Tipper (UK) & Spoonbill (live) - 6th of Feb 2010 SYDNEY

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Tipper (UK) & Spoonbill (live)

Saturday 6th of February 2010

Oxford Arts Factory - 8:30pm till late

R.E.G.E.N are proud to present one of the pioneers of expertly crafted, diverse electronic music. Tipper (Dave Tipper) is a well respected British producer and DJ, renound around the globe for his interest in extreme bass frequencies and intricate production. Although mostly known in the breaks scene, Tipper's musical output has diversified immensly to include a host of other styes.

Tickets on sale NOW -

Very Limited first round - $23
Second Round - $35
On the Door - $45

Beware: "Tipper WILL MOVE YOU!"

Brought to you by REGEN at the Oxford Arts Factory. Quality sound is ensured with the addition of extra subs to what is a quality in-house system.

Tipper co-founded the label Fuel Records at the age of 16, which released output from several other prominent electronic artists. At 18 he signed to Sony subsidiary label Higher Ground for his first full album release. At age 26 he signed to the prestigious L.A. based surround sound label 5.1 Entertainment,who released his first full surround sound DVD "Surrounded". He then set up his own label, Tippermusic, which specifically releases his own output.He has released 8 albums to date, as well as a host of other singles and remixes for artists such as Leftfield, Grooverider and Africa Bambaataa, to name a few.

Tipper makes music for sound systems, with a diversity that ranges from bass fuelled electro-breaks, to hip-hop, to intricately programmed downtempo, to full orchestral compositions. This music demands to be played at high volumes to unleash its lethal potential. With a musical background in classical training, and listing influences from drum & bass, to hip-hop, to electronica, Tipper has developed his own brand of devastating dancefloor creations. He is admired for being "streaks ahead," and his "expertly crafted" productions are dubbed as being "frightening yet refreshing"..."if it doesn't move you, check for a pulse."


On the 6th of February 2010, Tipper will be joined by some of our own home grown talent including:

Spoonbill (Melb-Omelette Records)

The Spoonbill project was born from an egg on a mountaintop in 2003. Since then Spoony has played countless live shows across the globe, from California's Symbiosis Festival (2005, 06, 07) to Nevada's infamous Burningman Festival (2005 & 07) to Glade Festival in the UK (2007, 08), Shambhala Festival in Canada (2007) & Fusion Festival in Germany (2008). He has enjoyed supporting and playing alongside some of his favourite peers: Amon Tobin, Tipper, Kid Koala and Bassnectar.

Recently returned from an overseas tour. The album Zoomorphic, his 2009 release, has delivered Spoonies signature quirky joy to dancefloors across the world. It’s the sort of plucky success that only comes from someone truly in love with the genre they roost in. When one indulges in repeated listenings to Spoonbill’s creations, like an aural illusion, more and more becomes apparent. It’s his level of devotion to the craft that means anyone from the casual listener to the fully-fledged sound boffin can find an abundance to satisfy their desire for original, intricate and highly listenable material.


Monk Fly (Live)
Monk Fly is a Producer, Dj and musician influenced by jazz, hip hop, dubstep, jungle, wonky beats and the sound arts. The Monk Fly sound is thus animated, diverse, bass heavy and has ened up in the record bags of some of the worlds most respected leftfield Dj's an producers.

Late 2009 sees Monk Fly solidify this International reputation with a release on reverred US label Daly City. Monk Fly's previous releases through his own label, The Frequency Lab, have had critcal acclaim.

Monk Fly, beyond producing, has long been an active player in the Australian music scene. Being a fouding member of Elefant Traks, hosting a weekly future beats radio show and also the only regular club night HEADROOM dedicated to such left-field wonky beats.

GHETTAFUNKT - Omelette Recs - NNSW


One decade ago, from the Epicentre & outdoor parties in the Byron region, Dj Ghettafunkt was born. Peta aka Ghettafunkt manoeuvres herself through a collection of phatt moments in time. Weaving a multi layered audio exploration of glitchstep, dubwobblehop & breakfunk.

Representing the glitch-hop movement in Australia with audio alliances across the globe, Ghettafunkt drops her flavour of phatt, boundary defying beats. No genre is safe from obliteration by Ghettafunkt who seeks to redefine the context and create passage for new waves of electronic music on the Australian scene.

Recently signed as label Dj for Omelette Records, Ghettafunkt has merged from the left to the even more peculiar, finding a middle ground between worlds where whomp n wobble meet. Ghettafunkt has supported and played alongside acts such as Bassnectar (USA), Heyoka (USA), Ill Gates (USA), Tsyoshi Suzuki (Japan), ReeK (Japan), Masa (Japan), Hideyo Blackmoon (Japan), Phoney Orphants (Denmark), Krumelur (Denmark), Texas Faggot (Finland), Squaremeat (Finland), Haltya (Finland), Procs (Sweden), Grapes of Wrath (Denmark) plus many more.

Bentley (Dusttones)
Bentley a.k.a. Benjamin Chinnock is a part of tribal breakbeat band Percussion Junction and is founder and resident of infamous Sydney party Dust Tones. Since 1999 he has been supporting local music through nights such as Drop, Wasabi, Vindaloops and Dust Tones.

Add to this guest appearances and support slots with the likes of internationals such as Talvin Singh, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Camille, The Nextmen, Krafty Kuts, Bassnectar, DJ Yoda, Tom Middleton, Nickodemus, Mo Horizons, All Good Funk Alliance, Fatlip, Mark Rae, Mad Professor, Boca 45, Domu, Featurecast, Ben Mono, Ursula Rucker, Panjea, Katchafire, Deekline and Wizard and The Nomad. Plus local talent such as The Presets, The Herd, Urthboy, Infusion, Kid Kenobi, Hermitude, Illy, Phrase, Koolsim, Sonic Animation, Katalyst, Hermitude, Dexter, Soma Rosa, Rhibosome, Bass Kelph, Ajax, The Bird, Skin, Blue Juice, Entropic, The Tongue, Diafrix, Circle Of Rhythm, Tijuana Cartel, and deepchild.

It doesn’t seem to matter where he plays - Bentley’s ability to read a crowd and deliver a dance floor friendly set is always evident. With one set never being the same Bentley refuses to be pigeonholed into any one genre. Crossing everything from Beats to Breaks, Global to Funk, hip hop to dancehall, drum n bass to reggae, Soul Jazz to Dub, as long as its quality, Bentley can be found playing it.

Dj Paul Fraser
Paul Fraser alongside DJ Farj started Garage Pressure early in January 1999 as a collective of underground DJs dedicated to raising the profile of UKG down under. Their radio program 'The Garage Pressure Show' has been broadcasting since 2000, with programs on stations such as Rhythm FM, Radio Dex and Groove FM. The duo currently hold a residency at FBi on Friday nights 9-11pm.

In his short DJ career Paul Fraser has held up residencies at Home Nightclub, The Slipp Inn and Premium, not of mention a host of guest and support slots around Sydney. Interstate sets have seen Paul play across the country with visits to Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and regular trips north of the boarder to Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Within the past seven years he has been booked to play at a whole host of events alongside some of the biggest names in the business.


The solo project of bumble is a hive of audio vibrations set into the air by an infatuation of audio play and music composition. It is the reflection of nature that constantly surrounds bumble on flights and the soundtracks to his often hermitudinal life (much to do in the hive). People know bumble as max.
After coming to the psychedelic fray in 1998 the driving power of stomach rumbling bass wobbling- heavily psychedelic music has captured his creative attention.
Creating sonically diverse music within software platforms, the unifying theme reflects nature, experience, perception and aspires to spark connection.
Max has been playing live bass-heavy, up-beat and down-beat creations in NSW, Victoria and Queensland (and recently in BA, Argentina) since the beginning of 2006. Recently playing mainstage at both the 2009 Tribeadelic and Cairns Winter Solstice Festivals. Max finds much pleasure in honestly recreating his music in a live context through playing in live synth and continually adding and filtering elements on the fly.


And to round the evening off in solid psychedelic wobble - DEEP CYCLE (Figure8)

Stay tuned - Get Your Tickets and Count the Days
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shiv me! that's farking awesome!
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Thats pretty fkn cool...
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(think I'm going to need a pa to help organise all the goodness I want to see this summer)
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fuck to the yes!

nice one regen :D
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:killah: WIKID :killah:

Big upz to Regen :wink:
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Hooray!!! i dont have to pay 200 for a rainbow ticket to see mr tipper :D

same wknd as the genesis doof though :(
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Slink wrote :
same wknd as the genesis doof though :(

this dawned on me today also:(

we need a mega rapid mode of transport so we can do both.

perhaps one of the planes they used in xmen. Or gi joe?
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Good news on Tipper in Sydney!

Think Im going to go up to Earthfreq to catch him outdoors.
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Yes it is very exciting. And alas a date clash is also a little annoying. Just to clarify, this was the only date availiable for Tipper to match a solid Sydney venue. And the Oxford Arts Factory certainly delivers....

Our apologies have already been extended to the Genisis crew. And to everyone torn between both, sorry.... we reccomend hitching a lift with Stevo in his super fast, low emission car.

That aside, YAY for Tipper and Spoony!

More info to be released soon.

Cheap tickets on sale by December 1.

Happy days
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traveller wrote :
fuck to the yes!

nice one regen :D

Quoted for truth.

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is a pity about the date but oh wells :(
Bizzy B
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yes. tipper is my fav artist hands down! cant belive i get to see him twice. BEST SUMMER EVAR.
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wow,it was not that long ago breaks was 'highly forbidden' on pain of a big drearey nagging at!
am i on the site i think iam on?
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does anyone know of a good website or store to purchase a hard copy of any Tippers albums?
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pulled out my old tipper records mad mashed up frequencies :killah: bring it on!!!!!
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cheebaholic wrote :
does anyone know of a good website or store to purchase a hard copy of any Tippers albums?

http://tippermusic.addictech.com/ :)
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Exciting stuff. Been keen 2 c Tipper for a while now, n Spoony always deliverz...
Friggn WOOoOooOOt!!

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Thanks Bindi for answering that one.

And also, see additions.....mmmmm.......

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Also note well:

First round tickets are cheap.

Get in soon....or they be gone.

Happy days peoples
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