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[/quote] 12am saturday[/quote]

thats midnight friday...
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how many people will be at this doof? :roll: :roll: :killah:
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how many people will be at this doof?

how long is a piece of string?

Bring your beach balls and bikini's coz its a beach party. The guys have spread out tons of sand to dance on and planted palms and tropical plants to set the mood.
I was up there yesterday and the site is looking good, lots of prep work has gone into this site.
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Nothing like dancing on sand :mrgreen:
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oooooh funky chunky beach party bonanza!
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can someone message me the directions please, wizard_ov_aus on here or wizard_ov_aus@hotmail.com thanks!
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wizard_ov_aus wrote :
can someone message me the directions please, wizard_ov_aus on here or wizard_ov_aus@hotmail.com thanks!

I think directions are being posted here today sometime.
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Things are looking sweet out at the site, this is shaping up to be awesome.
Get ready to hit the beach with your boogie!

Couple of points for those getting ready to get loose...
Driving in and out please watch the roads, I know it is always said for bush treks to parties but I've been driving that road and some of those corners are sketchy! There are a couple of spots were cars have gone over recently, oncoming traffic around a corner is impossible to see too so please DRIVE CAREFUL. Watch out for critters too, couple of dead wallabies on the road recently.

The road into the site has had a lot of work, that said it may still be difficult for underpowered cars or low cars. You will be directed in, please follow those directions.

Space is limited on site, there is room for a fair few cars as long as people park sensibly. We are expecting a fair few people though so try leave room for your fellow partymates :)

There is a great store at Kulnura with alcohol and ice, he's staying open late and has petrol too.
There will be stalls on site, happy high herbs, general store with snacks and drinks, UV spray tattoos and fluoro banners...

This is gonna be fun :D

See ya all there.
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heaps keen on this. what time will the directions be sent out??? :killah:
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Looking forward to the party, not long to go now :)

What sound system will the chunky choons be pumping out of?
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wish I could make it down for this! :killah:
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