Serpentine Illusions feat: U-RECKEN (ISL) & COTTONMOUTH (UK)

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acoustic shadow
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N-Joi Music and Acoustic Fx productions presents "SERPENTINE ILLUSIONS"

Following the success of the first Serpentine Illusions in 2009, N-Joi music Productions is proud to announce another instalment promising to be even bigger and better with a host of local, interstate and international artists, markets, performances and much more.

Located on private property near Coffs Harbour
...Please note: This event will be pre-sale only; THERE WILL NOT BE ANY GATE SALES

$40 early bird tickets are now available online from
These will only be available until the 1st of October with a limited number of 100 tickets up for grabs; first in, first served.
After these tickets are sold out, or after the 1st of October the regular pass ticket will be $60
Tickets will also be available in various stores from the 1st of October (to be confirmed) including Ice-Graphic clothing - Coffs Harbour
These will be at the regular pass price of $60
All tickets will incur a small booking fee
(people who wish to buy these early bird tickets but cannot purchase online please contact and we can sort something out)

for applications for stalls, performances, decor etc please email

Visuals by Vortex Visuals

It is with great pleasure that we announce our international artists.

Please welcome:


As a dedicated psychedelic artist U-Recken has managed through the years to capture the essence of psy music with structures, stories and melodies that touched thousands of ppl among us.

With weekly performances around the globe, this powerful shaman is currently working on his next studio album to be released in 2010 on CYBER ONIRO, A new label which designed to that is designed to fulfill the needs of musicians in today's new electronic and digital age. U-Recken takes psy trance to its right place as intelligent music which uses the base and rhythm as a carrier for the message of light love and Eternal freedom of thought.


COTTONMOUTH is a jolly nice chap from the English countryside, near Bristol. He uses excellent grammar, says please and thank you, and fathers would be happy if he dated their daughters. Cottonmouth, on the other hand, is a raving lunatic whose dubstep tracks have dark, screaming basslines, sinister drum programming, and disturbing melodies add all of this together and the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde routine is complete.

Cottonmouth has been producing music since he was 14 years old when he got the drum n bass bug, which consumed him. Since his early days, his taste in music has expanded into Dubstep/Electronica/Electro/IDM and much more. Starting out as a dnb producer at the age of just fourteen, he retired from the music biz a few years later, or so he thought. He has returned with a whole host of new tunes and ideas that are guaranteed to leave your ears wondering what hit them.

If the stapedius (ear) is the smallest muscle in the body, Cottonmouth's tunes will ensure that even the largest muscle in the body, the gluteus maximus (ass) will be unable to hold still and start shaking of it's own accord.

With the support of:


Free download of "Ice Ice Baby" remix available

Javier Martinez A.K.A. ..Twilight .., was born in Mexico City in 1985. He began listening to psy-trance at the age of 16 and since then he has been passionate about it. At the age of 19 he decided he wanted to start producing and study audio engineering in Australia..... By late 2006, After 2 years of studying and playing DJ sets most weekends in the north coast of Australia he graduates and starts to take production a bit more seriously. Around the same time he was discovered by Bubble and was asked to be part of the Mushy Records family..... After this he released his first track with the Belgian label “Dacru Records” in the compilation "Orientation Vol. 2", not long after that, in 2007 he was invited to play Live in Rio De Janeiro at one of the biggest and most important parties of Brazil (XXXPerience), where he played for more than 15,000 people and shared stage with trance leading acts..... In 2008 he compiled Mushy Records' VA Wet and Wild, which was an instant sellout out on and, while also being one of the top ten downloads on Last year he released his debut album 'Angels Calling' which also sold out at and, as well as topping number one on top ten chart for 5 consecutive days. He has already played in the USA, Brazil, Mexico, Denmark and Australia and has also released several tracks on various compilations with labels all around the globe.


From a star system many light years away comes Merkaba, a forward thinking and inspiring light being incarnated into human form in Australia.
Drawing musical influence from fusion jazz, funk, dub step, techno and break beat,
Merkaba skilfully combines these to create his own style of psychedelic progressive trance
and an epic dance floor journey of healing and awakening.
Within realms of twisted delicacy and complexity, spiced and layered with a colour wheel of bold structures. The leading influence of the music dynamically spearheads along a forward-moving groove, and there is so much space between the notes that the invitation to internally engage is simply irresistible. For all the richness in the sound, it is profoundly spare, as well as jam packed with mindful and content.
Merkaba’s unique and organic sound challenges us to awaken to the forgotten ancient tribal spirit hidden in our cellular memory and to the infinite power in all of us.

KALYA SCINTILLA ... 8091127385

Kalya Scintilla is Yaegon Lamagier, A benevolent being incarnate from the star system womp. Drawing inspiration from Nature, Love, tribal energy, healing, sacred geometry, and many other of life's wonders. Yaegon's music is quite unique in style and is definitely an interesting cross over between Dubstep/ Glitch Hop, the seductive sound of the Middle East and traditional Gypsy. His first EP "InLakesh" has been given a warm welcome the world over, and sits near the pinnacle of's 2010 yearly chart.
Dripping molasses over a fractal tabla, a journey through an enchanted forest, the soundtrack to an epic dream scape. A successful attempt to resonate the heavens and earth channeled through sound waves


Pspiralife AKA Shammie from Tasmania is a valuable addition to the Zenon Records family. Producing a fusion of Fullon and Progressive trance with elements of Breaks and Dubstep, Pspiralife delivers a fresh, fun, and omni-directional psychedelic journey to the dance floor through the use of live drum parts,keys and effects. The Pspiralife debut album titled “Self Similar” is due for release in 2011.


Positive Thought is the Morning Psytrance project of local legend Algernon Renton. Algernon grew up in the sub tropical bushland close to the NSW and QLD boarder of Australia. Since an early age, Alge has been exposed to an unhealthy amount of Psychedelia, music and dense bushland, which has left him with a unique tolerance for Aussie Bush Doof culture. Algernon started writing music in the Electroholics duo in 2004 and has since been involved in many projects, collaborations, and perfomances in Australia. Algernon has had releases on REGEN, Dooflex, and UP Records and has collaborated with such artists as RAZ, Terrafractyl, Nitro, and Launchpad. Look out for the debut Positive Thought Album Out Now on UP Records entitled: This Is Not A Workshop


With elements from jazz, techno, progressive trance, Tristan Boyle’s music delivers a very tasteful eclecticism that has been described as “the business”. One of the key elements that sets his music aside from the rest, is the meticulous precision that Tristan puts into his art. This has earned him the nick-name “The Surgeon”.


Luke Gill 27 of Ocean Shores N.S.W is the musical creator of the morning project, Strange Planet.

Luke has been driven by music his whole life, expressing his talents at the age of 10 with piano and vocal training, .It was in the late 90's that luke developed a keen interest in electronic music Attending full moon forest party's around his local area, and at the turn of the mellenium he began to Dj at local partys and festival's around N N.S.W.

In 2003 Luke found himself collaborating with Kurt Bryne (Dream Weaver) and Dhillon Tiffon (Spliffun) to start the project of Polka, gaining quick recognition with tracks like Plants Don't Talk and Pos 51.

Luke then began his solo morning project in 2005, and it was in 2007 that he made his debute release with "Namaha Records" on the compilation "Surya Namaha "
and later releasing on other labels such as local Legends Bio-sine and Japanese label Wakyo.

Recently signing to the infamous French label, Moon Sprits Luke is currently working on a 3 track digital ep which is to be released in july Followed by his debut album which is due to land this Summmer .
Luke is currently Studying Audio Engineering @ Sae institute byron bay ...

Be sure to keep an eye out for this new Talent he is 1 not to be misssed !!!


Kismet is 26 year old Kurt Brine, producer/DJ behind the "Dream Weaver" project based on the north coast of NSW. He began DJing around the local area back in 2000, playing mostly minimal/progressive then evolving into more full-power cross section playing frequently until late 2003 when he started to experiment with the possibilities of music production.
In 2001 he took on a full time position at a... local pro-audio company and since then has been soaking up their 30 years experience in audio the industry, helping train him to a more professional approach and quality of sound.
2002 -2004 Frequently DJing Kismet sets
2004 brought on the calibration between Kismet, Tiff-on and Planet-X to form the "Polka" project which created quite a stir around NNSW with their funky blend of original and organic morning psychedelia. However clashes of vision for future progression, had the trio only one year later decided to go their separate ways.
With the help and advice of a another local artist a much valued friend and production mentor "Oshi One", Kurt decided to switch to a Macintosh system and Logic Pro from that change new visions with much inspiration forged the "Dream Weaver" project in July 2005, since then has been refining his sound furthering the evolution of his musical vision.
Dream Weavers music can be best described as a blend of warm flowing basslines, intelligent structure, well balanced stereo-field with powerful melodic and psychedelic content. A style which draws many influences of his favorite artists from over the world whilst still maintaining a distinct original flavor.
With His debut live performance at the 2006 Mardi Grass - Dance Festival was met with great response and surprise. Upcoming releases on Australian labels and the possibility of release on international labels soon. Kurt is now looking to expand his horizons further abroad,he is currently studying at SAE institute Byron Bay and his main goal is to achieve success traveling around the globe performing live sets filling dance-floors with smiling faces...


Felix Greenlees aka Terrafractyl has been playing and writing music for as long as he can remember. Brought up on a diet of Classical, Opera and Jazz he eventually went on to play Bassoon in several professional orchestras around Australia.
He has also played piano for most of his life, and was instantly captivated by the psychedelic music he heard at dance parties in the late 90's, and began to try his hand at putting some together himself.
Since then Felix never looked back, and he is now one of the most prominent and sought after electronic music performers in Australia.
He has perormed at all of the major festivals in Australia, including Rainbow Serpent festival, Tribeadelic, Cairns Winter solstice, Dragon Dreaming Festival etc etc .and has been in constant demand for the past 3 years all around the country to play at parties of all shapes and sizes.
Felix has also played in Russia, Ukraine and has just finished a tour of the US and Canada.
His Debut album was released on Sundance Records in 2009 and He has released tracks on compilations for 6 labels around the world including Sundance, Vertigo, Adapted, Regen, Psynuematix and Psylife records. Recently Felix released a full length downbeat album Mental Extensions 'Inner Reality' and 2 IDM EP's 'Dreaming in Pieces' and 'Gyroscopic Bebop', all on UP records, under the monika Hypnagog. Currently he is hard at work finishing the Second Terrafractyl Album 'Electronic Evolution' to be released soon on Vertigo Records


Hypnagog is a new experiment of Felix Greenlees' (Terrafractyl, Mental Extensions).
After years of writing Psychedelic dance music and experimenting with plenty of other sonic forms, Felix has recently been listening to a lot more downtempo psychedelic breaks, IDM and the like, and felt it was time to try and combine these styles with his own to try and create some kind of hybrid, beat driven yet melodic sound


One of Zenons most talented and original artists, Autonomech has spent the past decade developing his own unique approach to Psychedelic music. While reflecting the distinctive Zenon sound, his music is also a unique and original sound collage of organic fx, epic motives and creative synthesis. Seamlessly melding genres such as Trance, Jazz, Breaks, Dubstep, Glitch and many more, Autonomech focuses on a sound diverse and refreshingly experimental yet accessible and dance floor friendly.
Autonomech has played his creations live at Australia’s best psychedelic music events and festivals such as Rainbow Serpent Festival, Cairns Winter Solstice, Earth Dance, Secret Sessions, Exodus and many more and will be moving dancefloors world wide in the years to come.
Following the release of his seminal debut album “I/O” Autonomech has crystalised his role in defining the future landscape of psychedelic dance music.
Autonomech. Autonomous Machine.


This is 2 young lads, Miko Kochems ( 20 ) and Liam Bates ( 20 ), from the North Coast of Australia. They started going to outdoor parties at a very young age all around the North Coast, listening to the very different style that the north coast had to offer, with such artists as Double Vision , Positive Thought , Short Circuit just to name a few. After a few years of that they decided that it was time to start writing some music of there own. They formed this 2 man show also known as Double Tech , They started getting a few sets at local parties and after a short time started to get a alot of really good feedback from other local artist and the dancefloor. They Now produce ( after 6 years of production ) some of the biggest basslines and funky morning tunz that the north coast has to offer , and have played at parties in many different states.... Look out for these young guns at parties in the future... You wont be disappointed....


Cenobite is producer Brendan Rickard. Based on the north coast of NSW, Cenobite draws inspiration from the local underground dance culture and his experience playing live music. cenobites sound is progressive with a wide pallet of influences added to the mix. uplifting to dark, minimal to melodic cenobite takes you on his exploration of sound.


Crazy Daylight is a reference to all the good times, all the loose times, the surreal… and the unreal fun and most hilarious things that happen when the sun comes up after a night (or two) of partying and the party keeps on rollin'. Nothing is serious, everyone is in a state of stupidity! Then the fun really begins…

Crazy Daylight's sets are a real musical performance using keyboards, drum pads, vocals and glitch modules. In a scene where the word live is meagrely used to describe djs triggering a few clips in Ableton and tweaking a few effect knobs, crazy daylight is setting the standard for real live performance. This said, the sounds are a distant leap from the mellow and organic sounds of many live performers in the electronic realm such as the bird or wild marmalade. This is seriously, funked up electronic music with dynamic bass lines, glitched out vocals and a twisted mash of melodic and heavy dancefloor grooves.

With styles ranging from electro, glitch hop, dub step and crunk there is also a strong pop influence in the music. Each song has a journey of its own as does each set with faced paced changes and sonic diversity always keeping it fresh. Gone are the days of when a djs played 2 hour sets of 20 songs that all sound the same. Continuity is boring, people are genre hopping like crazy these days and so they should. How many bands do u see playing every song at 127 bpm, with the same sounds and style? Very few… Crazy Daylight is one of the new breed of electronic artists embracing variation, changing electronic music for the better, AND loving every minute of it!



SOUND FOOD ... re=related






HULA HOOPS BY MELBA DYCTAL ( Hand made funky Hula Hoops )
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I would come if there were some dark psy artists playing. Autonmech would be cool to see again but I need a heavy dark psy artist to make the hitch-hiking journey up there from the Blue Mountains worth it.
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Hylomorphism wrote :
I would come if there were some dark psy artists playing. Autonmech would be cool to see again but I need a heavy dark psy artist to make the hitch-hiking journey up there from the Blue Mountains worth it.

Sorry we aren't providing more dark psy but we can announce that U-Recken will be performing his only outdoor event between Cairns and Melbourne at this event - this will be one not to miss
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U-Recken makes fucking awesome music.
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