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Factor 1
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Thanks Wade, Take care buddy. :lol:
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ill have to get you a T-shirt that says BOGAN PATROL finchie and im just glad to be here on the back.
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oi mr manager of the whole are a dickhead......couldn't even clean up the rubbish of your own gig. after ripping off your so-called good mates you just left the shit and ran

just in case you forgot: you are a low down sack of scum
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agreed spotty. i picked up that fuck heads rubbish while he was counting his pennies
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JU JU has been found !!!
yayayayay thanx Mr Steve the sound guy

:bounce: :mrgreen: :love: :clap: :drink:
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leaving rubbish in the bush not good tought the gate would have covered removal of rubbish
isnt there enough people littering the bush without doofers doing it too!!! :(
hope it gets cleared up soon if not done already
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yeah we weren't even running the gig but we ended up paying the tip fee so there u go

and we had to put up with the rubbish

oh well

don't mind but it was a total dog act by shauny
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