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The Journey Man Project
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I would like to thankt he Servants of Sound crew ( for again exceeding my expectations and putting on a party tha I'v not enjoyed since I started doofing 11 years ago :)
The vibe was very chilled and friendly, the decor was nice and psychedellic, great ideas for the visuals and the lazer rocked 8)
The music was really nice, with the the chilld stage having some awesome live acts like Paqman who just blew me away wit their sound... when's the album out????
The main stage had a nice build up from some funky proggi stuff into the deeper darker realms with Space Tribe playing a massive mix up fo pure energy, Raz giving some quirky madness, and Siaqua well doing what Siaqua do best, play some tasty funky psy sounds...
I had 5 people with me who had never been to a bush doof, and they loved it... they had so much fun and seeing as most of them come from a hip hop background, it was great to see them going nuts to the psy sounds all night :)
Despite the rain, it was so much fun and so positive that none of us cared... it just added to the crazy night :twisted:

All in all, an amazing gig and I can't wait for the next one... SoS crew really know what it takes to make a good gig 8)



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how was it??

were there any pimpn' indians there?
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Cheers to Shane and the crew for putting on a cranking party! My first bush doof, and it totally blew me away... especially loved the projectors in the trees, added a real element to it.

Also like to thank Harris and Tim for lifts up and back respectively, really appreciated it lads.

Adam :)
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The Journey Man Project
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oh and hi to that dude who got alift back to Braddon with us on Sunday morning... can;t remember your name sorry... I was driving a black honda jazz...


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i had a great time at this! thanks to servants for another well-run, thoughtful and beautifully set-up event!

the rain really wasn't a drama, and there was plenty of cover available to deal with it anyway :)

really enjoyed michael's closing set, before we had to leave. wish i could have heard the rest of it!

looking forward to the next one!



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What a party, i feel priveleged to be a part of it, Canbera crew rocks!

Excellent music all night long, even the rain couldn't stop the crowd from dancing, awsome, truly one of the best parties i'v been to!

Photo's: ... inator=top


The Journey Man Project
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yes... SoS have put on two amazing gigs this year... it was a really great journey... today topped it off with a the arrival of 14 new cd's from Saikosound :D


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big thumbs up to the servants of sound crew, loved the party and looking forward to more in the future!!


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Excellent work SOS!!!

:D :D :D :D


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What a cool party!!!
Top work SoS should be proud!!!

Really glad I made the trip down for this one.


Physical Body
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What a great party what a great vibe...i'm so proud of the canberra community...We generated enough rain to fill the dams, and come the afternoon we manifested some great sun.
Thanks all the people that contributed and thanks to all the people that came along and shared their smiles with everyone.

Servants you guys are doing great things :)


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*slaps head* Why did I miss this for Goa Gil?!? Photos look awesome. Big ups to the Berra posse ;)


Twisted Dirty Logic
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Two days later and I'm still smiling.

Great doof SOS, you guys really put the effort in and it shone through.

The music! Oh my oh my, what a great bunch of artists!
It was tops on both stages, definitely a big shout out to Paqman, Disect, Space Tribe, Raz, Siaqua, Black Samurai & Soundwave, Frequency Flyer, Justin M, Tommo, Tarik, The Professor & NO MSG! You all made my weekend! My feet were dead by the afternoon, but those funky funky beats just kept me going.


Let me just say, very keen for the next CBR Doof. (Rain, hail or shine).


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im still aching all over from dancing so much!


celestiel rachel cat
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im celeste or rachel im the chick with the corsetry, did anyone get any photos??


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hey! i met you....i was with ali for part of the night

i got some pics...on my facebook :) ... =652620098 ... =652620098


celestiel rachel cat
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sick, i remember you :D i tokk a few photos, but did anyone manage to get a picture of my arm or back corsetry that i got done for liquid...? meow


celestiel rachel cat
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....oh and S O S RULE! LIQ SUN WAS SICK :D


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Piping hot pumpkin soup, nanobots with Dr Fabric softner, been through the desert on a horse with no name, learning to open non screw-top bottles with a lighter, soccer playing dogs, rainbows, saus-cakes, hot chai, meditation for opening ceremony, sunshine on Sunday during the shan-man's set, well wicked! Can't wait for next time :!:


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That was an awesome party - definitely one of the best I've been to. Props to the Canberra crew for their setup and professionalism. The music was tops from Paqman (Journey_man_project - their album came out about a month ago and their myspazz - has details on how to get your grubbies on it), through Dante, Spacetribe Raz and Siaqua all made my ears happy indeed! Decor and lighting was ridiculously good and balanced and you certainly delivered on the liquid - next time maybe less is more on the liquid and some sun might have been a nice thing!! I guess this is what happens when you ratify Kyoto. mother nature decides we can have all our rain back in one night! ;)

That poor icecream van looked so lonely in the morning.

Dancing in the mud first thing on a sunday morning was excellent fun and i'm sure racked up some points on my frequent doofers card. My only downer was the massive dent i found in my car in the morning and the trip back to Sydney was punctuated by brief rest stops seeing the remnants from the Goa Gil party looking slightly bedraggled and looking a bit shell-shocked and some stupidly intense rain for the last hour of the drive.

Definitely a top party and 100% worth it - I will be back for more SOS fun. :P


The Journey Man Project
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