No fucking swearing in Melbourne?!

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That's it, there go our human rights straight out the door. :( ... rom=age_sb

TO PUT it bluntly, we're all f---ed. It might be therapeutic to let off a stream of expletives if your team is getting flogged or if you hit your finger with a hammer, but it can also be illegal.

And under laws set to be introduced to State Parliament this week, Victoria Police will get permanent powers to slap potty-mouthed perpetrators with on-the-spot fines of up to $240 for using language deemed to be indecent, disorderly, offensive or threatening.
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Watch your mouth ... on-the-spot fines are set to be handed out for offensive behaviour and indecent language.

Watch your mouth ... on-the-spot fines are set to be handed out for offensive behaviour and indecent language.

The crackdown — which extends the Baillieu government's ever-growing law-and-order agenda — means police will be able to issue infringement notices for offensive behaviour and indecent language similar to parking and speeding fines.

Attorney-General Robert Clark said the idea was to lower the police workload by allowing them to issue fines instead of tackling bad language using the court system.

"It frees up police time for other law enforcement activities and enables them to more readily issue penalties against those offenders who deserve them," Mr Clark said.

"By providing police with as many enforcement tools as possible, Parliament is sending a strong signal that people who engage in criminal behaviour can expect to be dealt with under the law."

Offensive language has been an offence in Victoria since 1966. Swearing — if it is deemed serious enough — can carry a penalty of up to two years' jail, and is even considered an offence if no one is present to hear it.

The new laws for indecent language will carry a fine of two-penalty units, equivalent to about $238.90.

Mr Clark said the laws would also allow police to issue infringement notices to people who commit "offensive behaviour" or to people who are "drunk, quarrel or violent", who refuse to leave a pub or club when asked to go and for allowing the unauthorised consumption of alcohol on a "party bus".

The move follows a three-tier trial that was previously due to end on June 30 but will now be made permanent.

The latest crackdown on anti-social behaviour follows a move to introduce mandatory minimum jail terms for youths aged 16 and 17 convicted of violent offences, despite concern among the legal profession.

Shadow attorney-general Martin Pakula said Labor would not oppose the bill because it had introduced the trial in 2008.

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What the fuck?
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i guess they have to collect more revenue by taxing 'marginal' behaviour/culture,
you may know it is really expensive to maintain shit-wanker pasty beaurocrats oozing around office spaces dictating[masturbating] their twisted blue nose wowser ideals onto society at large...they have bills to pay and also have to look vaguely busy/useful whilst at it.
why should your freedom of expression stand in their way?

why not make up your own cunning plan to rob people of diginity,autonomy,culture,cash?you can appear to look serious/credible/authoritive while you do it if you fancy that sort of thing???

good luck!
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^^BAM :lol: :lol: :lol:
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I think this (and modern Australian society in general for that matter) is about the fact that there are too many bureaucrats with too little to do, other than to think of new ways that Australia can legislate itself up it's own ass.

On the other hand, the existence of the ability to issue "on the spot" fines may diminish one of the greatest tools that the police had to harrass minority groups, and particularly the young, which was the criminal charge of offensive language. Just an idea though, I haven't looked into the actual laws.
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i find offensive behaviour/ language rather a subjective term.... what is offensive to some is quite the "norm" to others...Law should not be based in/on subjectie terms.
This screams nanny state dictatorship laws to me and i fukin dont like it... :angry:
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On the spot fines for swearing have been around in nSW for more than 10 years already. $200 bucks for each swear word.

Just call them "pricks" as a precedent has already been set deciding that this is not a swear word. :mrgreen:
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I wonder if farting in public is a crime?
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rollyz wrote :
I wonder if farting in public is a crime?

This will be deemed offensive behaviour, along with sneezing, whistling and talking on the mobile phone..
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Yeah, but they're not so bothered about shoplifting in VIC... ... -fine.html

pls excuse *gratuitous plug* - but do follow the link. Definitely. And you must leave a comment. Or I will hunt you down and inject you with Damon's icey blood.
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