DJ EQUIPMENT 4 SALE: Pioneer CDJ200s, DJM400, KRK Rokits etc

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Yo peeps :)

After much deliberation, I am selling my beloved DJ equipment.


2 x Pioneer CDJ200s
1 x Pioneer DJM400 mixer
2 x KRK Rokit 6" Studio Monitors
1 x Pioneer Roadcase

$2000 for the lot. Or make me an offer for individual items. (The CDJs and Rokits will only be sold as pairs, however).

All equipment is in excellent working order and has been treated with love and respect. The exception is the roadcase - one of the four clasps seems to require slightly more wrist action to fasten.

The CDJs, mixer and roadcase were purchased new from DJWarehouse Sydney in Sept 2007 (receipts available). According to the documentation, the CDJs appear to be still covered by Pioneer's 3-year warranty.

The Rokits were purchased new from Better Music Canberra in early 2008 (I have the receipt somewhere, and could probably locate it if required). These monitors produce great quality, flat sound.

Cheers :)
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$400 for the rokits :D ?
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don't do it!
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MeowTron wrote :
don't do it!
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