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Arrived 8am Sunday (Ok yes that is very late, I know) and proceeded to have the time of my life for the next 4 hours due to;

A fantastic location.
Lovely weather.
Sweet Decor.
Awesome sound.
Great Sets (onda & Tetrameth).
Beautiful people.

and of course, little Harry ripping up the dance floor.

So nice to share a new party with my little one. Bloody fantastic work guys and girls, my congratulations and admiration goes out to all those involved (stevo, happy chickens, Pete and others).
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Yeah, Thanks for a great party. Great to have somewhere to swim there.

Also I left the power supply to my lappy at second stage- if anyone picked it up. Thanks.
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spewin i couldnt make it 2 this 1....

any pics????

lots of crazy costumes????

was it 45k??????????????????

WORD 2 YO MUTHA :shock:
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That was truly epic !! a great site, great tunes, great peeps, again !!
Excellent to hang out with old and new friends, in the sun.
If anyone has my nokia mobile and charger that was left on the main stage, could they PM please, it is my lifeline to the world !!
Fine job Stevo and all the crew, wicked setup.
Looking forward to the next installment of the Psyfari adventure!!
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Phwoorrr!!! Wat a Psyfari Adventure!

Lots of crazy critters on the dance floor, awesome sound system, aswesome choons, (loved lion sleeps tonight and others), loved how the DJs all themed it up, Fantastic adventure playground....loved those swings to play on, fluro mushroom village, swimming dams (with boats), creek adventures.... and of course the Psyfari adventure tours I got to drive and explore around. (nearly thought i'd not the the vehicle on the road in time, rego mechanics and car being 5 years off the road). On tour, we found real wildlife (cows, goannas, rozellas) as well as the psywildlife (girafs, lady beatles, lions, tigers, crocidiles, zulu warrors, frogs, monkeys, deers etc etc)

Pitty I got to be at work today, I would have loved to stay another night. :( And Sorry that I didn't get visual projections up on the screen, my video projector died, (had all this psyfari wildlife footage all ready), but Pete came to the rescue with other majic tricks :)
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absolutely wicked party!! perfect location, perfect weather, so much love and effort put into the decor/peoples costumes, awesome music, the list goes on! loved the swings and the swimming hole came in handy on saturday when we started to overheat hehe...

met some wonderful people i hope to see/hang out with again!

looking forward to the next one :)
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The location was amazing, we had that creek pretty much in the backyard of our campsite, loved meeting people on their journeys through it :P Whoever set up the table and chairs in there and had a game of cards, cheers you made me laugh for quite some time haha. How good were those sunshowers that we got?!

Another thanks to shane the witchdoctor for showing us how to fix those stinger nettle stings, a constant issue :P

The stage was amazing, the acts were amazing, the people were amazing, the whole party was!

Cheers to all who helped organise it and set it up :killah:
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I have to agree with everyone else that it was a sick party, bigger than I expected and had an awesome vibe. Favourite set would have to have been Rhythmic Sun on Sunday afternoon, but the music was great all the way through as was shown by the number of people constantly on the dancefloor.

Can't wait for the next one... Cheers guys :)
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Thanks for inviting me to play steve-o! had lots of fun

if anyone found a grey older-style nokia mobile phone.. pls contact me (small reward offered for its return!) - pls email esp_events@yahoo.com.au
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It definitely had to be the best party I have been to. Unfortunately I had to give the friday a miss as I had to work saturday morning... But I had carefully planned to leave at 1.30pm from sydney so I would not miss tetrameth set but I only got there at 5.30pm, thanks to my mate I had to wait for...
Was nice to be in yet another amazing spot. Was expecting the top of the mountain and I was so happy to discover what the valley looked like.
Happy Chicken your parties just keep on getting more awesome and I cant wait for the next one :)
What an amazing sunday blast on the main stage : Tetrameth, Merkaba and Rhythmic Sun. Im still stunned and I will be for days... Had to be the best 5 hours of continuous psytrance I had heard. And Elliot your set is also a great show ;)

Take care all and see you on the dancefloor.

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WOW! what a weekend.
Arrived on the friday to get in and dig our trench for the battle of spacious shaded campsites and stayed till early sunday afternoon and what an adventure it was, climbing mountains, chasing animals (of the human variety) stomping the ground and lounging in the sun. Thanks to all involved pretty sure i said it enough times while i was there too. What a tasty system, stage and decor too loved the mushroom and wool thing set up near the back of dance floor. Great event for our campsite as there was about 10 first time doofers with us and i dont think it will be the last for any of them.

See you on the next dancefloor
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Can't wait to see some photos from this one...

So, what was the video camera for? Is the footage being used/posted anywhere specific?
Would be cool to see some of the stuff i slept through (like Daheen, dammit) and, on a more narcissistic note, find out if anything of me poi'ing in a tutu made the cut.
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I recon that party and its location, has potential to become a 6 day adventure :twisted:
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Such a shame I couldn't make it :( Seems like everyone had a great time though, which is good! :)

Pics or vids anyone?

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herbsandspices wrote :
Yeah, Thanks for a great party. Great to have somewhere to swim there.

Also I left the power supply to my lappy at second stage- if anyone picked it up. Thanks.

It was still there at 1pm when i finished playing so hopefully got packed up with the rest of the gear.

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Friday night was fun, only came out for a bit and had to leave, was planning on a return trip on Saturday but, sadly, it was not to be:( Everything looked and sounded great on Fri, lovely location would have liked to have seen it in the day...did the 2nd stage end up getting set up?

I know Liam took lots of pix, maybe he will upload them here for all to see.... *hint* *hint* :wink:
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How bloody good was that!!!!

What an awesome site!! Absolutely perfect, it had everything we needed, creek, dam, bush, rocks perfect psyfari adventure playground..................thanx to all you guys who put it together and special thanx to Dan for setting up yumba cafe with yum food..........how good was that zuccini chocolate cake!!..........oops.

This one needs a permanent calendar place I recon.

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pics anyone???
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SpeakaHuggers wrote :
pics anyone???

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hehehehe :lol: that was definitely a doofalicious playground of magical wildness!

We survived a crazy ass semi trailor that tried to run us off the road on the drive in on Friday night. Phew!... and then discovered those naughty little stinging nettles and big chomper ants as we set up our tents in the dark.


From then on it was smooth sailing for the whole weekend.

The dance floor was a-bustling from the beginning and spent much time there getting a good boogy down. I really feel it is so special to gather as a tribe and dance like that. It is the best thing.

So much hilarity and yummy moments.

I am very glad to hear there is apparently another future Psyfari adventure to be had. That was top notch!!

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That was a truly great weekend. except for the fact we borrowed a tent off a mate and got there only to realize that there was only poles and a small amount of window zip offs in the bag. but we made do as i was not driving all the way back to Canberra just because we had no tent.

That creek turned into a highway, people wandering up and down all the time. was great! met some really cool people. Our next doors neighbors were the catalyst for one of my two laughing fits when they moved their table and chairs into the creek.

Lost my mind during Tetrameth set, began to think that the extreme heat was just part of the set. i have some photos that i will try to upload. mostly from Sunday morning.

keen to see some other pics that people took.

i have come to believe also that the music had a distinctive growl about it throughout the three days, like a lion trying to get me!

great work from stevo and all the crew for organizing such a great outdoor adventure!

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Wow. What a weekend. Haven't been to a party with a vibe like that for years.

I reckon the ants in that giant colony would have been mightily pissed off having a sound system 5m away and a couple hundred ppl stomping about hahaha.

Some pix here. PM me your e-mail address if you want the higher resolution version of anything, and I'll be happy to send it to you :)


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A Psyfari Adventure in pictures...

Lets go for a ride...


Stop Monkeying around...


On Tour out in the savannah....




More wildlife....Prehistoric Lizards....


Playing frogger...


Stompeeding Wildlife....


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