, i don't think i saw them all night, had a great time in that little room and yes the sound was awesome.

some people just need to get their head out of their own arse, and i'm not refering to anyone in particular.
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Home sound system and lighting is pretty amazing.

Nick Sentience? I hope he's over that hard house stuff he used to play.
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agree the lighting there is great

but as fo rthe sound
its shite
even with a full house it stiull sounds like a big sound system in a eptry tin shead bouncing off every wall

as for the lay out the old layout was much better withe bar at the back no at the side of the dance floor

security there are only just a little bit better then the gusy at space as well

but that said there are poeple that are happy to go to home and think its the bees knees

to each there own and i hope the nigth goes well

if you had a side room with some minimal and tech house i would be there

sorry baba and scotty but no tmy cup of tea this time
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Sentience just plays psy that's accesible for people who've come from listening to trance or hard-trance. Tunes by the likes of Astrix.

J00F would have been nice, but such is life. I'll be dropping down to support the sound.
Sinister Sequence
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yeah, should be the HAWT! :m:
:arrow: looking forward to this

S.e.t.h. should "kane" it :wink:
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Sinister Sequence wrote :
yeah, should be the HAWT! :m:
:arrow: looking forward to this

S.e.t.h. should "kane" it :wink:

S.E.T.H will play a few DJ tracks too.

keep the glow sticks twirling and jeannie from trumping my legendary shit sound.

contact us for a few tix if ya want em.
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looks the goods good luck with it
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Anyone got set times?
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