Workers to be replaced by robots

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Workers to be replaced by robots

Workers all round the world will be liberated, of cause they will still work but their work will not be labour intensive, it will be academic & the traditional labour force will be educated into the fields of scientific investigation, industrial design & research.

We still have to iron out a few bumps, but it wont be long before we will see these robots as the new labour force.

Many different robots can be built not just humanoid robots, flying robots about the size of a bird will pick fruit & nuts, worm robots will do mining & tunneling, transformer like industrial robots will work in manufacturing plants, transportation robots will transport people & goods, the skys the limit in the field or robotics, remember a robot is a intelligent machine, usually computer controlled.

Remember BHP is the biggest mining company on planet earth & at least 3/4 0r 4/5 of planet earth, all the way down to the central core is made up of metals, the problem of cause is that alot of metals rust on planet earth & always have to be replaced, however the good thing is that it takes billions or trillions of years for metals to rust in outerspace.

And remember Lucifer was a AUSI & he can save humanity from burning in hell. AUSI, AUSI, AUSI, Australien Universal Space Industries ... 24#p185824 ... 14#p185314 ... 03#p185703 ... 72#p185072 ... 64#p185364 ... 38&t=17897 ... 61#p185561
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