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Lucid Visions
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Its that time again were we all gather to get our groove on for the much loved Bent Perception..
year after year for 7 years now BP still delivers quality production, amazing artists, lights decor, facilities and KV2 sound..
This year will be a bit smaller than usual, last year was hard with a big loss of funds,
so it was decided to have only interstate and local artists
and keep the door cost down, not as much money will be spent meaning a smaller door price (bringing doof back to it roots)

So the door donation will be $30

::::::::::::::::::FINAL LINE UP:::::::::::::::::
NEURON COMPOST Live (Gi'iwa Rec)
BUSHMECH Live (No Qualms-Cairns)
STRANGEPLANET Live (Moonspirit Rec-Nnsw)
RYANOSAURUS Live (Zenon Rec- Syd)
LEGACY Live (No Qualms-Cairns)
MELT (Insonitus rec-Newy)
VARIANT Live (Another Psyde rec-Newy)
BIG FOOT Live (Up rec-Nnsw)
BANJA (swing breaks)

each 'BUSH GANGSTER' has 1 1/2 hr sets,.



Neuron Compost; organic fertilization of the nervous system, is the creative audio output of 33 year old Reece Stockhausen. Interested in the capability of frequency to affect consciousness, the project is an exploration of the interface between technology and spirit, the pursuit of the transcendent through freeform artistic expression. The resultant sound is a rich abstraction of digitally abused semi-digested audio, intelligently structured, infused with an emotive, visceral presence. Utilizing aesthetics native to all sub-genres of contemporary psychedelia, yet conforming to none, the Neuron Compost style is difficult to define. Displaying a strong disregard for established codes and conventions, it is a solitary voice of dissent, maintaining an aurally challenging, fierce and confronting individuality, whilst retaining a strong dancefloor accessibility and subtle subversive humor. The Neuron Compost liveset is a real-time interactive experiment in group shamanic trance-dance ecstasis. The intention is to promote cutting-egde electronica whilst maintaining a coherent and emotionally engaging journey. Reece is also responsible for the formation and artistic direction of Gi’iwa Productions, internationally recognized specialists in the release of forward thinking, truly progressive, psych0funkadelic trancefloor music.

From the lush green rainforest of Far Forth Queensland. The BushMech project, written and produced by Roy Veivers , focused on taking an each individual for a journey through sound. Consisting of high flowing, tropical psychedelics mixed with some smooth progressive forces, which were delicately gathered from the deep depths of the Aussie bush. Recommended for those who desire an inner elevating experience from an overall experimental organic sound. Get ready for a vibrational voyage to unite ones spirit, body and mind to Mother Earth.

STRANGE PLANET LIVE (Moonspirit records-NNSW)
Luke Gill 29 of Ocean Shores N.S.W is the musical creator of the morning project, Strange Planet.
Luke has been driven by music his whole life.It was in the late 90's that luke developed a keen interest in electronic music Attending full moon forest party's around his local area, and at the turn of the mellenium he began to Dj at local partys and festival's around N N.S.W.
Luke then began his solo morning project in 2005, and it was in 2007 that he made his debute release with "Namaha Records" on the compilation "Surya Namaha " and later releasing on other labels such as local Legends Bio-sine and Japanese label Wakyo.
Recently signing to the infamous French label Moon Sprits ,Luke has just released his debut 3 track digital Ep "First Contact " Followed by his debut album which is due to land this Summmer . Luke is currently Studying Audio Engineering @ Sae institute Byron Bay ...
Be sure to keep an eye out for this new Talent he is 1 not to be misssed !!!

Legacy is Australian progressive artist created by Rhyss Shandiman based in North Queensland. For many years, this unique project has taken on many influences from around the world, but has tailored a sound specific to the region of Australia where he as been based. Nth Queensland. Being an integral member of the local outdoor psychedelic music community, this has given him many opportunities to be a part of showcasing local talent. As Co-Founder of No Qualms records, Rhyss has also had the opportunity to really experience progression in his local area. Musically, Legacy has released a few different labels, including Cosmic Conspiracy, Solar Records, 3l3mental and of course No Qualms, with his EP in late 2012, “One Sitting”. With many future releases on the way, definitely keep you ears peeled for more Legacy to come, and No Qualms records.

The Ryanosaurus sound is a monstrous mix of phat baselines, glitchy soundscapes, emotive melody and a sly playfulness. It walks the line between progressive and full on psychedelic trance, with frequent forays into foreign styles and influences.
The project begun as a place to release the solo work of Ryan Whare from Australia. With a drive for interesting but crisp and powerful production, the psychedelic trance genre was an instant attraction. After years of cutting his teeth on the local Sydney scene and writing with Mr Bill for his duo project Electrocado, Ryan begun releasing Ryanosaurus on the free music distributor Ektoplazm, and quickly built up a following for his unique style. He has now had releases on Zenon, Kinematic, Another Psyde, UP, and Hass Records.

MELT LIVE (Insonitus Rec- Newcastle)
Melt is the new project by Ben Coleman from Newcastle, Australia. It all started in 2003 for Ben, djing at underground trance parties around the newcastle/sydney area. In 2007 he started the project Serotone, playing fullon psy, his appreciation for the slower sound eventually took over.. Around 2010 he started Melt, focusing on a much slower psygressive trance.
Melt Has just been signed to Insonitus records, a new label releasing strange, deep, intelligent and engaging digital psychedelic music. On novmeber 5th Insonitus will release their first V.A. with the Melt track "De JaVu" then in december he will be releasing a 3 track EP.

VARIANT LIVE (Insonitus Rec- Newcastle)
Taking influence and passion from many years of DJing in the Sydney/Newcastle doof scene, playing alongside some of the best Australian and International artists and DJs, var!ant aims to create music to keep dancefloors bouncing while maintaining a psychedelic edge for fans of head music. With releases on Up, Glitchy.Tonic and Maia Brasil Records, an EP coming soon through Another Psyde and being co-creator of new label Insonitus Records, var!ant’s sound is slowly creeping its way around the world. Stompin' along with beefed up groovy basslines, techy percussion and quirky, chaotic synths and samples laced with humor as well as a healthy amount of darkness, var!ant is sure to put dust between your toes and a grin on ya face.

The man behind the Chunky; Funky; Lumpy Progressive Trance project "BIGFOOT" is ‘Calico Jupp’. Born in Walsh River, Far North Queensland; brought up in Northern New South Wales. It started in 2008 with the inspiration of friends & fellow artists. “BIGFOOT” has featured domestically at many festivals up & down the east coast of Australia; alongside acts such as Captain Hook, Grouch, Flow-Job, Rodger Rabbit, Loud & Broken Toy to name a few; stretching from Cairns throughout cities to Melbourne; including gigs in New Zealand. It can be described as a unique; energetic; uplifting & raw with Calico’s own tribal elements combined with progressive characteristics. At the start of 2012 “BIGFOOT” released his Debut EP for Free on Ektoplazm with ‘UP Records’ to great success including a feature on V/As released with ‘Elemental Records’ & ‘Solar Records’. It is now 2013, Calico has been hard at work in the studio the past year polishing up his work for BIGFOOT’s next EP, “The Truth”; released with ‘UP Records’ on the 17th/7th/2013 via their catalogue on Beatport. “BIGFOOT” will be touring Brazil from December, 2013 into 2014 featuring at the ‘Universo Paralello Festival’ bringing those big funky dance floors from the shores of Australia to the world’s ear’s!!
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Anybody know the location for this one!?
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