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Servants of Sound.
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When functioning properly, the human psycadian rhythm responds to the psychedelic call of local wildlife and blooms at the morning light of a new day. This response causes an irresistible urge in humanoids to dance as one tribe, magnifying the effect and creating an overwhelming sense of joy.

Join us at Rose Cottage to experience this phenomenon for yourself! Spread over two stages, expect a night of smooth progressive, warped psytrance, twisted minimal and chilled live tunes, amazing performance and dance your way into the new day!

Tickets $15 (+bf) pre-sale, $25 on the door.

Please note this is an 18+ only event

Tickets available from
From now until Thursday 29 May

Live wildlife sounds:
Sinister Sequence, Digital Spectrum, Onda, Jude May, Minh Ha (more TBA)

DJ wildlife sounds:
Anjay, Tarik, Eukali, FreeBassToad, Ugly Bunyip, Psytata, Gabriel Gilmore, Apply Steve

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Servants of Sound.
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Ok - forum gods, why does "Digital Spectrum" get changed automatically to Digital specturm?
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Nice cant wait, listening to nice banging psy while standing around a fire or sitting down inside next to the fire listening to chilled out beats .
What could be beeter then that :killah: :shock:
Servants of Sound.
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Set times are up!

In the Wild:
8pm - Eukali
9pm - Ugly Bunyip
10pm - Designated Unknown (live)
11pm - Freebass Toad
12am - Digital Spectrum (live)
1am - Apply Steve
2am - Psytata & friends
3:30am - Sinister Sequence (live)
5am - Tarik
6:30am - Onda (live)

In the Enclosure:
8:30pm - Minh Ha (live)
10pm - Space8oy
11pm - Gabriel Gilmore
12am - Anjay
1:30am - Jude May (live)
2:30am - Close? (live)

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Twisted Dirty Logic
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Please to be bringing the noise, thank you.
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Any photos of this event?
Sinister Sequence
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yeah ^^ that ^^
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^ Oi ues carnts make heaps good tuunes aHY. cHEERS.
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