TOXICAL TOUR SYDNEY 2ND JULY plus one tasty morsel *heaps

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Look out Sydney this is Toxicals only Sydney show be sure not miss this $40 entry or $120 for full car of 5

TOXICAL (LIVE) (ISRAEL)(Tactic Records)
Toxical is Rotem Doron from Israel, well known name here join forces and good vibes
located in the sunny southern town, Beer Sheba,
definitely one of the finest new breeds, producing Trance music today.
This creative project have started back in 1999(with his partner Eli Abutbul up untill 2009 when the project seprated, and now working idividuali)
...,Toxical started playing around, gradually building the studio and polishing his sound.
Toxical have already released a handful of tracks, featured on compilation, on international labels such as:
Tactic Records,Com-Pact Record,Boundless Music,Trancelucent Productions,Sundance Records, ShivLink Records, Boom Shanty Records, Virus Tekk Records, Spliff Records, Sinn Tec Records, Magma Records and Kagdila.
Toxical's sound has been rocking audiences all over the world and is currently in very high demand.
Toxical's sound can be best described as Powerful, Morning style Full-On,
enhanced by crystal clear bass lines, rich melodic synths,
and enchanting atmospheric pads.

Toxical @ MySpace:

Toxical Album "Painting The Future" :



Toxical Official Website:

Youtube :

Soundcloud :

Facebook Fan Page :

OneTastyMorsel is the solo project of Paul van Morsel from Cairns, Australia. After the release of his first album Illogitechnicality, the OneTastyMorsel sound has spread around the globe. Drawing influences from other artists on Zenon records, Morsel has managed to blend an eclectic mix of minimal, proggressive trance, techno and electronica to form the sound that he is becoming so well known for today. Having just returned from Israel, and after recently spending time in the studio crafting hours of new music for his upcoming new double album "Distorted Perception of Sound", Paul is back with a new evolved OneTastyMorsel sound that will leave audiences wanting more.

SOUNDWAVE Live (3rd Eye Productions) NNSW
Nathan Falk aka Soundwave started writing psy-trance about 3years ago on and off trying a few different programs such as cubase ,logic and reason. He started to Dj a few years before that in that time he has played around the North coast of Australia most weekends also he has played in Queensland ,Sydney ,ACT , Melboune and Thailand at big Festivals, Partys & Club gigs supporting big artists such as Loud ,U-reckon,Protoculture,Headroom, Broken toy ,Raz ,Space Tribe ,Luke Psywalker ,Tryptich ,Sinewave,Zen Machinics,Twilight,Dick trevor plus many more along the time his high lights have been Exodus 2007,08,09 , Full moon party Thailand .He has a reputation of producing quality music and playing exciting sets which sends you on a journey while getting the crowed pumping and going crazy. Nate started 3rdeye productions about 5years ago with one of his best mate Cam aka Gallomph they have been promoting Australian artists and they have been putting on chunk partys around the North Coast including Remember the basics,Gaint jam1&2,3rd Alien crockpot,Strange brew1&2 plus many more with some big name acts palying at them.Keep your ears & eyes out for 3rdeye partys CDs along as looking out for Soundwave in the near future.....For bookings email for Live or Dj sets......................

PLAYER 1 (Dooflex Records) VIC (ENDURE)
One is Dwayne Banham from Cairns. Dwayne's involvement in DJing and organizing outdoor events began in 2002 after being inspired by Cairns' notorious underground scene and the greater Australian outdoor festival circuit. Now based in Melbourne, he is focused on his own production as well as DJing. With a wide-spread reputation for being fully committed to his music, 2006 saw him welcomed into the Israeli based Dooflex Records family as their Australian label DJ. Over the years Dwayne has performed alongside many local legends, as well as international artists including ,Tron,Freakulizer, E-Jekt, U-Recken, Nitro, Hallucinogen, Entropy, Headroom, Triptich, Antix, Infected Mushroom, Beat Bizzare and stacks more. Week after week Dwayne delivers quality full-on morning psy/progressive/experimental bush techno to Australian dancefloors including an intensely tribal dawn set at Rainbow Serpent Festival 2009/2010, and creating full-on mayhem at Déjà Vu Events' as resident dj. A familiar face at pretty much every major event up and down the east coast has helped to make the player 1 sound reach a more confident approach to stealthy sound navigation, aimed to take the most tuned ears on a mystic flight path of perception.

CRETEN Live (3rd Eye Productions) - NNSW
Mitchell Creten January 9 at 11:07am Report
It all started on one dark night when a group of young lads decided to go out to a party in the bush, on gettin there they weren't to sure bout it but by the time the sun come up they were hooked on the awsome sounds they had heard, it was then that Creten decided he loved the music and wanted to start djing. So at the age of 16 he started playing at parties in and around the north coast of NSW. One thing led to another and after a few years of watching his good mates (DOUBLE VISION-POSITIVE THOUGHT & SPLIFFUN) make some totally tilt tracks that he dicided it was time to get a computer and start making some of his own music.Iit was then that the project CRETEN started... after playing at some big festivals and parties such as EXODUS & MARDI-GRASS he slowly made a name for himself.... now he is trying to get an album together for everyone to enjoy... SO STAY TUNED FOR SOME AWSOME TUNES :)~

STRONGBOARD (3rd Eye Productions) - NNSW

BADGER (3rd Eye Productions)

SEROTONE (Chunky junk)

Dica (NPC)

Felipe Cintra (Solar Records)

Fabeta (BLUNT)

PSYDWAYZ (3rd Eye Productions)


DIRT (3rd Eye Productions)

JANGUS (3rd Eye Productions ,Up Records)



KRYPTIK (Solar Recs)

Reality Bytes (Lost the Plot)(melbs)

$30 presale on sale soon
$40 At the gate
$120 Full car (Max 5 People)

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updated line up check it out more on our website
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SICKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!! :dj: TOXICAL touring oz for the first time gonna b massive :killah: :killah: :killah:
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who's tangent?
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check your pm's :alien:
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i have nothing in my pm's....confused!
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not long now only two weeks
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