Anamnesis Engine feat. PSYKOVSKY [live] - 22 May

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DARK at the sun light ??? THE DREAM COME TRUE hahahaha. :killah:

Still looking for a lift, anybody out there with a spare seat ??? Please help I don´t wanna miss this one !
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Are we talking North, South, or West from Sydney for this?? or perhaps even East.... :shock:
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Extreme sunrise! Good works mehms
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Looks killer bro, have an awesome weekend dude and good luck, sorry i won't be there...... :killah:

You've waited a long time for this
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argh you bitches! this'll be off the hook!

alas i cannot make it either:(

best of luck memski and gang, from the reviews of psykovsky on oztrance, there'll quite a few minds melting on that dancefloor!
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just a reminder to get directions you have to be
attending the facebook event or send me a msg
through here to get on the list..


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You're killing me mate!
Read your PMs and pick up your phone Mem!
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Mahaud wrote :
Extreme sunrise!

Indeed. :killah: Its been a while.

traveller wrote :
12.30-2pm - MrMention & Traveller

:banghead: :dj: :stab:

Hope I'm still conscious and slightly lucid by this point.
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Almost here!

I am excessively excited :D

Directions will be sent out tomorrow...
Presale tickets finished thankyou to everyone
for your support! Tickets are $40 on the door..

Remember to bring what you need to be comfortable
for a weekend outdoors...bring along a torch;
drinks, snacks and plenty of water to drink;
some warm clothes;
some change if you would like some nice hot soup;
and of course your good vibes, and your dancing shoes
as we are treated to some of the most beautiful and
powerful music currently on the planet :D

:atom: :atom: :atom:
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I just received word from the site that the sun is shining on the dancefloor :)

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Has anyone got the location or directions yet? :crazy:
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. The roads appear to be fairly dry, more information on this soon.
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Indeed the roads are fine and the site is clear and dry!
The doof gods are blessing us this weekend :)
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hi guys just got back from the site roads are dry and in good condition in fact it doesn't look like it has rained at all but if it did rain the guys have plenty of shelter set up (tarps etc)and a nice warm fire close to the dance floor so don't let this rain keep yas away get up there and kick up some dust :bonfire: :m: :m: :trip: :trip:
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