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Well that was a rather awesome weekend.

I'm one of the English guys who were begging for lifts (The one without the dreads who spent the evening spinning orange poi). Thank you so much to everyone who offered us lifts, gave us beer, chatted to us, lent us shelter from the rain, and generally made us feel very welcome indeed!

So glad that the rain didn't stop us :)


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awesome indeed. Facilitated the reinstallation of my doof faith.

So much water, the rain, it indeed came down, but the spirit of the doof won. How good was that totally packed dancefloor in the teaming rain? Don't know if it could have actually fit many more people. I love doof challenges, they make parties special and adversity makes us strong . The community feeling was there in force, strengthened by the conditions, not dampened at all. Felt like a right proper forest party.

It rained, a lot, just before the start and then a few lessor bouts during the night, but it was not cold and then it stopped. Gorgeous sunrise and beautiful daytime sun was the reward.

Of course, having sasha and pete there, along with a hardworking and positive crew helps a lot with the practical aspects of getting a party up and running under such conditions. The sound was cranking on time (no small feat) and as soon as it was on the dancefloor filled, pretty much stayed that way till the beautiful wind down at the end.

I'm glad it rained, washed away some of my jadedness, even tho some of my gear got trashed and I got a bad case of the grumpys at one stage (sorry if I accidentally shot you one of my patented deathstares while I was doing the vj thing, I was fretting for my laptops and standing in a puddle). This party reminded me, again, how many treasures we have in the people who work so hard for our parties and how good a community we can have, if and when we fuck the ego and the bullshit off and work together. One of those parties which gave me a case of the warm fuzzys. yeah. good timing too as I have been considering retirement.

If your intentions are in the right place, most things can be overcome, I reckon. EPP must have good intentions cos it was a very successful party IMHO.

ick.. hippy overload. I shut up now.
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awesome party!

i slept through the night and wasn't at the party itself for most of the torrential rain. drove up to check it out at about 11:00pm to hear paul playing some nice early night stuff. the road was pretty terrible at this point, i'm not surprised people had trouble getting through :?

awoke at about 6:30 to hear hedonix's live set, which was highly enjoyable, as expected - funky, trippy and different, a great start to the day! i enjoyed most of wizdumb's track selection (except perhaps the ac/dc remix :P), some cool stuff there. johnny / rythmic sun's closing set was superb - well mixed, beautifully structured and wound down the party perfectly!

the weather on sunday was perfect! clear blue skies, nice breeze, warm sunshine - everything you could ask for when doofing in the daytime :)

thanks to shell and co for the yummy food too, that really hit the spot on sunday morning! it was great hanging out with you guys.

thanks paul and the epp crew, had a fantastic time and can't wait for the next one!



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Marvelous party.
The dancefloor was decorated and lighted so beautifully and the grounds were lucious and green.
Even in the pouring rain the tunes still were cranking and the visuals were great.
This was my first south of sydney doof that was still is nsw and I enjoyed thoroughly.
Rythmic sun's set was Awesome and it pretty much brought my mate jaxx to tears.
I had so much fun when the sun came up I think I lost my ears...
and there were doof babies!
The sun came up and it wasn't too hot and it wasn't dusty during the daytime.
Why did we go home again???
looking forward to the next one.












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So intimate, so magical, so fucking beautiful!!

The vibe was amazing - restored my faith - at one stage I felt like I was just breathing in and surrounded by this exponentially-expanding spiral of gorgeous healing energy on the dancefloor, yeeha! :love:

There were so many special people at that party, and I suspect because of the initial rainy hurdles, the people who were there really really wanted to be - the enthusiasm and love was tangible :D

Rhythmic Sun's set was definitely my highlight music-wise, and it was nice to share some rose wine with Wizdumb (thanks!)

The poi-ers made my day too (what about that dude with the pink and yellow kite-poi things - crazy! Is he an acrobat or something? Looked like it!)

And those decos!! So much effort and creativity put into it all - the tendrils on the mushroom sculptures had me philosophising about the nature of humans and the universe hardcore (seeing how we get our inspiration for things like fibre-optics and other technology from things like roots in nature...hehe it was gold!)

And gahh...all those beautiful dancers inspired me to just keep killing it on the dancefloor too!

LOVE TO YOU ALL! thank you organisers, djs, dancers, poi-ers, cupcake-bakers, crazy Pink-champagne-holding ladies, furry-kitten-eared lovelies, little hula-hooping baby, the pretty French Ixchel girl, older man who helped me find an appropriate place to pee, and everyone else - YOU ARE ALL THE EPITOME OF RADNESS yay!!

Odette xxxx


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More photos uploaded on



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mmmm yum.... Thankyou for a sweet sweet party!

Where to start?

Arrived late-ish in the night, about 2ish I think (just after the big downpour!) and made it in through the mushy puddle-course that the road presented...
And what a wonderful space the dancefloor was! I loved walking in through the little tunnel through the trees and into this MagICaL colourful clearing... What a special place that forest is! There were some beautiful visuals playing - there was a golden coloured (?) figure of a woman dancing with a whole lot of great stuff happening behind it...
I really loved all the decor - the string that made me feel I was in an underwater cave and the tentacled creatures that I had some nice chats with people about to decide if they were mushrooms? or jellyfish? or both! I also loved the birds around the front of the dancefloor - I felt inspired by them while dancing into a great trance to the beautiful daytime progressive - feeling that sense of uplifting freedom and and exploring my mind and energy...

It was so fun dancing in the rain, Thanks Ilana and Dani you pixies are great fun to dance with.... and everyone who was there having a stomping good time... I really had the most wonderful ecstatic dance, especially during the daytime. ahahaha and squishing around in that muddy space in the middle of the floor... there were two guys who seemed to be having a hillarious time around early morning spinning around and totally bonding with the mud! Ha the grins on your face were priceless!

I loved the quirky Hedonix set that started the daylight time, and Rhythmic Sun set was the most perfect way to finish the party. Having three hour sets was great too.

Thanks to all the girls who gave me a lift down at the last minute, and provided plenty of laughs. You all rock! Such wonderful women. :wink:

Hm... ah so much i could rattle on about.... (but won't)

That was my first EPP party and I Loved it. Was great in every way! I left feeling absolutely exhausted and satisfied.




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yes it was a brilliant night, and that sunrise was nothing short of perfect.

as i was leaving at around midday, i was stopped by a concerned looking ranger on the way out, heading towards the party. did he cause any problems? hope not.


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Massive thanks to paul for giving me an opportunity to play. I had so much fun and fully hope that some other party crews consider me for another line up sometime, This party just re installed alot of the love I have for this community.

It was dissapointing not to see some of my old friends (bindi, Miriam, Dan, ravian, ect.) but inspirational to see some fresh new faces. Plenty of crew from canberra that made for a good time and Epic sets from some great Dj's.

I would personally like to extend my deepest gratitude to the people who enjoyed my set and made it known by coming up to me to let me know. Its comments like you guys make that create the icing on the cake for me. I had put so much time, effort and money into getting a new live set together in time for this party that your genuine appreciation made it worth every cent. So thankyou again

Rhythmic Sun was a great way to end the party, first time i can remember listening to one of his sets and I really dig the effort we went to to play something really smooth after all the acidic, bouncy selections of wizdumb. Oh and the photo Of the Woman Sitting beside DJ wizdumb, You simply have the most stunning dancing style, totally engaging and fully how a woman should dance, Id like to create a stop motion film of your sillouete for an idea Ive got brewing. Anyways More on that later, maybe if I spot you at the abercrombie this weekend we can chat then.

HEDONIX - Fuck you guys rock, everything you played in the set was new, trippy and groovy, you have worked really hard to design a special sound that i am sure can go very far. If I was a Promoter you would play alot more.

NAZCA - Once again Miko tore the floor to pieces with the final splashings of "Full On" for the night. Really seamless mixes and some track selections that put me to shame, good on ya bro!

WIZDUMB - Your a funny cunt, thanks for the beer ect while dancing. I really felt as if I was a part of your mixer at one stage. People should recognise that while your flavour is certainly quarky you play tunes we cannot hear from other Dj's so most definatley an intimate type experience from you Buddy. Looking forward to having you back.

RED TWO - Paul man you have come so far with your mixing, Bloody perfect mate. SERIOUSLY PROMOTERS CMON Paul brings with him an air of excellence where ever he goes, how could you not have him playing your parties too. A well organised technically solid set from another true lover of special music. Hooray for everything!

Lets do It all again!!


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Truly spectacular party. One tight stage, mad visuals and so much decor it became a task not to poke an eye out. The thunderstorm at one point was suggesting a possible washout but it all turned out pretty good ey?? The energy of the place was great... the site and the people... I was feeling some intense power surges from the dancefloor at dawn. Extreme looseness on many frequencies.

PA was nice ... very warm and thumpy. No harsh highs and plenty loud without being deafening.

Music was great... Seth you played a solid set dude. You obviously been working very hard on your material. Pretty driving at times and most importantly... plenty of surprises.

Hedonix get a big LOR!! from me too. Wierd trippy shiznit... Psychedelic Pornostars in the making. Curious, bouncy and sometimes naughty but very psychedelic. You guys rocked it!!


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Gutted I couldn't make it to this. Major virusness=No partay.

Sounds like you guys ripped up a storm, can't wait 'till the next one :)


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S.E.T.H wrote :
It was dissapointing not to see some of my old friends (bindi, Miriam, Dan, ravian, ect.) but inspirational to see some fresh new faces.

Hey Luke :)
i'm really sorry to have not been there too!! Unfortunately i've been really sick for the last few weeks & couldn't make it. EPP parties have always been one of my faves & this one sounds like it was a ripper!
Believe me, if i could have been there... i would have been there :)
I hope you had a boogie for me!!! :dance:

hopefully see you soon! :wave:


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First off, commiserations to Sparx and Flashy & everyone else who were denied by the weather and treacherous conditions -- it was just random bloody luck that would have not one but two majorly active fronts sweep the state on the night of an EPP party, with the top tip of the southern one dumping part of its payload on Wingello.

Thanks to the indefatigable Barry and his li'l black brush-buster, we finally rocked up to the door just as the heavens opened and the deluge began. We had a quick scout around as the sound hadn't even fired up at this stage, and everyone was furiously trying to get the last of everything ready to rumble on schedule, including a very very odd-looking drowned rat called Brainstorma who was defying orders and securing a big tarp over the rear half of the dance-floor. We scooted back to the car for a bit to see if the rain would ease off, but after an hour i couldn't stand it so I grabbed the brolly and braved the downpour again. Barry & Kat dozed until dawn, but I went exploring, joined the throng under the tarp for a wiggle to Paul's excellent warmup then set up camp with Marcus, Michelle & Sindy in the Queen's Rest.

The rain might have dampened clothing and gear, but it didn't dampen the spirit -- not only were the grins plentiful and the tarped-over part of the squelch-floor full of wigglers & groovers, but some of the sizeable Canberra contingent even indulged in some furious fire twirling in the middle of the downpour! Eventually the downpour eased into scattered showers over the rest of the night, with the last brief drizzle just after dawn, leaving us with a splendid daytime with the occasional bit of cloud cover.

The decor was wide-spread, the string everywhere, and the vague halloween theme did its job of turning our little forest clearing into a psychedelic nook of fun and happiness. Pete's lighting helped keep the dark away. Mindwarp animations courtesy of Mizz Damage were at their usual peak of brain-melt goodness, and extra kudos points to her for managing another herculean solo effort of eight hours behind the VJ Wall of Tech. Our very own Grand Master of Sound, the Secret Weapon himself, had delivered us a stunningly clear wall of sonic goodness ... but could we expect anything less from Sasha? Methinks not :) Treats, sustenances and beverages courtesy of the Queen were well enjoyed by all, with special mention to Taliana the Tealady for her absolutely divine chai.

RED TWO -- Migods, Paul, your set was fantastic! What better way to lift the rainy doldrums with smoothly-mixed fat psygressive! One wishes that we don't have to wait for another EPP party before we hear you on the decks again!

S.E.T.H. -- Faaaark! Luke, your live set rocked most profoundly my sock :D :D The last time I had the pleasure of hearing you play was at one of EPP's very early parties in the Wattagans, this time we had the pleasure of you bopping away bashing your drum-pads and grinning like a mad mother. You kept the pace and gave it to us hard but solid for threee fucking glorious hours.

Nazca -- EPP's prodigal son Mikko was lured back from the northern climes for a return appearance, and he did not disappoint. Three hours of his particularly twisted hard psy through dawn and beyond were just what the doctor ordered -- it was a treat to hear you again, maestro!

Hedonix -- Gawds, what a pair of larrikins you are! Your choices of quirk, funk and groove were an excellent bridge between Nazca and Wizdumb. I reckon you should've got two hours, but hey, an hour of your particular flavour of fun is better than none :)

Wizdumb -- What a choice for the heart of the morning! Sun beating down, breeze blowing, people grinning, and lots of very dancable, fresh tunes. You're welcome back any time, Aviel ... just don't bring that AC/DC remix with you :P

Rythmic Sun -- Johnny Johnny Johnny ... your set was joy embodied! Smooth is putting it mildly, you had more than a few doofers close to tears of happiness with your solid cruisy set of well-chosen tunes. If you have a DJ set as an MP3, please PM me on how I can get a copy so I can drop it into my radiostream.

Paul's brief handful of tracks to wind up with really put the icing on the cake, leaving us with almost mystical ambidelica to put us in a peaceful and happy state of mind for the return journey.

Special mention to the two doofbabies Ben and Esha for bringing huge grins wherever they appeared -- many thanks to Simon & Amber for sharing Esha with us, and the same to Paul & Marion for letting Ben's adorably cute grin :)

A big thankyou to Paul, Marion, the rest of the EPP crew, and everyone who attended. EPP hasn't lost its magic, and Track 3 proved that not even the harshest of weather can dampen our spirits once we gather with intent.


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Well what a fucking awesome party. Truly glad to be back in oz and for this to be my first party back was a royal treat..... beautiful location, beautiful people, wicked music, awesome decor, crazy weather and then an awesomely sunny time on the sunday... Paul, ive always loved your parties, and this has got to be my fave of the ones ive been too!!! w0oh0o!!!

Thanks to everyone who worked on the party, you guys are all awesome, its parties like these that i remember why the hell i LOVE a real forest doof...

I had loads of fun hanging out with everyone again, and to all the new faces i saw and met, im so happy theres some sweet new doof kids, you guys rock!!

Someone said before that because of the weather, only the truly determined made it, good call hey, everyone there was fucking fantabulously fab.

Ill be posting pics soon :D sparkles to you alll...

Martha :)


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Wow !!

a truly, truly good way to spend the weekend !!!

The rain only made the entrance more interesting, and certainly didn't dampen any spirits.

The sound, truly awesome again Sasha, that Regen system is soooo chunky, you could carve it.

Sharon, you rock !! Eight hours sets, visual splendour, always new and interesting. Don't you dare retire !!! It's troopers like you that keep this crazy scene alive.

Paul, Rob, Steve, and all the rest involved, thankyou. Loved the site, the setup was simple but effective, the vibe was excellent. SO many smiles !!

All the sets were excellent, all the dancers and stompers committed, all the dogs and kids well behaved.

When's the next one ??



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wooooo that was fun!

loved all of it; highlights were everyone. met some really cool people, and to everyone that played with esha, thank you, you made her day :)

for the people wondering the things on top of the dance floor were jellyfish :)


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Well I can tell you not wind nor rain nor hail was gunna keep me from that party!
Heads up to oops for the hint a couple of months back to look out for this one.
Even with all the usual wacko shit going on just reading the thread weeks back you could feel something special was on the cooker.. Scored some free PaleAle Coopers (pete.) but not a sign of fairy bombs! (and what the fuck is with kettles?)

I've never made it past a day for doofs but at this one I think I could have quite happily gone two or three given the overall friendliness of the whole crowd (and the awesome prices! :))

Isn't it impressive what you can achieve with a bunch of randoms in the middle of nowhere with a common rhythm of movement? (mabye start a cult!)

Rhythmic Sun, your set was delicious. Like delicious tasty globs! I was hanging on every beat. Can I say me too for the DJ set request? Mmm..

I am now cleansed again and as I sit here I'm relishing the clarity of thought I now possess, and looking forward to the next few days of afterdoof resonance.

Thanks rob, epp and all the other trippers out there who really pulled out all the stops to make this party - your enthusiasm is obviously infectious!


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yaaayyy!! what an awesome party. I had such an amazing time. :m:

We got there before the music started up, somehow managing to pitch our tarp over our van a couple of minutes before the heavens opened up! Thank god as it would have been a shitfight otherwise.

We seemed to have brought everything except wet weather gear but hey who needs a raincoat when you have an enormous plastic bag that can fit 2 people in it! hey presto huge poncho. Anyway I ended up breaking out of the massive poncho and just got really drenched dancing in the rain. I just couldn't resist the music. Spot on.

How cool was the decor - amazing jellyfish and other little things hanging from the "ceiling". Lighting was fabulous and there was lots of great arty stuff.

Great dancefloor, I loved the squelchy muddy carpet which kinda blended into the ground! Saved my poor feed from the usual cuts and scrapes from the gumnuts and sticks as I had taken my soaked shoes off nearly straight away. I had so much fun dancing, everybody was stomping away and to the guy I had a dance-off with you are a legend and had me in a fit of giggles. The mud men in the morning were so funny, it was making me want to roll around in the mud too.

The doof babies were so gorgeous and my dog was in heaven as she just loves little kids. Ben was totally loving the 'big dogs'. Big dog big dog!

All in all it was a great night/day and so good to meet so many fantastic beautiful people. I didn't want it to end. Phil - RAY ON!


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that was possibly the best party i have been to all year. it's was so beautiful and brilliant. like so many others have said here, it has restored my faith in doofs again. the vibe and atmosphere was so incredibly beautiful.
the rain only made things better, and i danced all the way through it til i was dry again in the morning.
i got out of this party what i have been struggling to get out of all the other parties this year. it was so much more like an older style and spirit party to me. it truly made me smile and was very much completed by it. so many lovely people and good energy to be found.
thanks so much to the promoters and crew that made it possible.
and the road!! how good was that?! that massive bog was just so much fun to rip through in a little hatchback!! :D
more parties like this!! :killah:
thanks again to promoters and punter alike, it was an awesome event!


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Steve, Marisa and I were on the door from 8pm-1am and in that time we didn't see a single person with a shitty look on their face or a dreading it kinda attitude despite the fact it was pissing rain all we got were smiles and friendly faces - that for me was a massive forshadowing of what was to come.

The combination of keen happy people in attendance, and a passionate multi talented crew made the party what it was - you couldnt have one without the other so thanks to all in sundry.

thanks must go to Russ Sensum for helping us get Aviel (wizdumb) over

and of course BIG ups to paul for months of meticulous planning, note taking and organising.

to quote jim morrison

"yeh i'm proud to be a part of this number!"


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what a cranking party i had such a good time awesome to see so many lovely people and feel the good energy not only on the dance floor but every where else as well many many thanks to all who were envolved in putting it all together from the decor and the yummy food to the music and the people who tidy up and everyone who came along to enjoy this is one i will remember for quite some time. a special thankyou to ozzy and frank for inviting us back for a wind down and for the yummy breakfast to see us off on monday cant wait untill the next one :m:
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For those of you not on my facebook..... enjoy :)





































Martha. x[/list]


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brains - im thinking you may have got the impression that there was a halloween theme because of the little white ghost looking things hanging from the trees? those things were actually a type of doll that the japanese use to make the rain go away. they are put up in the evening so that the rain stops the next day. i had my woman make 23 of them and we drew different faces on all of them when we got to the party. they seemed to have worked quite well because as soon as the daytime arrived the rain went away for good. :)

anyway, a big thanks to sasha for saving our live set by fixing my kaoss pad power chord 10 minutes before we played!! i wouldnt have been able to do my live fx and sound twisting if it wasnt for your skills and genius. it seems that no matter what goes wrong your always there to the rescue. you and sharon make a great audio/visual team and its always a pleasure to work with you guys.

also thanks to:

- paul for planning everything and organising the party
- marisa and rob for doing a 5 hour door shift with me in the pouring rain,
- ozzy for the venue
- amber for making those lovely jellyfish,
- marion for making thosw big mushrooms,
- barry (Thrid drop reflection) for lending us his stereo compressor,
- adam (meltdown) for letting us borrow the novation x station again
- blair for helping put up tarps when it started rainign and for giving the two english guys a lift,
- russ(sunsum) for helping us bring aviel to sydney and for the cupcakes and nachos in the morning,
- simon for helping out during the whole party and for the much needed coffee in the early evening,
- michelle (queen of the onion jam) for the delicious food,
- everyone who made it out there even though it was bucketting down and danced like crazy and created a lovely energy on the dancefloor

i missed pauls (red two) set cuz i was busy with stuff and nazcas set because i was having a rest after such a long door shift but i thoroughly enjoyed everyone that i saw play...

S.E.T.H - your music has come a long way since the days of gary the $5 doof and treck7. really digging your new tracks and looking forward to collaborating together on some new sinister sequence material and eventually playing a live show with you on drums, rob on synths and me doing sound effects. definately something to look forward to.

wizdumb - thanks for giving us a taste of whats i store for the future with cosmic conspiracy records. was a pleasure to party with you finally and to dance to your thumping selection of quirky minimal psygressive "wrong but right" trance. the stuff you were doing on the korg electribe over the top was pretty awesome too and made your set all the more interesting. looking forward to ripping it up at some new zealand festivals with you in the next year or two.

rhythmic sun - by the time you played i was way too fucked from lack of sleep to be able to dance but i still heard most of your set and was extremely impressed by your selection of music which in my opinion has a lot more substance to it than the typical progressive on the market these days. the tribal and majestic styles that you play really suit your dj name. from what everyone has said it sounds like you really rocked it! look forward to hearing you play again and having more energy to dance and trance out to it.

best part of the party for me was greeting all the eager happy faces who drove in during the night who were in such positive moods despite the shithouse weather conditions at the time.
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great photos mz martha

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