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How was it? I couldn't go because I could not afford the $110.00 price tag, + 8 hours driving and full tank of petrol, food, drinks, drugs, etc. I sat at home and watched Titanic on Free old analog TV. I looked out side and it was a beautiful night and bet you all had a blast! :(

Hmmm Dr Who on tonight 7.30pm abc :twisted:
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Best Party Ive ever seen around these parts for quite some time.
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:dj: best festival for over decade more detail tomo

sorry took me over five days to get over it

i been in this scene from 1992 so i have seen many party's and festival

this one felt like 5 star bush party wow the venue the production......

i am not easly impress

for sure next year.... 2-3 times more ppl

sydney could be tough sometimes to impress this one for sure did it

well done

:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
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wickedest party! really loved the set up and the lessons given by the bush tucker man....the drummers who opened the main stage on saturday were amazing....really good to see some diversity in music at a party :)

thanks benny and everyone who let us staunch their shower breifly!

i may write more later...way too tired right now!
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im certainly going to say it was AMAZING.
what a top venue, fantastic crowd. not too mention mind blowing tunes. really great sound. im just going to throw it out there and say salmonella dub was probably the most impressive live performance ive ever seen. thanks for the great weekend everyone. MORE SUBSONIC
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Best Party ever, hope for many more :bounce:
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I thought it was interesting. Needed a more consistant outdoor psy-journey stage IMO, I found some of the programming perplexing and thought the crowd was an odd mix, but the music was fantastic, ganja giri and oka both really did it for me, and the level of production and the venue were great.

The beach umbrellas were a nice touch.

Musta cost a bit ;) I look forward to watching this festival grow over the years, it has potential.
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Best production ever seen at a sydney party
(With apologies to mike j & ben)
Looking forward to seeing this one evolve.
Scott & Marco raised the bar with this shindig.
Most awesome site in Australia,
And a dedicated crew who never ran out of steam or smiles.
As arnie says......

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Great vibe, great tunes, awesome venue, fantastic people that I met there. My only complaining is about the music on sunday: 95% of time only minimal in both stages. Anyway, I had an amazing weekend there, thanks for everyone !!!
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I designed the 12 hexagon screen on the main stage and ran the entire video crew on main stage. Much thanks to Scotty and Marco for having the trust in me to give me a proper budget and let me create something different for a visuals experience in Australia.

Amazing production values, truly up to international standards compared to any festival in UK or Europe I have been to. The drummers were amazing and it was great to see the Eclipse lighting guys jumped on my screen design and matched the hexagon positions with their Mackie 700s so the screens looked great in the day as well as the night.

My only comment is the woolshed stage was really unnecessary, it was so hot in there during the day I don't see why anyone would want to be in there. My suggestion is ditch it and instead create a chill out stage somewhere else along the river, that would have gone down amazingly well!

If anyone has photos or video of the video on main stage, or shots of the screens in the daytime (especially during the drummers) please contact me.
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All in all, this was a great party.

Music was awesome - highlight was definitely Oka. The site was fantastic and it was great to be able to hang out in the river and learn about cicadas!

But... I found myself very confused most of the time. This was a concert, with a doofish lineup. The lineup was awesome, but the programming was a disaster - I never felt any sense of flow enough to keep me dancing for more than 1 set at a time. I found some really outstanding artists playing to audiences of 3 or 4 or even no people at all - especially in the woolshed.

The level of production (in terms of staging and sound) on the Subsonic stage (while impressive) was far greater than was needed for the number of people and I felt this created a separation between performer and punter. It seemed like an effort for the performer to connect with the audience and I felt obliged to enjoy myself, instead of it coming from the vibe and energy of the party. A smaller setup could have created a more intimate environment and a stronger performer-audience relationship.

This was a party with all the elements, but it seems as though the organisers have a 'bigger is better' philosophy, instead of focussing on appropriateness of the delivery. With a few thousand more people, this event would have worked beautifully.

But I don't want to sound too negative cause it was a great party - plus, all that above is really a representation of my own party-style preferences! The production was solid. The site was beautiful, the people were all friendly, music awesome, everything was always clean, even the toilets! And sitting on the beach with a vodka slushy?! That was nice! I really hope this one is back next year!

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Quite overwhelmed by so many things... :)

I should mention how amazingly the artists and DJ's who attended this festival where treated! Many had cabins provided for them, with toilets, hot showers and a place to lay their head! Really this treatment was on another level to anything ive been treated to! MASSIVE ups to Subsonic and the crew for making all of us feel so welcome and appreciated.

The Cinema was pretty cool.
The river was a beauty with that Weeping Willow hangin over head.
The bar was good to have, and finally the people where a nice mix of sydney, newy and regular doofers with a sprinkling of the Sydney Techno crowd.

Party of the year for me.
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Wow. Just wow.
Not sure how many times I said it over the weekend, but the word that sums it up for me is definitely… wow.

Amazing site, great people, quality tunes, top facilities, fark, pretty much everything was superb.

The woolshed was indeed a bit of a flop, but then again, if it had rained, then it woulda been cranking in there…

that main stage was epic!
Especially up the front when people like salmonella dub were playing mega bass grooves that made us vibrate:) mmm soooo nice!

True the flow of music wasn’t exactly smooth, but they did a great job considering the number of artists and styles they had to fit in, and the fact they wanted to avoid allocating one genre to each stage. This way everyone got to hear their favourite styles on the big rig:)

so much work went into that festival and it showed.

A bush party of that size and quality is just what the sydney area needed, thanks to all involved for making it happen!
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Great fun weekend, production was second to none, sound was great across all stages (didn't go into the woolshed though so can't comment on that) agree with psy not having a great flow throughout the weekend but everything else was on the money so you didn't notice.

The site was amazing, so much lush greenery everywhere! and the the river was an absolute lifesaver during the heat, will definitely be coming back next year if its happening again!!
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So it sounds like Sydney has finally found a good festival home? Thats awesome! So wish I could have made it, but fiscal policy was to make it not so. :(
Rythmic sun
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Great party,

Thanks to the crew for creating something a little different for this party.

Highlights for me were Alex smoke (so deep and hypnotic), Fiord / Antix and Tijuana cartel.

It was great to see some of the cairns and Melbourne crew trek out to this party

Look forward to next year.

Happy days :D
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Awesome festival - thanks Scotty, Marco, Dylan & co - you guys pulled off an incredible production. Haven't seen a festival of that calibre in Sydney since Summer Dreaming's. Definitely hope this continues as a yearly event. A few people said they thought this was pretty much the biggest setup in Australia of this type, second only to Rainbow.

The venue was incredible - pretty much perfect - lush green grass & surrounding, no dust, flowing river, awesome facilities, clean showers & toilets etc. It was seriously luxury doofing. Would love to see it used again. If only the Rainbow Serpent venue was 1/2 as good as this!

Overall had an awesome weekend - only constructive critisism would be, as others have said, the woolshed stage wasn't much of a success - would have made a better chlll area maybe with beanbags/lounges etc! (But as STEVO said - if it'd rained, this room might have had a fair bit of action). Also the flow was a little disjointed on the main stage (ie there'd be a break between most changes). Can understand it for the live bands, but it seemed to continue into the trance/electronic stuff too.

Highlights of the weekend for me was actually some of the live bands: The Taiko Drumming when the main stage opened, Tijuana Cartel (seriously fucking awesome!) and Salmonella Dub was just wicked - such a cool vibe. At the end of the Salmonella Dub set, they brought on a few of the earlier acts that got cut short (after the sound desk issue) during their own set time, and were busting out some awesome live improvising/jamming on stage. Ended up with about 4 different acts all jamming, unrehearsed, all at once - very talented. Alex Smoke played a solid set too.

Was awesome catching up with local regulars + the Cairns & Melbourne contingent!

Great weekend :) :thumb:
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:shock: what a great time !!!! i cant get over the sound system on main stage :shock: ...wish we can have that in every doof :lol: ....i have so much funnn , dont even bother to waste my time to sleep ....the river and the giant green valley dancing on the green haven...... : top quality organized ...thanks to Scotty and the crews .......everything was so good...the venue , food , drink , music , live bands and ppls......i love everything that was there :wink: .....heaps s more of SUbsoniccccccccccccccc :killah:
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dr_eskaton wrote :

If anyone has photos or video of the video on main stage, or shots of the screens in the daytime (especially during the drummers) please contact me.

Yes, post them up here, or links. I wanna see what I misssed, damit! :verymad:
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Taken from Oztrance

Once again fucken top notch everything!!
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pretty bloody good party.

could this be the sydney rainbow? yeahyeah!!

the production was amazing, especially the attention to detail. you could see just how much work went into the whole thing. the venue was so lovely as well- i really hope the owners were happy in the end and will have us back! also, how nice were the security? they were incredibly friendly and patient with all the freaky people running around trying to hide bottles down their pants- haha!
so thanks to everyone who made it happen. i really appreciate all the hard work.
and thanks to all the lovely smiley people. it was great to catch up with so many oldies (but goodies!) and meet some newbies too.

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This was the FUNNEST party with the BEST Lineup Up & the most Pimpdaddy, Top Shelf facilities EVER!!!!

I cant stop smiling....

THE BEST BITS (that I can articulate):

DANIEL DREIER >>> My New Number 1 favourite DJ/ Producer... So rad - from the breakdance moves to the music to his smile on the dance floor (seeing him again at LaDi Da this Sat).

SOLEAD >>> Amazing Set - Great Dancer & Very VERY Hot :wink:

FORMAT B >>> Almost as good as I hoped (I had VERY high expectations) Something Suitable made my heart stop.

CONTINUUM >>> Behind the decks - on the dance floor - staggering around generally. You kids are ace.

Tom Clarke > Cesare > Alex Smoke > Marco > Fiord > Logan > UOne > Jamie Stevens > Bump DJS > The Cook > Scruffy & others that I forgotten now.

SUPER ACE to have techno to dance to nonstop > Very happy girl.

The river was so magical beautiful > I want to be there now swimming in the sunshine.

It was so green & lush > All the Melb kids could not believe how green it was. I’m sick of the drought.

Airconditioning in the cabins > Having cabins > The pool > The buffet > The showers > I don’t want to slum bush doof ever again… Imagine RSF up there?

All the amazing people > So many Melb crew >
(Black & Red well represented – Check).

Heaps of fun Cairns kids (especially Richie) & all my Sydney friends that I LOVE LOVE LOVE. So happy in my heart to see you all again.

Dom (pretend) proposing to Serra to get a cheap helicopter ride.

The Afterglow in my heart > cos it was one of the BEST PARTIES EVER.

Much respect to Scott, Marco & Dylan.
You are my number 1 favourites right now & I love you boys with all my heart.
You should be really proud of how well this went, the production values were astounding.
I have watched your combined capabilities & general amazingness (& fashion sense) grow & grow over the years I have known you & have always been your biggest fan (which you know) but even I could not have imagined how SUPER FANTASTIC this party was.

Thanks to the assistants as well.

Everyone is so excited about next year!!!!
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Thanks for having us Sydney :wink:
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Sounds like I will reserve time next year for this, sad i missed it :(
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That was an epic party.... Super cool. Everything about it was A1. Top job to all involved! Can not wait till next one.

FUCK Yeah!!!! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
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