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L-A-W - new card will pin you down forever
Sue Dunlevy Blog
Thursday, February 18, 2010 at 07:41pm

DON’T believe the Rudd Government when it says the health number system it brings in on July 1 can’t be used to create a national identity card.
That promise is just as trustworthy as Paul Keating’s infamous L-A-W tax cuts.

This new e-health number sounds innocent and the legislation underpinning it says it can only be used for identifying you in the health system.

However, the Law Council warns that pledge is no protection at all.

Any government that wants to extend the use of this health ID number to the welfare system, the tax system or create a national identity card can simply introduce a new law to do so.

It is for this reason that voters should be highly suspicious of this new health identification number system.

The Government promised us its new e-health system would work on an opt-in basis. This week we found that was not so.

Bureaucrats at the National E-Health Transition Authority revealed that your new health care identification number will be compulsory. On July 1 you are getting a new 16-digit health identification number whether you want one or not.

If that doesn’t make you suspicious then the fact that the Government has no intention of sending you a letter to tell you about your new e-health identification number should make you even more wary.

Why won’t the Government be notifying you about this number?

Maybe because it doesn’t want you to know it’s tagged and identified you without your consent.

It hopes that if it doesn’t alert you, you won’t be upset about the way they’ve invaded your privacy and they won’t have to deal with a public backlash.

Even more suspicious is that from July 1 doctors will be using this e-health identity number every time they write a prescription, order your blood tests, your X-rays or refer you to a specialist. And they may even not tell you. So much for being able to “opt in” to the new system.

The Government and doctors say we need this new health ID number because it is impossible to correctly identify an individual patient in the health system.

Medical records and tests are lost as some health providers use Christian names to identify you, others use surnames, often names are misspelled and sometimes people with the same name share the same birth date.

When mistakes occur they can be deadly. A patient could get the wrong medicine, the wrong treatment or, for example, a cancer won’t be picked up because of the confusion.

The other problem medics have is our health records are fractured. Your GP has a set of records, your specialist has another and the hospital system has its own.

To solve this, doctors want a single e-health record where all this information can be shared and accessed by different providers all over the country.

Before this can happen they need you to have an e-health number that this e-health record can be attached to.

That sounds like a useful idea and it is. The problem is there are huge privacy implications for such an e-health record.

For example, if this record can be seen by any health professional how can you stop your dentist or your dietitian finding you had an abortion or you were treated in a mental facility?

How do you hide the fact you sought a second opinion from your doctor?

Four months before this new system starts, the bureaucrats running it can’t answer these questions. You’ll only get an e-health record if you give your permission to have one set up.

But the bureaucrats running the program can’t say how the system stops a medic creating such a record just for his convenience and without your approval.

Nor can they explain how they are going to authorise medical practitioners who might want to access your e-health record or use your e-health number.

Yet they want our representatives to vote this legislation through the parliament and trust them to get these very important details right later.

The Health Department has been working on this e-health project for over a decade but four months before it starts basic privacy details have not been solved.

The Rudd Government’s killer home insulation program shows what can happen when you rush a program through before the details are sorted out.

The ramifications of this e-health number issue are just as worrying.

For more than 20 years Australian governments have been trying to inflict a national identity card on us.

In 1987 the Hawke government tried to set up the Australia Card. In 2006 the Howard government tried a smart card that would have linked tax, health and welfare departments and contained a photo ID with a signature and number.

This e-health number provides the building blocks for just such a system.

Don’t trust it.
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Would you like the chip implanted on the back of your hand or at the back of the neck sir?
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Fuck, what is wrong with these control freaks? Like people fought and died in two worlds wars to stop this oppression and still fuckwits keep popping up just wanting to be masters of the universe! They are like frickin weeds. Control freaks neerd to be extermintated! Give them back their own medicine! :twisted:

Shit, the Flag, the National Anthem, the Democracy, the Australia Card.... like get over it, we don't want or need it. The nation had voted! If you don't like it go live in some other fucked up Cuntry. Go be a Nazi, Communist, Facist, etc elsewhere.... :finger:
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Britain has been trying quite unashamedly for somewhere around half a decade now to implement a national ID card, and they actually have commenced some kind of roll out finally now too. The English speaking countries have become the scarier ones, those non-English countries seem to be run by comparatively less controlling groups these days.
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