Sideproject and TJS present Genre Pollution

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In what is shaping up as possibly the biggest single night of action at Mercury Bar ever, Sideproject has teamed up with the True Jungle Souljahs to bring you an epic night of absolute debauchery.

This night will feature hectic drum and bass interspersed with full-on psy trance. Early on, you may also be witness to the sounds of psy-breaks, dubstep and minimal tech. Those of you who have been calling for greater diversity in the music should be well pleased by this night.

On the lighting front, those with their ears close to the ground are hearing rumours of a new blue laser delivered by Aztek productions, capable of performing over 400 different patterns.

Decor will be an interesting affair, with Sideproject stuff merging with TJS stuff in a creative combination.

Servants of Sound are providing their well-regarded PA, to delight your ears and maximise the quality of artist performances.

Our lineup and set times:

8pm - Ryz
Ryz is a local artist who has been active in recent times setting up his own crew, performing over many nights, making a mix CD and running his own event. He plays a variety of music, including deep house, electro tech and minimal orientated sounds, and will be warming up this party and hitting the ignition button.

9pm - Dred
A legend of Canberra Drum and Bass, Dred, with brother Kaos, has been rocking parties in the 'berra since the early days of Rave. Not only has he designed the flyer for this event, he will be ripping out a set of dubstep with all the trademark skills for your listening pleasure.

10pm - Freebass Toad (FBT)
An active member of the Canberra psy-trance communiuty, FBT has organised several successful events as the driving force behind the Ecotek crew. His good taste in music is clearly evident, being able to perform a wide range of styles at any time of the day or night. At Genre Pollution he will be stepping up the energy and intensity with a psy-breaks set.

11pm - Jammin
A driving force behind True Jungle Souljahs and ACT DnB. Jammin will be returning from Sydney for this night to rock it out another time. Expect big DnB!

12am - Aneurysm
With a heap of production now under his belt, as well as experience rocking parties in many states and territories of Australia, Aneurysm is one of Canberra's most promising psychedelic talents. Come and hear him play a long-overdue DJ set of the type of psy he enjoys playing most.

1am - Buick
Buick is another well-established playa in ACT DnB. He will be ripping out heavy, dark DnB to take you to the higher levels. A strong artist to put the pressure back on Sideproject.

2am - Alamout
Being a man with experience playing DnB in the past, Sideproject contracted Alamout for this party to gain insider knowledge of the TJS strategy. A source close to Alamout said that he is likely to rip out massive dark psytrance however.

3am - Centaspike
A highly talented dark DnB artist with a flair for production, Centaspike certainly won't be letting anyone rest until the final close at 4am. The only question is, Can he bring home the bacon for TJS and thus provide them with the ultimate victory?

Entry is $15 on the door.

I will see you there. :killah:
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OMGosh - Jizzinmypantstime - sheesh... Sideproject know how to party!
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