Rhythmic Earth 2010 ~ Easter Fri 2nd - Sun 4th April

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Can't wait for this.

Any idea if this will carry on into the Monday? Or will it be finishing on the Sunday afternoon?
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i r cut off the flier :(
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blinja wrote :
i r cut off the flier :(

Are u "Space Channel5"?

It was hard to fit everyone on there. Its fixed now. :D
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Oi, Shifties!

I don't use the handle 'Brains' when I'm doin' the music. My chill handle is "Psymbiensis" (which is the name of my chill radio stream too). Wanna fix that? Ta, you're a toff.
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:lol: that will be change on the fliers brains!!!
getting closeeeeeeee now .....cant wait to see u n hear u plays your sounds :mrgreen:
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I WILL BE going to this , question , will this one be at the same venue as in the photos?

Gather The Tribes and lets explore space. :alien: :dj:
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Sorry to ask again, any word on tix yet?

Or is the gate price going to be the same as any b4 tix you sell?

Thanks in advance, Namaste :) xxoo
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Trip_Stalker wrote :
I WILL BE going to this , question , will this one be at the same venue as in the photos?

Gather The Tribes and lets explore space. :alien: :dj:

nah!!!! ....this year will be super greeny new site , closer to sydney !!!! ......and the tickets are on it way ....
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Presales $65
$90 on the gate

Presale tickets are available for purchase through our paypal account at http://www.paypal.com
Pay to shapeshftrs@gmail.com and please be sure to check your postal address is the correct so that we can be sure they come to you! If anyone has any problems with this please email us.

Directions will be sent by email and through the Rhythmic Earth facebook event. So if you are not on either list please email us with directions in title so we can add you to the list. Directions will be mailed out on the Thursday. We will be using a new site, unused before, 2 hours from Sydney.

Set times soon :bonfire:

email: shapeshftrs@gmail.com
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$90 !!!!!
That is a pricey little shindig!
I think that is a very high door cost for a line up like this.

Just sayin is all....
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As an organizer we always have a millions thinking of what is apporpriated .. This year we found it very hard to find The site that can provide all of us peace of mind. N to be able to spend n enjoy 3 n possibly 4 days in the forest , if 1 nite party is totally different story !!! Also every tickets pay some of the money will be donating to the Shakti project ( school in India ) to help our third world borthers n sisters to rise for more opportunity in life !!! So yeh unfortunately 90 $ !!! So grab ur presale mates!!!;)
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Satori wrote :
$90 !!!!!
That is a pricey little shindig!
I think that is a very high door cost for a line up like this.

Just sayin is all....

Sorry you feel the lineup is what dictates the ticket price of an event. Presales this year are actually less than they were last year. We hope that the balance of fair trade will give a more positive option on those that might have difficulty meeting the gate fee.

We hope people can understand that Rhythmic Earth 2010 is more than double the budget of last 2009. This is due to expanding on where we felt the event could be improved on from last year. As well as adding some extra interstater producers to the lineup. The addition of a second stage and healing space we felt sure would be appreciated too!

We still have some need for people to volunteer for free entry with waste/recycling management.
Also reminder if anyone wants to do a market stall then YAY. Anyone have any workshops to contribute is also welcomed.

For every paid entry we will contribute $2.00 of this to the Shakti Project http://www.shakti-streetkids-pushkar.org/ Hoping to raise at least $1000 to donate :atom:
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Key To The Gate
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Me and a friend will need to hitch a ride. Does anyone live near or in the Hornsby shire area that can give us a lift? We will pitch in money for petrol!
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hmmm i wonder if theres a good free party alternative this weekend ???????
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f**k yeah! the lineups a kilah! they'll rock the pants out of me...can't wait :killah:
Shapeshifters wrote :
Hello! :wave:

Shapeshifters is now rolling along with excitement for Rhythmic Earth 2010!

We are working on something just a little more evolved from what we created last year, as it should be. Our focus is of course on programming a magical and fun experience on the dancefloor. ALSO though this year we will improve on other asoects of festival atmosphere... after all we do have an entire long weekend to be taken advantage of right>!<


................ . . . . . . . . . . RHYTHMIC EARTH 2010 . . . . . . . . . . .................

Far East Ghost (Triplag Music; Japan)
Takeomi is the globe-trotting Tokyo-based artist behind the Far East Ghost project who embodies the Japanese psychedelic sound through his deep yet hardcore music production.
After releasing his debut album "Welcome to Psychedelic Hell" in spring 2007 from Trip Records, he completed a smashing Japan tour, joined Triplag Music and Kabrathor Music as an official label artist, and blitzed through a successful European tour in the winter of that same year.
In addition Takeomi has contributed to releases from Manic Dragon, Kagdila Records, Amibivalent Records, Last Possible Solution and a number of other leading international and domestic labels.
In 2008 following the closure of Kabrathor Records he joined the new label 2to6 Records, founded by friends Electrypnose and Baphomet Engine.
He has been working on collaborations with acclaimed Japanese artists Savage Scream as Diablos and with Noise Gust as Mephisto and released a triple split album including Diablos, Mephisto, and Baal, titled "Lords of Destruction" from Triplag Music on Sep/2008.

Positive Thought (UP Records; NNSW)
Positive Thought is a regular guy making not so regular sounds into music. With a worthy history of writing psytrance as a member of Electroholics in Northern NSW, he is now writing his own tunes. His sounds is clean, tight, rounded, fluid morning psytrance. Positive Thought is a versatile producer with many projects of varied styles from progressive psy to glitch tech. A true Australian note of purity is positive Thought.

Yeti (UP Records; Solar records - NNSW)
After mastering his production technique with his previous project Electroholics and current psytrance project Positive Thought, Yeti has expanded upon progressive psytrance with a clean Northern NSW edge. Yeti floats through the dancefloor echoing Australia's bush doof groove.

Sunrunner (Electric Power Pole Records; Wollongong)
Sunrunner was born from a blazing ray of sunshine that burst through a legion of puffy white clouds one sunny Australian afternoon in November. Starting out as a small ball of light, Sunrunner eventually became more of a consciousness and acquired some technology to start working on music. After many nights of producing random blips and beeps, things started to sound a little less like a computer shorting out and more like a piece of electronic music.
Combining trippy sounds, lush pads, emotive melodies and percussion, Sunrunner’s sound is reminiscent of the Australian bush and outback on a slightly psychedelic afternoon. His music has been heard around parts of Australia and as far abroad as Finland and Japan.

Autonomech (Zenon Records; Melbourne)
One of Zenons most talented and original artists, Autonomech has spent the past few years developing his own unique approach to Psychedelic music while also reflecting the definitive sound that has made Zenon a world renowned label. Creating a spacious sound collage of organic fx and creative synthesis, Autonomech seamlessly melds genres such as Trance, Jazz, Breaks, Dubstep, Glitch and many more. Autonomech focuses on a sound diverse and refreshingly experimental yet accessible and dance floor friendly.
Autonomech has played his creations live at Australia's best psychedelic music events and festivals such as Rainbow Serpent Festival, Cairns Winter Solstice, Earth Dance, Secret Sessions, Exodus and many more.

Faeorin (Highly Evolved Records/Headstick Digital; Melbourne)
Faeorin is the coming together of the two ends of the earth. Javier Ponce Alvarez (aka Chwen) is a Mexican DJ and sound engineer who is well known for magical, mind-blowing psytrance and progressive sets. His partner, Jess Stafford has grown up playing a swath of different instruments and reveling in jazz, rock, folk, blues, pop, world music and any other strange acoustic sounds that tickle her fancy. They met and fell madly in love in Mexico in 2006 and in 2008 created their project Faeorin to encompass both their firm belief in the magical and the surreal, and their love of music in all its multifaceted brilliance. Since their live debut at Ostara Festival in September 2008, Faeorin have had fantastic support from the Australian electronic music scene with bookings both throughout Victoria and interstate.

Pspiralife (Zenon Records; Hobart)
Around early 2006 Shayne was introduced to psychedelic trance by a friend and fell in love with the scene immediately. Soon after he attended a doof in Hobart with some friends for the first time and was converted to electronic music overnight. From here Shayne was roped into finding better and better sounding psychedelic trance to fine-tune exactly what it was that fulfilled him musically more than ever before. This has since evolved into performing dj sets as “Shammie”, show casing his favorite tracks from the full on – melodic and deep psy-gressive styles within the genre. Electronic music production is now something that has become a new passion for Shayne through experimenting with the genre. The complete control and intricate detail that can be achieved fulfils him musically more than past musical projects.

Spyrallus (Bom Shanka Music; Brisbane)
Spyrallus grew up on the earthen dance floor, in the lush forested hills near Byron Bay, Australia. After moving north to study Sound Design he became involved with organizing parties and DJing in the local area with the Timelapse crew. Drawing on inspiration derived from the trance floors of Australia and around the world, Spyrallus has used musical expression as his creative output. Stirring the melting pot of expansive timbral leads, quirky sounds and thunderous basslines Spyrallus creates a fine balance between noise and melody as he forges his own style of high energy, fast and furious psychedelic night music.

Circuit Bent (Diskonektor Records; Melbourne)
Traditionally known for glitched breaks with a techy edge... yes. For Rhythmic Earth all of this will be evolved within a progressive yet techno spiced groove.. 4 on the floor*** with a subtle taste of glitch to keep it psychedelic right? Hell yea <3
Eli and Jesse were manufactured inside the bowels of a top secret laboratory for the purpose of being super soldiers hell bent on world domination. After the mad scientists realized the true nature of the monsters they had created they tried to destroy the foul creatures they had spawned but were overwhelmed by the sonic insanity and bled to death from their ears. To this day the location of Eli and Jess is unknown, but their presence on the internet is evidence that the world is still not safe from the global menace lurking around the corner.

Throbgoblin (Newcastle)
Produces squelchtech-electro music , digi-dub , downtempo/atmospheric and also(occaisionally) DJs as Throbgoblin and Veil. Throbgoblin will be playing both a breaks AND a Vei chill set at Rhythmic Earth <3

Merkaba (Zenon Records; Southern Highlands NSW)
From the depths of a valley in the Southern Highlands of NSW comes Merkaba, a deep progressive project from Elliot Wilmot. From jamming out as a drummer to spinning hip hop and breakbeats for 6 years Elliot has always had a healthy relationship with music. In 2004 he decided to have a go at making his own deliciously phat beats, however, it wasn't until Jan 2007 when he found himself barefoot in the Aussie bush in front of some monster speaker stacks that he realized his ultimate musical direction. The Doof had changed him forever! With a focus on positive and healing vibrations Merkaba combines deep basslines with lush melodies, tribal percussion and a focus on an overall 'organic' sound. Prepare for a vibrational journey that connects the mind, heart, body, and Dancefloor!

Third Drop Reflection (EPP Records; Sydney)
Barry Anthony Tukonic was born in a small town in central Europe, then raised In Hamburg Germany until his family moved to Sydney Australia. In the year 2000 Barry founded Doofpix.com and also his Dj career as "SurReal" playing along side greats like Richard Ahlberg and Infected Mushroom amongst others. In 2002, Barry Anthony joined Rez Khan ( Dreamthief ) and began Producing in Studio Viv-Vid as "Locrian" which quickly brought them both into the limelight after playing Live along side Fractal Glider, Ticon and then Live support for Logic Bomb. 2003 enticed The birth of "Third Drop Reflection" A few years in the passing, Third Drop Reflection had a healthy amount of live gigs in Australia and Overseas supporting international producers and Dj's, two compilation releases and an album Realization on Electric Power Pole Records. Third Drop Reflection is evolved psychedelic and melodic morning psytrance.
http://www.saikosounds.com/english/disp ... sp?id=7147

Onda (R.E.G.E.N. Records; Sydney)
ONDA is.... the duo creation founded in the latin climes of Argentina. Two friends whose ideas mesh to create deep and twisting full-on psychedelic morning sounds. They are the combination of established Australian artists A'kin and Thermohaline. ONDA is a recipe that was brewed on a surfing safari along the Uruguayan coast: 2 cups of phat bass, an ounce of driving beats, 3 spoons of psychedelic melodies and a pinch of twisted ear-tweaking chaos. A phat combination that will definitely lift the atmosphere of any dance floor. Buena onda!

Daheen (R.E.G.E.N. Records; Sydney)
The Daheen psytrance experience is something to behold. He has aimed to create a distinctive style, fusing sounds and melodies to tell a story or convey a concept, as well as providing a stomping good dance. He incorporates many samples from the real world. His unique live set has to be seen to be believed. Entertaining, comical, bizarre, and a great dance. Daheen has been showcasing his live performance up and down the east coast of Australia as well as recent performances in the UK and on the European festival circuit. Recent releases include 'Direct flight' - a track with Psyboriginal on his album "Unleashed", and 'Regrowth' - from the debut REGEN Records compilation "Tree Dimensional". Stay tuned for the Daheen full length psytrance album coming soon.

Wunpointzero (Canberra)
Onepointzero, An archaic prototype version one sentient sonic wave generator and interface unit. Found in stasis by a deep space salvage crew some time in the 21st century. Estimated cira 2001. Little is known of this unit though, it is believed to have originated as a bass and keyboard player in various punk and industrial metal bands in 90's, the unit underwent many custom modifications while exploring the sonic possibilities of electronic music. From industrial powernoise to techno to hardhouse, Onepointzero has constantly been evolving. Sometime in the early 00's onepointzero was exposed to psychedelic culture and was instantly transformed. from that point on the unit began to make a psychedelic music hybrid borderlining on Progessive psytrance and psychedelic techno heavily influenced from tribal psychedelic experiences, life, the universe, and everything.

Loom (Melbourne)
LOOM is the new minimal techno project of progressive duo Faeorin. Launched in 2009 Loom has already been approached by international labels for upcoming releases. The influences of jazz and thgeir accoustic music experience can be heard making Loom a subtly unique and interesting project.

Kalya Scintilla http://www.myspace.com/kalyascintilla
Another project of the ever evolving talent Merkaba. Sound like: Dripping thick molasses over a tabla, a journey through an enchanted forest, the soundtrack to an epic dream scape. Aladdin vs Alibaba in a break dance face off. Heaven meets earth channeled through speakers. Since the dawn of this project Kalya Scintilla has progressed to another level.

Serotone (Chunk Junky Records; Newcastle) http://www.myspace.com/serotonebeats
Serotone is 25yo Ben Coleman from Newcastle, NSW, Australia.
After a few years of studying technical production, and djing in the Sydney/Newcastle scene since 2004, he decided to make his own psychedelic journeys.. In 2009 he has played many live sets around NSW with great reviews. His music could be described as, twisted, quirky sounds with chunky basslines and a dash of Phatness.



Widespread w/ Meltdown (live)
Veil (live)
Ritchie Jay
Jeannie vs Cuzzy
Solar Records
Solar Spiral
Leeroy vs Superbeast our most loved heebie jeebie gypsies


we are all monkeys :howaboutit:

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Ugly Bunyip
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mrbadgerman wrote :
hmmm i wonder if theres a good free party alternative this weekend ???????

Have some common courtesy dude. You might not want to go, but to make a comment like that on the thread promoting the event is just rude.
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mrbadgerman wrote :
hmmm i wonder if theres a good free party alternative this weekend ???????

Actually there is. Its called "Slap on the Forehead", which is what you'll be doing if you miss Rhythmic Earth.

Now back to regular programming :rainbow:
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Will there be some Nakid Hippy Mud Orgy Action like at Confest?
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What will the facilities be like at the new site?
Porta-potties? A hole in the ground?!
And the road/track in and out?

Is there any swimming area?

Can't wait! :clap:
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The road is not too bad. It's well drained so will be decent to drive on even if it rains. Which it won't :hmm: The dirt section of road is a winding bush road which will need extra care on blind corners. So remember to stick to your left! There will be oncoming traffic. There is a few bumpy/rocky sections but we drove teeny Japanese make car out and it was cruising fine, just have to take it easy on bumpy parts.

There will be portaloo's.

Unfortunately we don't have river access but we are working on setting a few solar showers up for a quick rinse.


Bring as much as you can. There will be water on site for us but with showering and drinking and toilets we need to be conservative and self providing where possible please.

There will be a few food/snack stalls for munchies available but it's still good to be prepared :0)

BRING HAT WARM CLOTHES it will get a lot colder at night.

Plenty of camping and parking space for everyone, so bring your whole set up hippies, we are in for a big weekend!
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Hope i'm not offending anyone here, as I honestly don'y mean to. But what makes this doof worth $90?
A few food stalls, one international, and a couple of camp showers hung from trees? Or will it be more than that?
I really want to go but I want to know it's going to be worth it.
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oh yeh!! thats hurt :D oh yeh offending me harshly ...but never mind ......I feel bit sad tho !!!
that u r so worry bout worth it or not of coming to Rhythmic earth ....i guess everyone satisfactions is totally different levels ......and it is yours opinions n decisions ...think u have to think for yourself .... whos going to help ??? :shock:

.. but if u really really want to know why 90$ pass on your no..??? i will explain to u myself ...
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I'd actually prefer to discuss our reasons to peoples one to one. Hiding behind the internet makes being a tool to easy. Speaking without thought. Rory does not do Rhythmic Earth, does not know anything about it. Was not at last years and has no concept of what it costs all people involved in doing such an event. I think the difference is we try to make it sustainable. So everyone get's paid fairly and the promoters go home without increased debt.

Last year when Pawana and myself, mrs Nezbit did Rhythmic Earth we had a mission and it was to pay everyone for their efforts. All Djs and Live acts were paid, if anyone wasn't then dang I just lied. In fact I paid all Djs more than ANY promoter has ever paid me before. Which isn't too hard as I am sure many of you would agree.

Well last year was a pretty good doof for our first. This year we wanted to expand a bit more, try to add what we felt was missing last year. That along with MANY other increases in fees from other people involved AND an extra four flights to cover along with the artists fees...well now i just feel like i am stating the obvious so enough is enough.

So with that I'll just add...

>>>>>>> TICKETS ARE ACTUALLY $65 <<<<<<<

$65 tickets can be purchased through paypal. Pay to shapeshifters@gmail.com and PLEASE check your postal address is current so they find you! www.paypal.com

Presales will be available until Tues 30th March. If you have trouble with purchasing tickets email us at shapeshftrs@gmail.com and we'll sort you out no probs :0)

I'll be at the REGEN Records CD Launch at the Marrickville Bowling Club on Saturday, will have some presales there.

It is true that entry paid @ the tree will be $90 so make an effort to nab the presale folks !
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