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As we get closer to the NSW State election, the Clean Energy Team is hosting active citizen training workshops in May and would like to invite you along. The first will be in Bondai on May 8th, the second in Botany on May 10.

At the workshops we will discuss how people can help us stop dangerous climate change by becoming active in their community and electorate, and share ideas for events and activities that people can undertake. The workshops will include a short film on Hunter Valley coal developments, and a brief presentation on climate change, coal and renewable energy before breaking into working groups.

If you're interested, contact Ben at or ring me
0407 008 917 :flash: :flash: :flash:
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Can we make motor scooters ie gopeds be street legal? like with a consuption of 200ks on a 1/4 litre of petrol, commuters will save the plannet. :twisted:
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