Don’t talk to aliens, warns Stephen Hawking

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MotherShabubu wrote :
venatrix wrote :
Ps most psychologists are fucked in the head :)

What was your cohort for that? Has it been replicated? How did you control for the fact you seem to have an uncanny ability to attract such people?

Yes. I have done extensive research and experimentation. My conclusions are scientifically valid and replicable.

catalepsy has offered an elegant, concise, and accurate explanation which far outshines my feeble attempts (and yours).

Anthropology is a social science, as is sociology, however it is closer to the humanities than it is the sciences.

tract - shut the fuck up. 10 points for the image though :killah:
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tract wrote :
Kratonic wrote :
Ok, I'm not sure what you base those conclusions on. You may know more than I do, you may not. If you look at Hawking's honours list, it is real, and it does represent outstanding academic achievement. Many of those awards are issued through a stuffy, ages old process which is not based on sympathy, or political correctness (in some respects the opposite is true - believe me). So, I think you judge the man harshly. He may not be in the top 10 - how am I to judge? And on what are we making this judgement in fact? Original contribution, education (of others), advancement of the science, etc?

As far as the original comment goes, it makes little difference. I find the logic sound and had arrived at that point independently. I hope very much to be proven wrong. In fact, it would be just amazing, and I hope it happens.

Presumably, we base our judgment on a list of the 10 most influential theoretical physicists that have been judged or 'polled' by 100 or so colleagues in the field; all who enjoy an equally paramount level of academic accreditation. We do not fall into the trap of idolising a man and putting him on a pedestal based on his willingness to reduce incredibly complex concepts into common English and more importantly we do not erroneously and foolishly swallow up and believe the man due to his physical disability. He has been incorrect about so many things, just because his theories have enjoyed a louder or more popular 'voice' it does not make them any more correct than the dozens of other theorists currently working in the field.

He is a scientist, he can (and has often) been proven wrong. Don't put him or any other scientist on a pedestal :)

kayhat wrote :

AND he talks funny!

itchy wrote :
Shutup. At least he can spell and like, enunciate the English language properly. Unlike you for instance.

Pure, undiluted, win 8)

Pure, undiluted, dumbass, comma. And like.

What's up with you grammar terrorists? You've got no freaking idea! Are you all insane?!

How come you have such crazy problems coming to terms with my ferpectly coherant sentences?!
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Writing our native language correctly - madness!

Standard comprehension skills - insane!

Literacy - craaaaaaaaaazy!
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I get what you're talking about, but everything in moderation please.

It's not like you can't read what I'm saying. You always seem to have a knack for being able to reply back for points I put forth, as have I with replying back to you.

Yay for all of us! :P
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Um..... interesting. :alien:
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