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Easter Long weekenders,

For those who are looking for some fun tonight, couldn't make it R.E.G.E.N and thought it was too late to make plans SOLARSONICS have a solution.

We are heading out with a Small top notch sound system (KV2) and local DJ's and Producers. It will be a Free Solar powered Mini Doof and all are welcome. Music will be an arrangment of tasty Techno, Psytrance and Progressive.

Visuals , Sound and Dj's provided just bring food, shelter ,plenty of water and your biggest smiles. Artistic people are encouraged to bring decor or anything else they might like to set up to add to the warm vibe. Anyone keen for a mix is more then welcome to have a spin just ask at the dj booth or send me a message and we'll tee up a time when your music will suit. Underground Bedroom producers are highly encouraged.

DJs and Producers-

Solarsonics New Visual set up
Assortment of Banners
Anything you can

Set up between 8 - 9 pm pack down TBA
Please send me an email/PM for Directions party will be 25mins south of Newcastle.

Solarsonic Crew
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Hellz Yeah!!!
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shame i missed out on this one, would have loved to come pump out some tunes with you guys! been too long :cry:
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