PSYFARI 2011 18-19-20 Feb --- SET TIMES UP

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Is anyone driving from Newcastle with a spare seat for one? Share costs ;-) thank you ♥ nezbit
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Need a lift from Sydney. If anyone has a spare seat let me know, PM me or call Fernando 0450 415 425. Thanks, see you on the dancefloor !
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Fuck, my brake lines are fucked on my jeep. Lost all my brake fluid. Could be the rear discs but it aint going anywhere. Shit.
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you got to get that checked out quick. there's always the hand brake
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just realised its a full moon friday night too hehe :)
fuzzy dunlop
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Anybody with a spare sit in their car? Wanna leave whenever from wherever so send us a text or give us a call. 0432397125 Cheers
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