Bent Perception 16-18th Apr 2010..BROKEN TOY & DELIRIANT

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Bent Perception 2010
Brought to you by Lucid visions and the NPC

BROKEN TOY (Alchemy records-South Africa)
DELIRIANT (Nexus media-South Africa)
NESONO (South Africa)
SENSIENT (Zenon records-Melb)
ONE TASTY MORSEL (Zenon records-Cairns)
TETRAMETH (Zenon records-Melb)
GROUCH (Zenon & Up records)-New Zealand
QUENCH (Up records)-Tasmania
TERRAFRACTYL (Sundance records)-Melb
THE MOLLUSK (Omelette records)-Melb
MERKABA (Zenon records)-Sydney
CIRCUIT BENT (Diskonekta records)-Melb
HEDONIX (E.P.P)-Sydney
ELECTROCADO (Up records)-Sydney
SOUNDWAVE (3rd Eye)-Byron Bay
DISLEX6 (Fish & Trips records)-Melb
MEATAXE (Zenon records)-Melb
DAHEEN (regen recs)

Paul Abad (Open records)
Alex (Up records)
Simon (Mechanical dragon records)
Agent 23 (Illuminati records)
Alien Trancesistor
Bio diversity
Depth charger
Pawana vs Nezbit
Dr Bahn

BROKEN TOY Live(Alchemy records-South Africa)
Broken Toy is James Copeland , a 27 year old from Cape Town, South Africa. He has produced psytrance with a unique, twisted funk style and a wide variety of moods for the dancefloor since 2001. From full-on to electro-funk, from deep and dreamy to tribal techno. Previous musical experiences include being a guitarist and bass player in a metal band and producing as a member of the more dark/full-on project ” Damage “.

Since 2004 he was taken up as an Alchemy records artist and has gigged all over the world – Brazil, India, Russia, The UK, Canada, South Africa, Israel, Mexico, France, Spain, Austria, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Portugal, Japan and Australia. His self-titled debut album was released in May 2005 and he has just released his 2nd album, ” The Low , Down, Dirty sound of …” .

He was one of the pioneers of the Cape Town psytrance scene, producing alongside other artists from South Africa like Shift, Artifakt, Protoculture and Phyx. Since those early days a lot has changed, but the idea is still the same – Keep the dancefloor rocking and the party-people entertained. So expect the Broken Toy to keep bringing the noise to all the girls and boys!

DELIRIANT Live (Nexus Media-South Africa)
Deliriant is the solo project of Shane Renew, 22, from South Africa.
Shane had his first introduction to music at age 6, when he learned to play piano. At age 13 he began DJing, playing many styles from hard house to drum & bass.
In 2004 Shane moved to Cape Town, which is renowned for it’s epic psytrance scene, and he immediately knew that he wanted to produce and DJ at these parties. He started playing at several psytrance nights around Cape Town, and became a label DJ with Beartrap outdoor parties.
His first major gig was Vortex/Alien Safari New Years Eve party, Prism in 2006/7 playing alongside Black & White. Since then he has played at many major events featuring international artists such as Azax Syndrom, Phatmatix, Menog, B55, Domestic, Hyperfrequencies, and many more.

In early 2007 Shane sold his first track ‘Fusion’, due to be released on Nexus Media's various artists compilation "Midnight Storm 3". He plans to release a multitude of singles on various labels as well as releasing his debut album with Nexus Media, to which he has recently signed.
In 2007 he qualified as an advanced sound engineer, which has no doubt set a high standard for his production. The Deliriant sound is hard and driving, but still maintains a melodic feel. It is intelligent in structure, and contains minimalist elements of glitch and techno. Expect dark atmospheres, powerful leads, intense breakdowns and an always solid groove.

NESONO Live (South Africa)
Hi, My name is James Copeland. I..m an electronic musician most well known for my psytrance work as Broken Toy. Having come on in my years a bit, I find myself less inspired to work in the +140BPM range. Most mornings, i wake up and prefer to express myself in the slower, more techy styles and find tasty little grooves more suited to the pace of my daily life. So far, this has lead to something with the groove of minimal techno but with large dirty basslines inspired by the huge kind of asses you see on the streets of Cape Town. But its not all about dirt and fatness ( ???) - its about exploring the possibilities of rhythms and yummy beats and supplying this to people who enjoy getting down to something with a bit more sultry flavour who might then be persuaded to bust out, shake that shit and hopefully get laid afterwards. It would be my pleasure to facilitate this process

Nesono is the brand new shuffletronic electriminal project of 29 year old James Copeland from Cape Town, South Africa. No stranger to the dance music scene, he has toured the world with his psytrance project Broken Toy for over 6 years playing some of the biggest festivals in the world and rocking parties in over 20 countries with his high-octane twisted funky beats. Two albums and over 70 tracks later, it was time for new challenges and fresh grooves... Nesono, the Xhosa( African Tribe) word for cheeky/sinful, represents an African approach to techno- inspired dance music. The sounds of electro, tech house, minimal, and progressive, all blend into a futuristic tribal groove of big grinding bass and dirty beats. Not afraid of epic builds, sneaky drops and pushing the limits, expect a dance floor experience from mild to wild that will tweak your mind and rock your body.

GROUCH Live (Zenon & Up records-NZ)
Grouch is 23yr old Oscar, creating from Wellington, New Zealand. Producing his own tunes across many genre since the age of 16, he has been creating his own electronic vibe within NZ's Outdoor Dance Party scene for the last 2yrs.

After meeting Cosmic Conspiracy Records (CCR) around 2006, Grouch was thrown in the deep end to a range of new inspiration, and experienced a shift in focus to a more tech sound, as he began to frolick in realms of inter-dimensionality within the Trance conciousness.

Grouch plays a unique style across the board of Trance and Dub, encompassing many different techniques of other electronic genre. He has developed a fast growing following, across NZ and Australia, who readily get on the dance floor and stomp to their hearts content to squelchy deep root connecting basslines.

SENSIENT Live (Zenon records-Melb)
Sensient is Tim Larner, from Melbourne, Australia. The Sensient sound ranges from dark minimal, to deep tech-trance, to funky minimal, to smooth morning progressive, but always with a psychedelic bent and an increasing emphasis on pure musicality. Offering deep, intelligent music whilst maintaining the dance floor factor, Sensient absorbs the influence of many other musical styles (minimal, breaks, glitch, jazz fusion etc.) and incorporates them into his productions. He has played worldwide at some of the biggest festivals including Boom, Voov, Universo Parallelo, Rainbow Serpent and Fusion. He has released three solo albums plus many compilations tracks. He is also the owner and manager of Zenon Records, one of the most respected minimal/progressive labels around.

TETRAMETH Live (Zenon records-Melb)
“A fresh breath of intelligently orchestrated brain food.” TETRAMETH- Is the brain child of Melbourne based musician/Back-Yard scientist Peter Hayes. His laboratory is located in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Peter has been working in the laboratory since 2003, cooking a potent brew of eclectic psychedelic progressive. Mastering the art of music & several instruments growing up, making the shift from playing/touring in bands, to writing and producing a studio was an inevitable and easy transition. Tetrameth's sound has been described as "An extremely original concoction of everything." Cleverly constructed progressive psy-trance with an unmistakably organic undertone. The end result is a beast of its own. Peter is a graduated musician, with a diploma in contemporary music, & majored on guitar at the "Conservatorium of Music". Playing/touring in bands for several years, Peter is producing psy trance at a world-class level, truly pushing and surpassing boundaries previously set within the genre. Tetrameth's releases include:

TERRAFRACTYL Live (Sundance records-Melb)
In the dark forests of Tasmania in the mid 90's Felix Greenlees discovered the wild sounds of Goa trance and was instantly captivated. After a few years of unsuccessfully trying to make anything like it, he got distracted studying and playing classical music.
Now with his feet planted firmly back in the realms of psychedelia, Felix has been playing at parties all around Australia, whipping party goers into a frenzy on the dancefloor and has shared the stage with the likes of U-Recken, Penta, Perfect Stranger, Kindzadza, Loud, Shift, Cosm, Neuromotor, Bufo and Tsabeat just to name a few
Being trained as a bassoon player and with years of experience writing and performing music, has brought many different influences to his music. Classical, blues, jazz, breaks and many more are all infused into a distinctly melodic, uplifting and psychedelic morning trance. His interest in chaos theory, fractal artwork and sacred geometry has also shaped his music heavily over the past few years.
Felix also writes downbeat music with David Kastner as 'Mental Extensions', some very wacky trance with Launchpad and Positive Thought as 'Free Standing Pickles', has written some extreme groove inducing trance with Quench. Most recently, Felix has recently started writing strange psychedelic breaks under the name Hypnagog
He has released tracks on Sundance, Vertigo, Psypneumatix, Regen and Adapted records, you should also expect to see his debut album 'Chrysalis' out very soon on Sundance records

ONE TASTY MORSEL Live (Zenon records-Cairns)
OneTastyMorsel is the solo project of 22 year old Paul VanMorsel hailing from the hills of FNQ Australia. The project kicked off in early 2005 after a passion to express his musical views could not be found as an artist within the live band scene. Drawing influence from many forms of music and combining an eclectic taste in electronica with a passion for minimal psychadelic trance, the OneTastyMorsel sound lies somewhere in the middle grounds of Sensient,Autonomech and Krumelur. "OneTastyMorsel, Have you had yours yet"

CIRCUIT BENT Live (Diskonekta records-Melb)
Eli and Jesse were manufactured inside the bowels of a top secret laboratory for the purpose of being super soldiers hell bent on world domination. After the mad scientists realized the true nature of the monsters they had created they tried to destroy the foul creatures they had spawned but were overwhelmed by the sonic insanity and bled to death from their ears. To this day the location of Eli and Jess is unknown, but their presence on the internet is evidence that the world is still not safe from the global menace lurking around the corner.

THE MOLLUSK Live (Omelette records-Melb)
The Mollusk aka Shane Vigo started back in 2007 as a solo project. At the beginning of his carrier he was mainly composing down tempo music but has strayed away from the more ambient style and started to experiment with a glitchy upbeat dance vibe, taking inspiration from 70's Funk, Disco, Electro, dub-step and just about everything else! In more recent years The Mollusk has been churning out funky, dynamic, animated beats with his Debut release "Sea Food" becoming an instant hit and immediately topping the addictech charts. He has played at such party's as Renaissance, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Winter Solstice, Ostara Festival and much more.
The Mollusk is now working on his 2nd project with the likes of: Vibesquad (USA), Opiuo (NZ), Mr Roger's (USA), SpoonBill (OZ), Ben Samples (USA) and more to be announced!. Unlike a remix album or compilation all tracks on the next release will be "The Mollusk" collaborating with each of the artist involved!

Jigsaw is Tom Crossley: musician, producer and psychedelic adventurer.Based in melbourne, he frequently plays at parties, festivals and clubs in melbourne and up the east coast of Australia. With releases on sundance and vertigo records, Jigsaw has been writing electronic music for more than 8 years, and played at many parties big and small. Jigsaw's taste for eclectic soundscapes and quirky structures makes his music interesting and different, and allow complete freedom for unique ideas to flow into each track. Music for the head, as well as the legs, Jigsaw holds onto the concept of originality while still endorsing the familiar elements of groove and funk. Very much it's own flavour, Jigsaw is a constantly evolving sound that is both progressive and psychedelic.

HEDONIX Live (E.P.P-Sydney)
Hedonix are Rob and Steve, two discordian popes hailing from Sydney, Australia. They have been producing music together since 2001 and have had releases on Electric Power Pole Records (Australia) and Cosmic Conspiracy Records (New Zealand). The music which Hedonix produce is a direct reflection on their personalities in that it is funky, quirky and fun. They tend not to limit themselves to any particular genre of psychedelic trance but set out to combine the best elements of all the styles and other electronic music genres while making sure to keep each track groovy, twisted and full of surpises.
Hedonix are conduits of what Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson christened the head revolution: Hedonic Engineering And Development. Anyone who learns how to push his or her own buttons, debug old and obsolete programs, re-program and meta-program his or her own imprinted and conditioned circuitry, can then make a quantam jump in neural efficiency. Higher intelligence, greater emotional equilibrium, acceleration of change and growth, intensification of experienced time, are just some of the ammusing and instructive programs possible. We can all learn to use our brains for fun and profit. in that case, we can all become members of the illuminati - self programmers, co-creators of our own reality.

DISLEX6 Live (Fish & Trips records-Melb)
DisleX6 is a collaboration of two uncanny geniuses knocking there heads together in pursuit of psychodelic shredder mash, More commonly known as psy-trance.In the short time these boys have been play'n live they have already played along siide act's such as Principles of flight, Ankur, Dj noa zoe, Illegal machines, Zen Mechanics, Sinister sequince, Terrafractyl, Reality Pixie, Positive Thought, Jigsaw, Circuit Bent, Spoon Bill, Senseint, Tristan Boyle +many more.....These guys have a unique style bring'n melody into speeds of 160bpm smashed out with pump'n basslines, twisted synths and quirky samples/effects "If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough".
(Fish'n'Trips Rec/Melbs)

PAUL ABAD (open records-Brisbane)
Resident of S.E.QLD, Australia, Paul Abad has been active as a dj, promoter and producer for over 10 years. In that time his sets have explored a wide range of genres and movements in the electronic music spectrum. Paul's approach has always been to foremostly collect and play music that inspires and moves him, and to not worry about following trends or fashion in the industry.
These days it's the many flavours of techno grooves at the heart of Paul's musical activities - ranging from progressive techno, harder tribal grooves, k-house, dub-tech, voodoo tech-house and more. Ableton is the format to put it all together - multiple tracks, loops, fx, controllers .. ensuring a multi-layered, seamless and sculptural approach to mixing ... always pushing the boundaries of dj'ing.. Flow, groove, space and progression are key themes in Paul's sets, but of primary importance is the mix - recombining and layering, and responding to an audience.
As a leading exponent of these sounds within Australia, Paul has graced the mainstage of most Australian electronic music festivals - Rainbow Serpent, Cairns Winter Solstice, Earth Freq, Somatica, earl of fnord, Secret Sessions, Quantum Relic etc .. and played to audiences in all corners of the east coast of Aus.
Over the years Paul has been chosen to support acts such as Future Sound of London/Amorphous Androgynous, Tipper, Dj Krush, Monolake, Maetrik, Richard Devine, Adam Beyer, Deadbeat, Jeremy Caulfield, Mark Henning, Phoenecia, Bernd Friedman, Antix, Perfect Stranger, Tegma, Phoney Orphants, Luna Spice, Bufo, Krumeler, Kazu Kimura, Thomas Brinkman, FreQ, Aes Dana and more.
Paul is also active as a promoter having organised Subterran Landcare Parties for several years, and also as the driving force behind S.E.QLD's Earth Freq Festival. Since 2007 Paul has represented Open Records and is compiling a release with label mate Solatek, finally due for release in 2010.

Decor & lights by:

Sound by:

There will also be food and clothing stalls at this event
First Aid and security will also be on site :)

presale tickets are sold out
or it will be $70 on the door
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for artist submissions

please pm me and i will tell you were to send demo's

if anyone would like to have a stall at the event please send an email to
also if anyone would like to help out in any other way please send me an email

:D :D
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Holy crap....
fat line up
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international act will be annouced very keep posted peeps :twisted:
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absolutely staunch line up.. :D

bent perception party's have always been good ...
cant wait to see what is in stall for the special live act

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fuck that looks good. i finally get to see quench
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Line up addition:

PAUL ABAD (brisbane)
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Sweet line-up...wish i could've still been here for this.
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very happy to announce this line up addition:

Throbgoblin Live

to listen to his new tracks go to:
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Holy shit. This is awesome!
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International acts will be released very soon,
keep posted for updates
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yew yew..:)cant wait to play at this one...kv2 rigs...yummmm..:)
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BROKEN TOY Live (Alchemy records-South Africa)
DELIRIANT Live (Nexus media-South Africa)
NESONO Live (South Africa)
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Dropping the South African bombshells out of nowhere
f#@king good work Newcastle
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whats the location of the party (generally)??
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