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i agree the lights scattered over the whole field were amazing :)
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What a weekend!

To sum it up for me…
Cold nights, hot fires, crazy thick fog, sweet tunes, big smiles.

Big thanks to all who joined us, and very big thanks to everyone who helped make it happen.

Lots of people put a lot of time, work and love into creating those spaces, and a flippin amazing job they did. too many people to list really, but they know who they are and should be proud of themselves! a feast for the eyes that place was at times:)

Highlights: Happy happy vibes throughout the place all weekend/week. That fog which at first seemed like a burden but actually created a crazy world of blindness to explore. Many funny random moments.

Missed lots of sets I would have been keen to see, but thoroughly enjoyed the ones i caught. especially decoy, freeform human, alice spacedoll, circuit bent and clairesle. ah and of course azax. That was one solid delivery of chunky goodness :killah:

Downsides? Not too many. The truck getting swallowed by a sinkhole was pretty ghey, luckily saved without damage though.
Aaah, and ciggie butts n bottle tops and bits of glitter and tinsel n crap left around the place.
I’m pretty sure there would have only been a handful of people responsible for the mess left behind. While not extreme, definitely disrespectful to the landowner and the great wilderness we had as our playground. Tards.

But yeah, thanks to everyone who took part again, and summer psyfari is already in the works :)
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The UV octopuses garden created by J-worlds, It become a fanastical magic place for me on the monday night.

Big thanks to mr j world for that moment and place in time.
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Awesome weekend, best and biggest doof i have been to to date (though i am new to the whole scene). Absolutely amazing. Me and my friends and everyone we ran into were having an absolute blast. Not a single downside to the entire weekend, cant wait to go to more psy events!!
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