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Daheen + VJ headline The Wizards of Oz - April 19

Posted: Fri Apr 05, 2013 3:45 pm
by raptor
After an AMAZING launch party with Terrafractyl/Hypnagog the next Wizardry of Oz party is fully actualised!


Sonic Alchemists on the agenda:


Daheen enjoys writing tunes of psytrance and downbeat flavours. His tracks often have a quirky feel, using many sounds from "the symphony of life" that we hear all around us. He also enjoys playing his music to a crowd with his laptop, keyboard and guitar and for his pystrance sets he incorporates a theatrical performance using different masks / costumes to match the theme of each track. This has in turn influenced his writing and he now often gains inspiration for a track from a great costume idea ;-)



KRYPTIC - launching his debut album before his massive India tour!

Support DJ's: RAPTOR (ESP Events - finale closing set) + more tba

Full venue transformation and mind bending laser installations by Synthesia Lasers and ESP.

Drink specials - $5 carlton beer until midnight!!! So get in early and stagger out late :)

Interested live acts.. make contact!

presented by ESP - 'Evolution through Sound and Psychedelia'

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'REWIRE' by KRYPTIC - Solar Records

Sydney's KRYPTIC is releasing his debut album REWIRE 2 days before the event and we are stoked to be supporting one very keen local producer as he releases his first collection of dance floor grooves! ... e-release/

1, Kryptik - Your Control
2, Digital Sun - Kathmandu ( Kryptik RMX )
3, Creten - Spiral In The Sky ( Kryptik RMX ) ... -creten-vs
4, Kryptik - Skitzo Outlook
5, Kryptik - Difficult Decisions
6, Kryptik - Rewire ... alk-please

Extra Track
7, Kryptik - Mayan Prohespy ( NEW EDIT KRYPTIK RMX )

Mastering By,
Felix Greenless aka Terrafractal
FRACTAL SOUND ... 4542420556

Art Work By,
Clint Grierson ... ntgrierson

Venue: Phoenix Bar - 34 Oxford St, Darlinghurst. Doors open 9.30 pm with drink specials till midnight :)