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"Just feeding the nice lizard"

Arnt kids great :D ... ding-croc/

Gotta love em'
:lol: :lol: :lol:


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How adorable...


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Reminds me of an acquaintence who took her adorable 5 yr old to SeaWorld on the Gold Coast. Some time throughout the day she lost sight of her young son, and after a short search he turned up wet all over and rather anxious to go home. Despite the fact a whole group of family & friends were out for the day, she relented and took him home.

He was acting kinda funny all the way from SeaWorld, and as soon as they arrived home he grabbed his backpack and raced to his bedroom, slamming the door. After some time, she decided that he really needed to have a bath and get changed seeing as he was soaked from head to toe etc, so she went to fetch her son from his room.

After forcing the door to his room, she discovered he had climbed over the low fence to the fairy penguin enclosure and kidnapped a fairy penguin (smuggling it in his backpack!). The animal was having tantrums in their bedroom as it was very hot during the middle of summer. An emergency call to SeaWorld and animal welfare advised them to get it into a cold bath with ice (it was summer in Bris Vegas) until authorities could arrive to pick the poor thing up, and the authorities were nice enough to let them off with a stern warning...

Kids have the darndest ideas!!...


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Future serial killer...

Kid should be 'dealt with' now to avoid probs in later life.


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what do you suggest? a good "healthy" dose of religion?...

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