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To welcome another year of creation and collaboration at the Dragon Dreaming Festival(viewtopic.php?f=3&t=14916).

We welcome you to be part of the build up to what was a stand out event in 2008.(viewtopic.php?f=4&t=13457)

Come along to Hermans bar on the 4th of September - One full month away from the event and count down the days to this interactive, creative and fun festival.


Will present some of the best talent in our region including 4 Live artists - :

Merkaba (live - Southern Highlands)
Fracas (live- Sydney)
Wunpointzero (live- Canberra)
Aneurysm (live- Canberra)
Eukali (Canberra)
Paprikas (Sydney)

Doors open: 9:30pm – and the action starts then.
Tickets :
$15 at the door (and only sold there)
$5 with purchase of Dragon Dreaming Ticket (and for those current ticket holders – present your ticket on arrival for the same privilege)

Production : REGEN, EPP and SOS

More details to be released soon.
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Hey hey.. looking forward to this :-)
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By golly yes :mrgreen:

If eppr album launch on Sat was anything to go by, this is going to be one hell of a party... Yeeeah :howaboutit:
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oh no!! :( don't tell me I'm going to miss this!! damn!!

i get back from Europe @ 7pm the following night..

(haha.. please let me know if it gets delayed at all.. I'd love to come!)

I'm sure it will be a great night!! :)
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Will do Bindi.

Happy travels to ya.

Come back to us safe and with big smiles.
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Nice work team...I can't wait for the festival, so if I'm in town I'll defintiely come along for the launch.

Looking forward to hearing the lineup for the launch and the big one in October!!
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bring it on !!!
~Wicked Angel~
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Ticked bought ... sweet :D even have the week off around these days.... nice to finally have some paid holidays coming up :D
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How bout some set times...........

Set times:

9:00-10pm : Paprikas

10pm-11pm : Wunpointzero [LIVE]

11pm-12pm : Eukalii

12pm - 1am: Merkaba [LIVE]

1am - 2am: Fracas [LIVE]

2am - 3am: Aneurysm [LIVE]
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yay to all that
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Hi All.....

Due to venue created time issues.

We have reluctantly had to start the gig a little later.

Causing us to pull Paprikas off the menu.

A shame, as he had some delights for us. Anyway, he'll be back for the next gig...thats right the actual Dragon dreaming Festival - in one month.

That said.....the rest of the gang will continue to serve up some corkers for your listening and dancing pleasure.

Start time has changed now to 10pm.

Be sharp, don't be late.

Happy days

Dragon Dreaming Crew.
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That was heaps of fun, thanks guys :dj:
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