SNAFU - Nov 5-6 - Weblet, Alice Spacedoll, Ryanosaurus

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Music will be glitch hop, glitch step, psychedelic rock, shoegaze, psytrance, psycore, dubstep, witch house, witch glitch, weird shit, drone, illbient, ghostgaze :P, minimal, IDM and will always be fucked up.

The idea is to bring back some real instruments and 60s vibes into doofs, with a contrast of fucked up glitch and shit. Naturally there'll be plenty of dugga dugga and progz. But there also is a lot of other cool and interesting music, which needs more exposure. :) ♥

WE NOW HAVE A CHILLLLLLL STAAGGGEEE, WITH CHAIIIII!!! And other DELICIOUS SHIIIIITTT. Thanks to Perspective Productions Utd. and the Chai-Fi collective.


Sound by AA Productions, Lights by Dance Party Hire and Perspective Productions Utd
Supported by: Proteus Design, Goldfish Productions and BMU.


And RSVP on Facebook

We're also looking for people to do stalls n shit.
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Weblet just added to the line up!!
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Hell yeah! Can't wait for this!
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Awesome! How much is entry?
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